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I'm not asking you to find proof for what he claims.I'm asking you to find proof about how his claims are wrong!How do you know phones can't be hacked by 1 text message?
What does theoretical physics have to do with Snowden?
There's always gitlab as well. Which apparently gives you unlimited private repos, assuming each project is
No and No. Did he endanger YOU personally? Well if he did, you knew the job was illegal when you took it.and how are they wild? Where's the sources to prove against him?and your last statement doesn't even make sense.
Dream mouse? Shape: Logitech G600 Coating: soft-touch Sensor: no preference Mouse Buttons: Razer Naga Scroll Wheel: Naga epic Cord Type: braided Software: hackable Firmware, so I can write a custom Misc. Features: Hackable firmware, rgb
In! Here's a screenshot of my halloween-themed setup last year Will this count? .-.
Are there any sources that show that everything he said ISN'T going on?
If your tracfone is an android, likely won't be any different.
Seems to be it. no wonder some people still have their "dumb" phones
Ubuntu Edge was there first... and it failed.
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