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Just looked at the whole case mod, well done! subbed as well
OpenBSD! Yep!
With that attitude, you are 100% correct. It ISN'T worth the hassle.
I wonder when other AV companies will confess. Must say though, I'm glad I don't use Avast
Maybe a little too early for halloween, but still... just HAD to share it
Wow nice, It's like a laptop alternative assuming ofc your destination has a monitor and peripherals* set up for you already. *should bring your own anyways lol.
No wonder it's better to use Arch w/out a login manager
Arch w/ i3 ... excuse the 2 evils It's been quite a while since I shared a scrot here
I'm all for women programming. If they enjoy the same program I do, props! If not, I hope they're good at the programs they're good at/like as well.I've actually noticed that too. Why does it matter what major they're going into when it's THEIR lives and THEIR decisions!?
I'll be keeping my eye on this new architecture
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