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Thx Man!Some updates on this.I am thinking about putting this monster on rollers and let it live under my new modding bench.To do list...Need a new SSD and HDDNeed a GPUI think I have all the other parts I might need..I am going to be carving the front and top panels on this case. I will be rid of ALL the plastic. I can't wait to get started!
Yes, Even better news thou. As you have no doubt seen in most of my build logs in the past the modding ends up on the kitchen table. Well now I'm almost done with a proper modding area upstairs. a 42 Square foot bench with bright lighting and plenty of tool storage. I have a balcony to paint on (have to battle red wasps to stay out there) and I have a little SFF pc built to upload pictures from and maybe steam videos? Anyway. Paint is drying now and I should have it...
Following this with interest. If you can make a TJ07 looking case from scratch then I'm in early
I like it!
Killer Build...
DANG I was watching this when you first started. Somehow missed the final photos... Epic work!
Are you going to have a screensaver type thing displayed on the LCD? Like pink flames? or just used as a extra monitor ?
Thats going to look sick!
Love the white and the Plasti-dip i have a can on my desk right now for my next one.. Great work!
Your pictures are so good it looks like a render almost nice work!
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