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In the amazon age its easy to forget that its a small company and if 1/3 of the guys doing the work get sick or have family trouble its a third of the company out of commission. Lutro0 has done a huge amount of work for sleevers and OCN as a whole. I know its a pain but give him time to get caught up. Now you begin to see why Nils isn't open ALL the time. You can get buried in work in a hurry.
Sure do
Its still on the list... need to get busy on my main machine. And then this.
I have been working on it. But not the modding side. I got the rest of the ram in. And most of the windows updates done.
This is epic work man. I'm sharing this on my facebook page if you don't mind
A case mod that can withstand small arms fire? sign me up
Thats it. I start tomorrow! Epic work, the front of that case looks good!
Pretty cool metal scroll work on that window
Little known trivia about the 400R. This case was designed by one of the greats of PC Modding Bill Owen from MNPCtech. Cool case for sure.
Epic build log nearly ending... sadness creeps in. But then I remembered its MCC so he will have 3 more builds starting soon
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