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Yes. It's a small space but the airflow is rather direct so it cools fine. You can even use a 120mm CLC of you want.
The board form factor is m-ITX. Grapgic cards suitable are 1 or 2 slot cards, that are not wider than the PCI bracket itself.My motherboard came with WiFi (ASUS Maximus Impact IV Z87), although many other boards offer m-ITX with WiFi.You can't SLI, as the case will not fit a motherboard with SLI capability. There are no included fans. A front 120mm intake and rear 92mm exhaust will suffice well for cooling non-overclocked components.You can easily fit in an LED strip....
The case is quite nice. The inside black paint is easy to scratch. So you need to be careful with that. I also had to use alternative cables and get creative with my wire runs to fit everything in the panel. And wide cards (IE, Classifieds) won't fit.But my favorite case I've ever owned. And easy to work in.
She may not be the most powerful. But she's pretty. Almost 100% done. Need some new drives. - In Win 901 - ASUS Maximus VI Impact Z87 - 2x 4 GB 1,600 8-8-8-24 Corsair Dominator Platinum - Intel i5 4590S - EVGA GTX 670 4GB - Intel 730 240GB - Corsair AX760 - SilenX Effizio fans, 2x 92mm (09-15) & 120mm (12-15) - Noctua NH-L9i heatsink - MDPX sleeving, Shade 19 & Color X
Finally finished all my cables. I checked and everything, power-wise, works! Barely fit all the cables in here. 24-pin, 8-pin, 2x 6-pins, 2x SATA power chains, 3x SATA data, front I/O and fans. Was a tight squeeze.She fits even with the glass on!All that's left is to actually order the rest of the parts: SSD, two HDD's, CPU and memory.Maybe something like a Thermalright AXP-200 and replace the stock fan.An EVGA classified will not fit. But a regular GTX 780 TI should fit...
The DCII cards are too wide for this case, realistically. I have a reference style card and I can barely squeeze in my PCIe power connectors.But aside from that, everything else you planned on would fit.
Interesting design! Are you going to place an intake fan on the side mount for the main component section?
Thanks! Here's a little glamour shot I took this morning. ;]I still need to tackle the 24-pin, three SATA-Data cables I've yet to order/receiver in the mail. (Silverstone CP11b, so low profile!) And lastly I need to do a SATA-power line with two power connectors in it. As my original plan with 3 on 1 won't work due to the depth of the 2.5" drive mounts.It's a beautiful design. And this case is meant to be small, but not necessarily portable/moved frequently. It's not meant...
That's awesome Ght10. Also, I have an update too. I need to do a few more cables. Some SATA data. I also ran into an issue with the SATA power and need to redo that. And lastly, I need to do the 24-pin. In need to order some more sleeve supplies.
Gotta order more sleeve supplies... Almost done! Everything is sleeved except for 1/3 SATA cables, one Dan cable, and the main 24-pin! First time sleeving ever. Decent for a first time I think!
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