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I like it better than the surface studio. But to be fair, both are laughably impractical imo.
Cherry MX/Gateron Greens are by far my favorite switches so far. Blues are very nice, but the extra weight is actually rather nice to have.
Well my laptop is all updated, that helps.Lol, if Linux is as popular as Windows is today I'd be using a BSD more full time, and not OSX. Just because it's open source does not mean it is inherently not secure. In fact, at least with open source you can read the code, Windows? Unless you're in the developer circle, no source code. And besides the fact that exploits are patched almost immediately in an open source operating system compared to closed source ones.
Looks like I'm not the only one with a heavy clicky switch magicforce 68 anymore lol
Judging from how metro turned out, yes.
Looks like garbage, form over functionality I suppose.
They'll do anything for some good dough and a very impressionable consumer!
well hopefully they will make winblows 10 less invasive every updateTIL some people play all 400 games on their steam account at once and somehow manage to have space for all of them90% of users use adobe software, CAD software, or some other software that they've managed to chain themselves to because no practical alternative exists?
more like a temporary setback
I see no problem with this, ads really suck anyways
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