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After looking at this backplate for a day or two I think I'm going to pull it off and paint it. Its just to much shiney!
Its a fine case. build quality is superb! I honestly think the side panels would stop a .22
Haha, custom made for me at Thomas is a member here at OCN as well.I'm dreading it
Anyone got any more grim to share? I have a beige box on my dinner table right now. Its not a mod thou just a fix up.
Any updates yet?
So this Pc could survive a tornado...
Finish... finish.... fin oh sorry slipped intp modding zombie mode. All better now. Lol. I love this case. I almost bought one but with air cooling it seemed like it was going to be such overkill.
Welcome back guys. been a couple of busy weeks, but I did get a little more done. I got the clip mounted for the front panel wires and remounted the front panel switches and hooked them up on the board. Now I just need to fix the fan connections I REALLY like this little hub... Its pretty small Here it is tucked away on the back of the case... Now to address those 4 funky watercooling holes... Sanded up the metal plates... I covered one side in tape after the...
One tip... Buy your cutoff disks on ebay. Saves a HUGE amout of money over walmart etc. Just make sure to get the fiber reinforced ones..
Epic use of those chair legs... I have looked at them a few times thinking they would work good for case feet..
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