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PM, Sent!
Hope he is Ok!
pm sent (nvm, found other card)
Oh Wow...I can't believe the amount of views this has... Truly humbling, And I promise this case will get finished and put back into use soon. And to those that are still looking at the project from time to time... As you can see its still on my workbench. (just way back in the corner) Thanks, Jeremy
I love those handles! Used them on my Cubitech build. Looks great
You guys are killing me... I HAVE to get back into Modding. So. I did a innovatory and I have enough stuff to build a Steambox/ DVD player/ Media PC for the big TV. I have a: Asrock H81-ITX Pent G3220 CM 430 PNY GTX 650 2x4 Corsair Veng Ram a 240gb SSD a 500GB HHD a DVD drive A Green Xbox Corded Controller... Plus assorted cooling options... (Kolher 620 AIO, Enermax 120mm tower cooler, a CM 812) Should be plenty to play some Planetside 2, Just Cause 2, Sniper...
looks good.
I like it... Are you drilling and tapping to hold the side panels on? Or using magnets?
I had so much fun with the Core V21 that I'm building a V1 next. I have Gtx 650 and a 240 GB SSD. So I will get to be in the club afterall. XD
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