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Guys I need some advice. I recently started getting into hifi headphones. I was using a set of Turtle Beach PX22 for gaming and music. But once I tried my first midgrace headphone I was hooked. Since there's nowhere near me that I can try out headphones before buying I ended up acquiring several used but in good shape sets of headphones and amps. I wanted to see if anyone can give me their opinion on what would be the best combo for me to keep as I would like to recoup...
Is the Bravo tube amp still for sale?
You have a pm buddy.
3930K 4.6Ghz, 16Gb Dominator Platinum 2133, EVGA GTX980 SC
I was never saying that the issues weren't there. I asked you what issues you were talking about just so o could see if they were the same as the ones I was having or if there were more I needed to look out for. Sorry for asking a simple question.
What do you mean by Precision X16 is still broken? What's wrong with it? I ask because I installed it into my rig last night and haven't been able to get the OSD to show. All I can see it the main Precision X16 where you set you core clocks ect. Can't get the graphs to pop up.
Just playing around with my V60. I have been biten so bad by the mech board big. I emded up buying a boat load of different "gaming boards just to try to find the right fit" Now that I foumd something that can hold me over until the next bug bite I have loads of stuff to unload before I end up in the doghouse with them. Lol!!
Here's my 980!! Can't wait to drop the EK acrylic/nickel block. Big thank to performance pcs for the shirt and hat as well.
Finally got my 980 yesterday!! I ordered 2x EK acrylic/nickel blocks that arrived yesterday as well. The second 980 will be here next week. I dropped it in my rig last night just to check it out on air. Firestrike score went from 9500 with a single 780ti all stock clocks cpu, ram and gpu to 10366 with the 980 all stock clocks as well. Can't wait to see what it does once the waterblock is on and I set all my oc's back!!
Thanks for the advice Aznlotus161. I was also considering getting a set of Beyerdynamics DT990 Pro. I mainly game and listen to hip-hop, salsa and rock music. Would the DT990 Pro be a good headset for gaming? I think I should also mention like nice clear heavy bass in any speakers I use. If I did go with a set of DT990 Pro's what model would be best 250 or 600ohm ? Also could you recommend me a decent headphone amp that can push a set of 250 or 600ohm headphones properly?...
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