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just use your pliers to snap off or snip off the plastic ill send a a pic later tonight
well probably ,... i just had to make due.... but anyways yeah the plastic on the back breaks clean off because the flat front is aluminium, but i dont really notice any problems with it after opening it
i kinda just winged it after i saw, replace the tape with command stripes they are so much easier to handle looked easy because it is
very easy!! get your 5.25 front aluminium bezel cover and with the pliers break off the plastic until you have s flat surface on your bezel Take off your Dvd Drives bezel put on velcro command strips on the dvd drive and bezel, measure it to see the right fit, last step super glue an eraser to the bezel so that it faces the button on your dvd drive. it sounds confusing but its actually alot easier than it sounds if you have questions feel free to ask ill send pictures
Thanks! and nah....i'd probably end up messing up one way or another, i have the nzxt sleeved cables but they feel really stiff
Materials: velcro command strips, pliers, eraser, and super glue, original front bezel cover Time taken: 2 minutes Steps: break plastic off the back of the bezel cove with the pliers till you get to the front put the command stripes on bezel and optical driver glue an eraser to corner of the bezel and VOILA! its a pet peeve for me to see the optical drives not matching hope this helps pple
i figured out how to make a 2 min stealth cover for the obsidian 650d using command stripes and pliers, can anyone help with any other improvements? although the back of my dvd drive is kind of pushed back
i think im willnig to buy that whole system
well honestly its kind of what does he want to emphasize on his build other than gaming? any ssd' caching? does he plan to overclock to get a little more out of his system? does he just want a monster of a rig? does he want a small compact rig or it doesn't matter? does he plan on sli or xfire? i'm just going to contribute my 2 cents. if he wants a pretty good rig for $1500 with peripherals, also bare in mind that he can look around alot of different sites and get cheaper...
his board is faulty get over it why struggle with a problem board? well w.e this is my last post here obv you guys know the answer im clearly wrong.
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