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8K in eyefinity/Surround would be awesome even under win10 ... though I would definitely take other options first.
It's not because I can't tote it, it's because I don't have friends to have LAN parties with
Yeah I do, I went to exactly 0! ( factorial is intended lol ) LAN party... back when I had the prodigy machine.Haven't gone to any with this rig yet. And knowing me I probably won't for a long time. lol
Pay monthly for an OS or pay nothing monthly for an OS, Choice is obvious to me anyway.I think your little bro was expecting Mint to be exactly like Windows, and was disappointed when it wasn't. There's why he hated it right there.
my sig rig might be 46L, but I can sure tote that without a problem to a LAN party.
Windows 8.1 is terrible, but it looks like a better option than Windows 10
Then why isn't a 4 slot caselabs allowed?
I don't see that restriction on the original post.
OP Seriously needs to have set criteria, this would eliminate confusion altogether.
me neither, 'cept maybe a couple battery-powered flashlights.that's it though.
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