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Seems to work basically flawlessly with my xeon e3-1220v2 system, sometimes laptops are hits and misses with linux even.
funny, I got a thinkpad x220 from ebay recently JUST for a laptop that will suspend in FreeBSD, fascinating how that works lol
so despite ordering the planck earlier this month, I decided to get this minivan kit with Gateron greens myself, since why not!
lol and I just had to order a planck lol, maybe this would be a good chance for me to try clears
Garbage and garbage.The first one is bias as heck, basically pro-Windows 10 and no real evidence, the best they did was interpret the EULA differently.As for the second, while the amateur analyst did a bad job, he did do one thing right, and gathered a handful of microsoft IP's a typical windows 10 install tries to phone home with.
You don't have to, you can take any poison you like, cause' we're going to get poisoned either way.
All the more reason to disable updates on a windows 7 machine
Nice, In some ways I wish I got gateron blues with mine instead of these Cherry MX Greens, but oh well lol. And I say this cause' I did this saturday.And wow the gaterons really do live up to their hype!... Still waiting on the matias clicks for my upcoming planck build though
Then steam for FreeBSD
the sarcasm didn't come through, but okay.Anyhow they look similar, the omen just looks a lot thinner. and yeah I bet the vent is only red when the laptop is on, but how many people would comment about a laptop that's closed and not in use?
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