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Just when you think things couldn't get any worse.
Tis' why you should only use OpenBSD for servers.Torvalds has better things to do than pay people to sell his
Oh yeah CEO of seagate? watch me!
And this doesn't scare people? okay.
of course 10 would reset the default browser to edge, giving customers a choice is the last thing they seem to want.I wouldn't call the lack of privacy on the OS level a tiny detail but okay.
They should've used OpenBSD
If my contacts want to use my Wifi they can ask for the key when they come to visit me. Otherwise they can buzz off!
DirectX 12 that's the only benefit. And Cortana if you aren't paranoid about being recorded every time you ask her something.
Since you say you are going to OC it, no you didn't! just be sure your motherboard supports it and upgrade the BIOS to a version that supports it.
Well my server has gone through a lot, the only parts that remained the entire build was the i3 and the memory. OS: Debian Linux 8.1 Case: Antec 300 CPU: Intel Core i3 2100 Motherboard: MSI b75a-g43 Cooling: Xigmatek Dark Knight v1 and 2 120mm cougar vortex fans for intake Memory: Patriot Memory gamer 2 8GB (2 x 4GB) PC3 10666 @ 1333 PSU: Antec neo 520W PSU Storage HDD(s): WD Caviar Red 1TB ( storage, will get more drives at some point ), Crucial C300 64GB SSD ( boot...
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