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^Code:Startup finished in 2.039s (kernel) + 867ms (userspace) = 2.906s [[SPOILER]] On my Archbook
I'm almost tempted to make a lego keycap with one of the extra keycaps that came with my Poker II.
Sorry for the necro, but Here is a test with my Poker II keyboard w/ Cherry MX Blacks My Rosewill RK-9100 w/ Cherry MX Blues... Blues are definitely my favorite switch now!
Thought I'd show my modest collection. have to give my Quickfire TK some love too! Sorry for the potatoes!
You'll never want to go back! ... unless you still have to use a laptop. Part of the reason I bought a poker II, for travel if I'm to be away from home overnight let's say.
Are you using VLC as your video player? And are you using 12.04 or are you using the newest 14.04?Also, start by installing the Desktop Environment/ Window Manager of your choice, and in the login screen, click on the Ubuntu logo, you can change the DE from there.
So I got my Poker II with blacks today, I like it... It's rather nice! Will definitely take some getting used to though. I also like how it feels like I'm typing on wood, even though it's plastic lol edit: all them typos tho.
I love adblock!
I'm still waiting for a hinged 2DS.
I feel like I've started too late, but oh well, Happy 23rd linux! It's going to be a fun ride!
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