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LOL, I just want to get it all back together before the next WOW Xpac, SO it WILL be done before 11/20.. Because i'll be busy playing that and hunting all winter and modding will be back in 3rd place as a hobby.
Thanks! I need to get some more done on it tonight...
That Sun Server is Godly! Also Qake I'm following Beta with interest!
Thanks, yeah I will put the wall-plate in and see how it looks with and without the Acrylic zig zag bit.
So the Epoxy is all set. I decided to shape it up a bit. So I sanded, And sanded some more... Then I scuffed and cleaned both sides of the wall plate... Then I sized a sheet of scrap Acrylic... Traced out the shape I wanted. Using a dremel and a knife I cut the shape out... Yay! More Sanding I had the Idea to wrap the edges in some 1/8 inch wire loom. After some careful Hot Glue its attached. I picked up some welding rod the other day. Just started...
1st! Always in for a man that makes his own tools. Gamma was a great build.
OK, so a whole month has gone by and I finally got some time to work on the mod. And I may have slowed down on the modding but the mess kept growing.. XD LOL, Ok now on to more details of the build, I was tempted to sell my GPU's and upgrade to GTX 970's but I resisted and kept the ones I had before. I will update the First post as well. So what I do have is SLI GTX 680's... Purchased one used off OCN and one off Facebook. I did decide to see if I could find a...
Oly Cow that looks cool.
dang it, now I want 3 970's instead of 3 680's
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