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Personally I wouldn't mind an ATX version of Nova ATX because then I could throw my secondary desktop in it
Cool, make AMD hardware run Windows only. Brilliant Idea!
Good riddance? I don't think so, ECS boards have done fine in my experience. I hope the other 3 remain
Dooms, Quakes, and Unreal Tournaments
How are they going to enforce it?
Totally unacceptable for gameplay? You have it good actually. and you have 30-40% more CPU/GPU power because the OS needs some CPU/GPU power too.
that's bad FPS?
I hope this startup dies a horrible death, I should be able to use an ad blocker if I so choose.
I'd upgrade to a 4790k if I only had my 2700k, but I already have a xeon so why bother lol
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