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At least you're getting your second pok3r sooner than I'll get my magicforce 68 w/ greens lol
I would like to see how the massive machine turns out, subbed
Hmmm I would like to see how Zen turns out. whenever that will be. subbed anyways
I'd be curious as well, I'm thinking about getting a set to throw on my magicforce 68
They do sell some keyboards that have matias switches, similar to that of ALPS.
MMM... I'll be watching the news on SS4 closely...
Windows 10 devices give you Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Should probably get that checked.
When will I upgrade from my 2700k? When I can afford to.
Looks nice, too bad Romer-G switches aren't all they're cracked up to be. In my opinion at least.
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