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well hopefully they will make winblows 10 less invasive every updateTIL some people play all 400 games on their steam account at once and somehow manage to have space for all of them90% of users use adobe software, CAD software, or some other software that they've managed to chain themselves to because no practical alternative exists?
more like a temporary setback
I see no problem with this, ads really suck anyways
I'm okay with this
ymmv but imo gaterons > cherries
Welp. Looks like I'll have to budget a firewall build with my next rig too, Looks like I'm going win10 whether or not I like it.
Like most everyone else, this makes me going AMD set in stone now
On the bright side, once you get used to one mechanical keyboard, you can pretty much use any
having both, I like my g900, best wireless mouse I've used, I use it wireless all the time, the freedom is great.The price is kinda... out of this world, but worth it imo.
I think what you want is an anne pro
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