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Guys has anyone here had any experience with the Nopoo mechanical keyboards. They have them at newegg with different color switchs. Was wonder if it was worth getting one of those or just going with a Power 2? I have used a few mechanical keyboards but none like these. I've used a Levetron Mech 5 (too much stuff going on), Roccat Ryos MK Glow, Corsaur K60 (I know not fully mechanical. Lol!!) and now am usong a Logitech G710+. But I really wanna tey a tenkeyless or 60%...
 I think the difference is you order with a credit card in your name. So the name on both the card paying and shipping address are the same. My issue was my friend ordered it and paid with his card. He tried shipping it to my address with my name of course. I guess for safety reasons the names have to be the same to be able to do that. I have had tons of stuff ordered by other people from frozencpu and shipped to me with no issues. But when I think of it I think those time...
Hey guys just picked up a new Aquaero 6 XT last night!!! It took a bit of wheeling and dealing to get a trade going with a friend and have him order it for me. Plus a 3 hour drive to his house to pick it up because of performance-pcs not allowing you to pay with a credit card and have items shipped to a different address. But that is understandable they have to protect themselves as well. Anyways I have a quick question. I just opened the box this morning and found the...
Good luck with sale brother!!!
Wow can't believe your getting out of rig building!! I really hope things change and you keep doing what you do. Your one of the real good guys here. Have helped and inspired me alot. Anyways GLWS brother. Keep in touch.
Too bad you're not taking trades. I'd be all over it!! Hopefully once I sell my mobo and cpu you'll still have this.
I lobe my TH10. Yeah the TX10 can hold 2 systems. But thats why I have the TH10 under my desk and WetBench on desk. Problem solved
I agree with jhaze84. The alphacool screws are very cruddy. The heads are tiny and have to have washers to not sink into fans and threads strip very easily. Your better off find some better quality screws with bigger heads and same threads from your local hardware store like I did.
Wow you're good at this. Thanks alot for the info. I guess the MaxRevo 1500 I'm using now isnt as much overkill as I thought it was. I like the look of those EVGA psus. Wish I could give you a rep+.
I'm not home right now so I can't say the voltage. But the cpu is running at 4.6Ghz 24/7. The 780ti's are running with a 140+ Gpu offset with the stock bios volts if I'm not mistaken are about 1.2 for the gpus. I also forgot to mention the fans are all running off of a Lamptron CW611 controller set at 48% 24/7. Im not a big fan of big light shows anymore. So all thats in the case is the single led in the XSPC Photon res and 2x 6" led white led strips.
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