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The only thing you have alluded to is a law in the EU countries that govern the maximum overall length of a vehicle. Thus in those areas they maximize that by doing flat-nose Cabovers...News flash, not an issue here in the States, not an issue for the application of the vehicle at hand, or even in EU. The position that because the nose on the Tesla truck is "long" will mean it will fail is ridiculous.No magic wand is required.
So having gone from my release 5s to the X the other day..... .... .... ...damn.
Yea, on that one, “pick-up” was a stretch he kind of made fun of. Some day we will get a proper EV truck.
It exists and we have laws for it, but there are so many legal loopholes and financial havens it doesn’t matter.Private money in politics will never work. Money out of politics or we are screwed.
😂What in the Hell are you on about?
Watched the entire thing live, even the "after show".Absolutely bonkers!
Can't do that so long as we have money in politics.
Are you alright?
It won’t stop here until we get money out of politics.
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