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agreed.Hey now, gotta have something to look forward to!
Laptop again added stuff to get rid of the blank black space
Actually looks fun!
I would add a boot loader ( like grub ) and sudo along with the base and base-devel, but otherwise, seems like something I'd do.
I think you'll have to install it manually. Also discovered dzen2 ... wow I love that program!
Very interesting read indeed. Personally, I think I'll be turning mine into a clock of sorts. ( though I do have a legitimate use case for it as of now besides that ).
Woah! That is really easy! I notice no formatting though, I'm guessing you Chroot from an already-existing system and did the formatting ahead of time?also I really love Chroot, it enables me to actually work on my Arch install while also having an OS I can depend on for the moment. ( since college and all, and I need something in case an update borks my laptop's install. )
I think I just met my next case!
Anything worth doing takes work, something many people seem to forget these days.
Here we are. Dat Update though.
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