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passwords for lfie brobingo bingo.
I've tried a good handful, but still many switches to try, and some I WANT to try
Nice, I got my older sister the same keyboard w/ the same switches, it doesn't compare to my personal magicforce 68 with Cherry MX Greens however
what switches?
I'd rather buy the other trash can on the market
Awesome, and my laptop has 16GB of RAM so, I also say bring it!
good night, bad prince
TIL using the internet connection is like eating dessert, if you eat to much of it for too long, you will get diabetes.must've tried the gluten-free knockoffs
if I didn't effectively sell my Quickfire TK, I'd be taken seriously, but I do have both a minivan and numpad on the way with gateron greens, I will totes be taken seriously. and I have 4 keyboards atm.
scroo that bull clap. Looks like a firewall investment was indeed a good idea.but muh adobe suite, muh ! Guess it's clear they don't care about their privacy lol.inb4 apologists come full force.
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