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Two mATX cases I can think of that are small or smallish are the Raijintek Styx and Fractal Define mini c. Neither has a 3.5" slot on the front though they don't have 5.25" bays either.
AMD is going to release Ryzen chips soon. I would wait till they release and see if the performance is any good. Even if you prefer Intel, Ryzen might cause Intel to change prices. Just my
There are two options if you are worried about starving the gpu of air in that case. You could use a reference blower card that would put the fan forward of the psu. Or you can use a sfx psu to gain some space to allow a non-reference gpu to breath. If you want to keep the psu you have, a reference card might be better. If you want to have a twin fan card, a sfx psu might be a better option.
Very Interesting. This could be the case for a potential future build. Definite sub.
Some say they higher ohm versions sound better. For example the DT 880 600 ohm is supposed to have smoother highs than the lower ohm versions. If you can, you should try the headphones you are looking to find out what version you like the sound of. Also, if you want to use them with a portable device the lower ohm would be easier to drive. But if you are only going to use them at home and are willing to get an amp then get the higher ohm version. I'm not an expert on...
They likely won't be loud enough for classical with the Xonar DX. I think the DT 990 is considered a "bassy" headphone. You could try the DT 880 they are more balanced. Edit: I would also get the 32 ohm version of what ever headphones you choose that way they should work with the Xonar.
Sweet build.
Thank you.Thank you, and yes that's what is says
Some nice pics in there. Also A nice pic of the back of my head
can't wait. Might learn a few things
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