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Doctakedooty yhpm
Thanks alot for the info Morencyam and Gabrielzm rep+ for both of you. I will be using them on a Lamptron CW611 controller so I should be able to run them at the same rpm. I wish I could get all AP15 but they are hard to come by. I'm running 480,360 and 240mm rads in push-pull so I definitely need to get rid of the Corsair SP fans asap.
Guys I am swapping out all the fams in my case from amix of NZXT FZ series and Corsair SP's to all Gentle Typhoons. For the bottom 360 rad I have 4 AP15 and 2 AP14 would the mix of the 2 types hurt performnce or noise at all ? I'm trying to get my hands on a few more AP15's but its been hard finding them.
Guys I just installed my RIV BE and am finished leak testing ect. I'll be booting it up for the first time today. I swapped from a regular RIVE to this. On my RIVE with the 3930k I had a 4.8Ghz overclock. Would I be able to use the same settings I used on the RIVE to achieve 4.6-4.8 ? Or will I have to use different settings ? If so can anyone direct me to somewhere I can find some settings or a walk rhrough on overclocking with the RIV BE please? Any help will be greatly...
Hi guys I just picked up a RIVE BE last night. Am swapping out my original RIVE for it right now. Can I join? I have a question for you guys. Is the onboard sound on the Black Edition any good? I have a Sound Blaster ZX sound card I was using in my RIVE. Would it be worth it to use it on the BE also? I only use it for mainly gaming. And when I do I mostly use headphones. When not usong the headphones I run a 2.1 speaker set up. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Derickwm you have a pm.
The gpu tubing wasn't done yet in this pic. The gpu goes to the rear rad. Pump goes to gpu. As you see the pump to gpu tube and top rad to front rad weren't done yet either.
Jthm4goth pm me.
Definitely subbed. I'm picking up a new in box TJ07 for a steal today!!! In the last month I've gone from a 900D to a Phanteks Enthoo Pimo case now to the TJ07. Hopefully I'll be able to find a new home for the 900d and Enthoo Primo before I have to find a new home for me with them as well. Lol!!!  Great job so far very inspirational. I can't wait to start tearing into my TJO7!!!
Here's my Cosmos SE.
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