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I normally ordered from PPCS but the couple times I did order from Frozen it was fine. Sometimes I looked for parts on there website since stuff was easy to find. Sad to see them close
Very nice build, Darron your skills and knowledge is impressive.
I like it!
Man... So glad to see this finished! I think you were working on this when I was working on my old radio build. Looks Great.
Damn Man... Did the PC really get lost in Shipping? That makes me pretty sad
I shared the link to the final Pics Post on my Facebook! People were pretty impressed!
You got my vote in MOTM... Holy Cow the attention to detail on the wiring...
Here is a nice picture of a way to mod your own. (use Google translate)
Welcome to OCN and the Air 240 club! Also yes i think a couple of snips with a tin snip and you could fit the card better. Does the window at least fit on?
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