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Typical M$, I'm surprised they haven't shot their feet off yet. Since they shot their feet a number of times before.
I always wanted a clover on my desk
Cool, can't wait til' acerbook airs arrive.
This will be neat, I'll definitely be there to try it!Pointless for you probably.
if only I was able to achieve some nice keycaps for my poker IImust you really judge how people spend their money? -_-
Hmm, this should be interesting!
I wouldn't mind one of these for backing up everything I have lol.
Net neutrality seems to be making matters worse as opposed to better. lol
After trying Orings on the G710+ at a local best buy when they had in display.... I was not impressed. that said, I'm not putting Orings on my Quickfire TK w/ browns.
Well good to know I have places to go to if needed for a job!That's men are worthless, I've never seen 1 post related to autism at the time I've been there.
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