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Well, as I said, the QDC's come apart with ease. You can actually do it with one hand and the right positioning. The release and connection with the QDC's both literally take no more than a second.The only way I think it could get more optimized in something like an NCase, was as if something allowed the radiator mounting plate to quickly be popped in and out.The most annoying part of my set up is the minute it takes to unscrew the four mounting screws.
My reason for being against it is that dyes can gunk up water blocks. You'd likely be better off just painting the reservoir.
Despite what /g/ has said recently this evening, I do like your loop and build. My only question for you is... Why red liquid if you're going to use white tubing, friend.- "Break," with the tiny little watercooled NCase.
Koolance does make their QD3 line available with G1/4 BSP, so you can use either extenders or thread directly into them. I think they might also have ones with regular G1/4 threads?The reason I didn't place them directly onto the radiator is because I was worried about how difficult it might be to disconnect them from it. Also, some reviews online said they might leak a tiny bit when first disconnecting them. Mine are extremely tight though, and just a few drops which stay...
Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing this finished. Thank you. It was quite an after thought, but it makes a wonderful difference. I recommend that rfarmer do the same, if he has room.
Some photos to go along with the recent updates.It's made by "FrozenQ." It's extremely nice quality, for about $70 though. You pay a premium for it's "custom" design to fit the case.A simple search of "FrozenQ NCase M1 Reservoir" should lead you right to the product page.
From my understanding, non-reference cards (IE, ones that use two small fans like EVGA's ACX 2.0 style coolers) usually exhaust air. So, more likely, it'd be beneficial to use bottoms fans as exhaust, if I'm correct.
They'll likely send you a new one, as it's probably cheaper. And the new one will probably come with some new warranty period also. Not likely five years, but, some time. Or you can just sell the replacement/new product to someone.
How old was your H100? I thought Corsair offered a 5-year warranty on those. Could probably have gotten a free replacement.
So, here's the newest pictures of my build.
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