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The poor UEFI implementation probably seems like a likely scenario.I have a lower-end Gigabyte z77 model ( as the sig rig suggests ), and my general idea is if I can avoid using UEFI for booting, that would be preferred. And so far so good.
This is only true in california obviously.
scary stuff this
Hopefully this is the case, that would be nice.And Targets with Operating Systems such as Windows 10 make their job that much easier.
In many ways that is kinda Linux's beauty. BUT at the same time, I also don't get why linux was the Open Source OS that got popular. The BSDs don't have that fragmentation issue linux does with linux distros.In fact it's mind boggling. If linux was under a BSD license we probably would've had a viable 2nd gaming platform a long time ago. but yet... Eh I don't know.Although to Answer your questions, they don't ask that question because they don't want to change that, they...
All Linux would have to do to stop MS from having any chance of getting anymore market share would be to ask your everyday user "Would you feel comfortable using software and an OS that is edited/created/modified and accessed by bedroom hackers and malicious individuals?" - Boom! bye bye MS.Ridiculous right? Linux is a little more useful than you give it credit for, sure not for the average joe, but it still has its uses.
Well their's your problem right there, I think what you want is Libreoffice instead.
Here's some good news. And also say NO to TP-Link.
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