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Man... If I had thr cash I'd buy this in a heartbeat. If it was around $1,000-$1,500 I'd buy it. For now I'll just try and choose between 3x U2414H or 1x U2715H.
With my Noctua cooler, I get 30-35°C idle, 55°C tops in load. System temp never goes 35°C, and my GTX 670 is around 65°C in games. My system is the red, black, and silver one a page or two back. I use two 92mm fans and one 120mm. The only issue with using the watercoolers is they restrict exhaust air so system temps and GPU temps (if they are non-blower style), also drive temps. But drive temperatures are actually recommended to be 40°C.
While I appreciate the quick reply, that isn't what I'm looking for, as it still has the ducky logo. Something similar but more like the blank line in the middle some have. And keys for the bottom row.
Hey guys! I wasn't sure where to ask so... I guess I'll ask here. I'm probably gonna get either the Ducky Shine 3, or Year of the Snake Edition. Planning on white LED's, blue switches. My issue is I'm not fond of the space bar snake design, or the ducky logo for the Win-key. Is there a place I could buy keycaps that would be of the same quality (ABS, UV coated) that are also compatible for the backlight?
So, I've narrowed down the issue. It is not a power supply issue, and not a memory issue. After testing various kits.
Alright, so here's my issue. Whenever my computer reboots, whether it be from an OS or in the BIOS, the system doesn't restart properly. It will close out whatever it is running completely, any OS, and go to a black screen. From there is just sits there and does nothing. The fans speed up to 100% and it will sit in this state with no software running, just PC running until I either hold the power button (for much longer than 5 seconds) or flick off the PSU switch at the...
Thanks, Xyann! Red and black always looks good. My heatsink is a Noctua but I used a low TDP CPU. I did test the case with actual 3.5" 7,200 RPM drives. And they weren't very loud. They fit quite snugly and have no real wiggle room to virbate with, if you ask me. I'll be adding new ones, soon. You don't NEED a blower style cooler. But I'd recommend one. Most non-reference coolers are too wide to fit properly, if at all. Don't forget, you need space for those power...
Hey guys! Mine is pretty much done, for the most part. I'd really like to get a STRIX 970, but I'm almost positive it won't fit... Just by a few mm's, too, sadly. Maybe I'll get a reference design 970 and paint the text. All I'm really waiting on is drives. I've got temp ones in for now. I'd like to one day possibly ugprade my memory capacity too, and CPU to an i7. Just for the e-peen. But for now, I'm quite happy!
Yes. It's a small space but the airflow is rather direct so it cools fine. You can even use a 120mm CLC of you want.
The board form factor is m-ITX. Grapgic cards suitable are 1 or 2 slot cards, that are not wider than the PCI bracket itself.My motherboard came with WiFi (ASUS Maximus Impact IV Z87), although many other boards offer m-ITX with WiFi.You can't SLI, as the case will not fit a motherboard with SLI capability. There are no included fans. A front 120mm intake and rear 92mm exhaust will suffice well for cooling non-overclocked components.You can easily fit in an LED strip....
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