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Then you get a KVM
One thing's for sure, pacman will be the #1 package manager out there.
let me know how it works out for ya, I think I might do it to my poker II as well, since my other 2 keyboards already have sleeved usb cables lol.
Very true!also not accounting the android users, since it's linux based as well
touche Add up all the *nix forums and *nix sections out there and that will probably reach a nice 2%, if that even not accounting for servers ofc
I believe it, That's essentially how I'd categorize linux users I know as well Though here on OCN, linux enthusiasts are real! as for video drivers, for both AMD and Nvidia, I've been installing the drivers from their websites and that's been working out so far.but then again, this was usually for the *buntus, which they're were basically written for anyways.
Yes, and yes. Well you've just met another enthusiastic CS major lol.But that is largely true, though probably unlike the other enthusiastic CS majors, I genuinely enjoy linux and don't really see a need to leave it as opposed to just having a passive interest.
yes, Without keyboards... How usable would desktop linux be?
You will need to upgrade the Crosshair IV to a Crosshair V if you want to use an 8320/8320E/8350/83570
Probably C, since I would like to go into the embedded side of things. Though not quite assembly low.Very true, this is a relatively new professor though so his videos are about a year old, still the same stuff though.At the very least I'll trim my instruction following skills, since I still find it a bit difficult to know exactly what a professor wants and sometimes I have to wing it.
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