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Like doom II can be played without emulators on Win8/8.1
Well it looks like my dream came true... although it's impractical... I'd rather just carry my Poker II around and use that w/ my current Thinkpad.
I like blacks, Blues are my most favorite, but I sure like blacks!
I don't know the red PCB is already pretty wild Honestly though, maybe draw some kind of wierd logo on one or both of the sides, THAT would be wild
I think a friend at college would benefit this with his Lenovo Y500 EDIT: just noticed the alienware guy said it was proprietary... Ah well. D3ll anyways.
You said games from the 80s and 90s.
Can you play Doom/hexen without skulltag/zandronum/DOSbox in windows 8.1 ?
Heh... I still won't buy it.Do you seriously want to play all the games ever released then and now? THAT is funny!
Just looked at the whole case mod, well done! subbed as well
OpenBSD! Yep!
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