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It's actually like three slots. All on the right bank of DIMM slots. I put all my RAM to the left side for now. Eventually I'll order a new board I suppose.
Long story short, it's a broken RAM slot on my board.
I'll try that when I get home.I didn't crank down on the screws. Just pretty snug.
So much for EK and ASUS "working together."Lol I narrowed down some stuff, and reseated hardware. My GPU's work, and my board posts, but I'm only getting 3/4 RAM sticks. Not sure which one is out and if it's a bad stick or bad slot.
So I think I need a motherboard RMA. (Rampage V Edition 10) My system was built and running fine, but my watercooling pump started having some issues. My case being difficult to work with for my build, I decided to change cases. During this time, I also got the EKWB R5E10 RGB Monoblock. To apply this block, you have to punch out the holes in the CPU cooler mounting locations. EK recommend using a small screw driver, which I did carefully as per directions. I installed the...
So, my mother board won't boot after resetting up my system. Won't post, rather. I keep getting a code of D6, and the LED's for VGA and Boot device stay lit.
I thought so, but thanks.
Although the XE 480 wasn't on sale on EK's site, I picked one up and some other stuff for 10% off at PPCS.
Does this board require a fan connected to the CPU fan header?
They were out of stock on PPCS before, and they came back. So I'm hopeful for more.
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