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Thanks!I'd be interested, let us know how it goes.
Finally got a new camera, so I suppose a better shot of the keyboard is in order. Waiting on those LED color changers, to see if they fit/work. If not no big deal. Still waiting on my cable from PexonPCs, it's been like three weeks... Darn international shipping!
Naa, I'm a rather boring guy and don't do any of that "fun" stuff. More like some small accessories, to match my PC case and general theme. Aluminum SD card reader, this little aluminum slot-load USB drive, my DAC/Headphone amp, headphones themselves, headphone stand, a clock on the wall, and that's probably it.
If you've got the extra GPU power and cash, maybe look up the U2515! 25" (vs. 23.8) and 1440p. Basically the same monitor, hust biggee size and resolution.
I'm guessing you mean the In Win?i7-4771S2x 8GB 1,6000 8-8-8-24 (Corsair Dominators)ASUS Maximus Impact VI Z87Intel 730 480GB2x Seagate Barracuda 1TB'sEVGA GTX 670 4GB (Upgrading to a 980 soon)
They're amomg the best for the price!
I'm not a fan of portrait. I've tried but I just can't enjoy it. My issue is I don't like the vertical movement of the neck. As for horizontal, I generally rotate my seat using my feet to look around.
They're Dell U2414H's.And the speakers perform a lot better than they seem like they wood. The horns are flared out, and they're far away. The biggest thing is actually how much quieter they are up there, opposed to being at ear level. Made for balancing my rears a bit tricky.
Still not done, but, I just HAD to post a picture with my two new monitors added.
Getting close to finishing it how I want! Still gotta get my monitor mount, cables organized, and some other stuff on the desk.
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