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I love those handles! Used them on my Cubitech build. Looks great
You guys are killing me... I HAVE to get back into Modding. So. I did a innovatory and I have enough stuff to build a Steambox/ DVD player/ Media PC for the big TV. I have a: Asrock H81-ITX Pent G3220 CM 430 PNY GTX 650 2x4 Corsair Veng Ram a 240gb SSD a 500GB HHD a DVD drive A Green Xbox Corded Controller... Plus assorted cooling options... (Kolher 620 AIO, Enermax 120mm tower cooler, a CM 812) Should be plenty to play some Planetside 2, Just Cause 2, Sniper...
looks good.
I like it... Are you drilling and tapping to hold the side panels on? Or using magnets?
I had so much fun with the Core V21 that I'm building a V1 next. I have Gtx 650 and a 240 GB SSD. So I will get to be in the club afterall. XD
B.E. A. utiful.. Looks great!
As a Core V21 owner this is relevant to my interests... /subbed
White AND Black... This is gonna be cool
LOL, I was going to post the same thing Jeff. Well its a cool case anyway and for 25 bucks I would have been all over it as well. XD
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