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Agreed. Their excuse is they "need" Windows to test their hardware when I am pretty darn sure they can test it with pretty much anything ( as well as linux ofc. )
Still have no compelling reason as to why I need my 1000W PSU, how can I come up with one for this!?
Freedom never lived. on topic: this doesn't surprise me any.
Nice... now if only I can come up with a compelling reason as to why I would need an r9 290x
totally unbiased post.
Yay... I hate flash..NET seems like a worthy contender!
I'm still unclear why exactly they called Windows a "service" if it won't be subscription based. Only other thing I can think of is that this is a walled garden stunt.
Being a Toshiba, f12 is probably the button you want
Will you buy me the keycaps to make the process faster?
subbed since the keyboard!
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