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Ummm...BD with 20% improvement IS Sandy or better performance. know if Intel had ditched the P4 design you wouldn't have SB or IB (same architecture just improved along the way).
Get the 6100 instead. It's the same price as the 4170 and it is an excellent overclocker. BTW which motherboard are you using? (or purchasing if you are) Edit - Actually I take it back (the price that is) the 4170 is $20 cheaper right now because of the $20 off promo code on newegg so it comes to $119.99 vs the 6100 at $139.99 (I still say IMHO the 6100 is the way to go).
I think for a 6100 you can easily take it up to 4.4 - 4.5GHz with the 212 and still be below the max temp while running prime95 or another stress test. I'm not sure about the 8120/8150 as I haven't played with them to see what the temps look like at each level.
Oh, just to elaborate for everyone. While I'm 99% certain that CPUTIN = TCase max (for asrock/asus and one of the TMPINx for Gigabyte etc), I'm still waiting on confirmation from Asus and Asrock. As it stands, IMHO it's better to assume that until we all have 100% confirmation and clarity since it's better to be safe than sorry. If we were to assume that the individual "core" temps = TCase and are wrong, then when you max out the cores to 70C (on a CPU rated for 70C max...
No problem. I'm fairly certain that if you're "CPU temp" were actually 117C you would definately know it. (I doubt the CPU would still be functioning). The fact that the "Core Temps" are still reading low means their still getting a "normal" reading from the TCase sensors which tells me the software you're using is misreporting the TCase output from the CPU.Even the guy who wrote the program "Core Temp"(he goes by the handle "The Coolest" on will tell...
^ more than likely a software glitch.I've gone over thise multiple times but here it is again -TCase = The "on package" (below the die, above the pins on the package) thermistors that are averaged out to give a "TCase" reading. Which is why all of the thermal data sheets downloadable from AMD list "TCase Max" = 61C (for the 8150 etc. and other limits for other specific CPU's).TCore = The individual "core" temps which are taken by using a "formula" and the nearest TCase...
The "CPU Temp" is NOT the "Socket thermistor". CPU temp = Tcase, the reading taken by averaging the thermistors on the die package.
Ahhh.....a ground pounder or a jarhead....He he he....(just kidding)GOOOO NAVY.....BEAT ARMY!!
What branch?
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