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1600 is all you need for gaming, but if you want overkill 2133, go for it. I haven't found a difference between the two personally.
This would probably be better for your use.and it can sport up to 8GB of memory.
Didn't know Windows could run on ARM, and be easy enough for anyone to install.
What were you expecting this little device to be used for that needs more than 1 gig of ram?
I generally remove the keycaps and use compressed air to get rid of the gunk on my keyboards.
Probably.I don't know either.
Yeah, they are pretty much glorified chiclets imo, due to the low travel ( if I'm using the term right. )Won't know til' I try, besides the fact that I can use an excuse for a 4th keyboard
I kinda want to get a Buckling Spring myself.
So has anyone tried Logitech's Romer-G switches yet? I went to Best Buy today and they had the G910 on display, tried them out... they're disappointing imo. Nothing I'd want anyways.
your 290x will work OK at least, my 7950 was OK, but the 760 runs circles around it due to the drivers.I think you could use a Node 304 for it, that's my case suggestion.
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