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dang it, now I want 3 970's instead of 3 680's
Buddy of mine is having me list and sell these parts for him. I need some fair prices... The i5 system. This system was used for gaming and web surfing.. i5-4670k Always under air coolers mild overclocking only. Purchased 9/13 Asrock Z87 Extreme 3 Crossfire and SLI work great, purchased 9/13 Gskill Sniper DDR3 2400 4x2 8GB kit Purchased 9/13 Enermax ETST -40 120mm tower cooler. Sapphire r9 290x Tri-x Purchased 8/14 (always under air) Never pushed...
When Modding is art, nobody minds that it isn't bleeding edge tech. That 550ti just became functional art. And that's the soul of modding. /wearenotworthy
I got one on the way... thanks OCN
LOL, don't tempt me.. (must finish some projects first)
LOL, its just scrap plywood. I wish people would buy them for $49 bucks. Lutro0 is the one gave me the idea Someone needs to buy and mod this for science!
OK, I didn't finish the 24 pin yet... Its about half done... But progress must continue. After I spent so much time on the vanity plates to cover the 4 grommet holes I figured out I didn't like the shiny look. Here it is shiny in case you don't want to scroll back up.. And after... Heres how we got to that point... I pulled the plates off and masked my case badge. I decided to use this paint. It claims to not require primer on bare metal and its epoxy base. After a...
After looking at this backplate for a day or two I think I'm going to pull it off and paint it. Its just to much shiney!
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