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Well I guess it couldn't be all that bad if you already have an 8350 you want to take advantage of.
true. maybe when it's dropped again.
I found it funny how this article claimed the analysis was bogus. Which while it was, there was ONE thing they did right, and that's that they gave a decent list of IP's a Windows 10 install tries to phone to. All those to throw into a router/firewall level hosts file
I still want one of those plancks, but I don't think I have the time to assemble one
For more drastic measures, achieve a pfsense firewall
I'll use whatever the heck I want to browse with ty
This will definitely work! How could this possibly fail!? Sarcasm if you had to reply to my post
I don't know what the desparation is, they already said themselves they won't reach the 1 billion device goal.
could always get another Cherry MX Red keyboard and put sound dampeners on the keycaps and just use that.
I should really consider a DSLR at some point but this will do for now lol.
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