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if I didn't effectively sell my Quickfire TK, I'd be taken seriously, but I do have both a minivan and numpad on the way with gateron greens, I will totes be taken seriously. and I have 4 keyboards atm.
scroo that bull clap. Looks like a firewall investment was indeed a good idea.but muh adobe suite, muh ! Guess it's clear they don't care about their privacy lol.inb4 apologists come full force.
welp, laptops are officially garbage now
I want this for UT2k4, the bots can only get so challenging
I know that feel, I went from $160 to $220 with the minivan drop and I'm still trying to pay it off lol..oh yeah, I keep hearing about these grab bags, but checking out pimpmykeyboards ... they're always out of stock... are there more places to look?
me neither, nor clears. they're a bit steep in price, but I might justify it one day. atm though I got my crosshairs on a new SSD for my sigtop.
Having an MX Green keyboard, I have to say I prefer MX Greens to blues as well, but blues are definitely not a bad option either imo.I would like to try clears, but I guess if I be going that route, I'll go full on zelios instead.
lol true
I already do that, common knowledge also inb4 it's a conspiracy lawl
like as if HP doesn't make enough money from cartridges for their worthless printers. No doubt they'll innovate the copier industry alright, by making it more proprietary than it already is.
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