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I like Cherry MX clears, my WASDv2 at work has them, perfect for that environment too
I think a Silverstone Grandia SST-GD08GB is what you might want
Neat. inb4 linux can't game though
Well so much for upgrading to DDR4
Will WD Platinum be 24TB? Maybe WD Titanium being 36TB?
Forced updates though, they should probably address that part.Talk about a lose lose situation right?
One is smaller than the other, that's it
well 2020 is far from disappearing in a flash, but oh well.
Nope... nope nope nope nope, no thank you, don't want any of this lol.
This could actually be interesting, Though the dual-core celeron is a little lacking lol. Then again 2 ethernet ports and the celeron having the AES instruction set? I think I met my next firewall!
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