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My build is extremely close to "complete," not quite so, but I suppose close enough to call "complete."
Finally got the 1080's under water. Now, to overclock them, soon. >
Pretty much finished the loop the other night. The rest of the PC needs a bit of work, but the loop is done.
Well, the build is basically done. Snapped a few pictures last night. I'll fix the wires and take the "showcase" shots soon.
Since you're using an EK CPU block, they usually recommend the left side as inlet and right side as outlet. So, unless you're mounting the CPU block upside down, that'll kind of go against what they advise. Perhaps you could do:Res -> res -> GPU's -> left RAM (bottom) -> Southbridge -> CPU -> VRM -> right RAM
I may use this is another case/build of mine, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Do we have any news on the EK HB SLI bridge? I just dropped a ton of cash for finishing up my loop, and that's the only part I'm missing.
I meat to say you have to remove all heatsinks, but I think you got the point. It goes over removing the backplate too, I believe. So it may help with that as well.Glad to help, my friend!
No, I haven't, but it's likely very easy if you just follow the disassembly instructions on EK's website regarding the RVE10 monoblock. You have to prove all heatsinks for it.
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