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sometimes you have to use them, like with your laptop if you don't take your keyboard with youor they prefer topre
I got a tai-hao keyset for my poker II also ABS, but not super thin either. If you want PBT, NKPC keysets are inexpensive options, though not sure exactly where to get those
I'm not sure, I only bought a WASDv2 TKL w/ Clears w/out the keycaps since I had a designated set for it anyways. To answer your question though, if they're super thin ABS keycaps, while they don't feel horrible, you look for replacements eventually, let's put it like that
I got mine from massdrop back in august and for about $220 shipped, that included the kit, Gateron switches, and those keycaps, could've been cheaper or more expensive depending. and you say you want one? get one here. though I think the 200 unit run is done and over with. And hopefully you can solder
Well since we're sharing our minivans, here's mine gateron greens are the switches and wow... I kinda feel meh about the DSA profile, but it is still a nice experience nonetheless.
I for one will never understand the pro-win10 circle jerks on this website, but that's for another post.all honesty though, Windows 10 is okay as long as it's accompanied by a pfsense firewall, otherwise it's just a mess
Thanks microsoft, I will ignore that warningftfy
why isn't half life 3 a thing, I wonder how many will ask that
me with my minivan right now, I keep running back to my magicforce w/ Cherry MX Greens every time
I think this is like AMD's old "add moar cores" thing, although in this case "add moar rgb lights"
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