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KBT Race, Logitech G710+ and a KB Paradise V60
Sweet finally fedex dropped off my new KB Paradise V60 red/blue led with Cherry green switches. Now I can break my head figuring out which set of doubleshots and novelty caps I'll be using on this. This thing is really tiny!!! I thought my 75% Race was small but this 60% is just awesome. I love the fact that it uses all standard sized keycaps. So no worrying about finding oddball sized custom caps. Now I just need to get my hamds on a Vortex Poker II with cherry clears...
Yeah had to spray paint them temporarily until I can get 3 proprietary sized caps. Spraying caos inst bad as long as you use n8ce th8n coats and use a good clear coat after to seal them in. Wont wear from use with the clear. Or at least not as fast. And the ones I had to do it to were 3 I barely ever use.
Here's a quick cruddy cell pic of my KBT Race with new red and white double Tai Hao caps. Had to do a quick emergency spray job on 3 caps since the Race has a few proprietary size caps. Hopefully I'll find some nice cuatom ones that match to replace them soon. Sitting by the window waiting for fedex to drop off my new KB Paradise V60!!!
Hey guys how many of you are going to be holfing on to your X79 setups now that X99 has released? How much longer do you all think X79 will be a good platform for gaming ect.. ? I was thinking of going X99 but am really considering keeping my x79, 3930k for a while longer. Would like to try to keeo it as long as possible as long as its continues to perfrom good. Maybe wait till the prices drop and any bugs get taken care of with x99 and ddr4 ?
Here's a quick potatoe pic of my Logitech G710+ and KBT Race with cherry blues. Have a KB Paradise V60 coming this Wednesday with cherry greens. Also have a aluminum case and acrylic case coming. Can't wait to mod the V60!!!
HPE1000 have you heard of the Nopoo brand mechanical keyboards? I was looking on newegg and they have a Poker II and the Nopoo. It looks almost like a Poker II but has a red ring around the faceplate. I'm trying to find someone that has some type of firsthand experience with them before I decide over that or the Poker II.
Nice collection HPE1000!! I've been using mechanical keyboards for about 2 years now. But am hust actually getting bit by the bug. My caselabs build is finally just about done so I needed to find something else to waste money and obsess over. Lol!! HPE1000 what are the 2 lower row keyboards? I want to get a noce Poker II or something in that style. So far I've used all bigger gaming mech boards like the Levetron Mech5 (really gaudy) Corsair K60, Roccat Ryos MK Glow and...
Sorry I meant Poker II. Speed typing on my phone. Lol!! I have plenty of deskspace but I really dont use the number pad much and I dont play any mmo games so dont need all the macro keys ect.. I really like the look of those smaller keyboards. And seeing what the guys here have been doing with them makes me want one more and more.
Guys has anyone here had any experience with the Nopoo mechanical keyboards. They have them at newegg with different color switchs. Was wonder if it was worth getting one of those or just going with a Power 2? I have used a few mechanical keyboards but none like these. I've used a Levetron Mech 5 (too much stuff going on), Roccat Ryos MK Glow, Corsaur K60 (I know not fully mechanical. Lol!!) and now am usong a Logitech G710+. But I really wanna tey a tenkeyless or 60%...
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