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I would've used air cooling, but that's just me personally
Welp, someone beat me to it. do you have a design I can use? I've been wanting to throw my secondary system in a much smaller case, without changing the board
The ones who took the bait deserve it.
This could probably make a neat embedded computer of sorts.
I think I'll be going all SSD in my server in the future as well.
Music to my ears, all the more reason I don't update my win7 install.
I agree, but some people apparently find DX12 worth it. I sure don't, but I'm only one in a billion.
If you must use Windows 10, please be sure to have a firewall ready!
That's like the LEAST they could do, be transparent about updates going into my machine especially, if they're mandatory anyways. OR... give me the ability to disable updates completely... then they will be forgiven.
Maybe I misread what you posted, but if I read it correctly, you thought it was malware.
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