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There seem to be a lot of us waiting. Lol. I need that, two 1080 blocks and back-plates. And then just a few fittings. I'm debating between the triple parallel FC adapter or just four compression fittings and tubing for my two GPU's. Can't decide. I also need that darn SLI HB bridge!
I hate to be "that guy," and quite my own post, but there's been a lot of talk and no one responded. Just trying to ask again, if anyone has had similar issues.
Alright, so, I've got a few small problems with my build so far, that's using a Rampage V Edition 10. The first is, where in the BIOS do I find XMP profile settings? I can't find it anywhere. Secondly, I'm having a GPU issue, and I don't know if it's driver related or board related, or the GPU's themselves, or what. If I'm playing a game in full screen, no matter what resolution, aspect ratio, or refresh rate, in most games I play I get a weird coloration shift,...
I'll try out those softwares; but I just opened up CAM and saw they released an update for BW-E. And it's working fine, now.
I'm a big fan of the Noctua D9L. I have one, and I also have one the revision meant for LGA 2011-V3 which I'm currently using. It's a very good cooler, and fits nicely in the M1. As long as your fan sits at it's default height, you could even put a 120mm fan over the side bracket where the D9L is, too.
That'd be neat. They should make an "E-ATX" Evolv, perhaps, that really fits two 360mm radiators fine and 272mm wide boards without a hassle as well. They really only need to add another inch or two from front-to-back of the case, and perhaps another inch of height and it would be fine for that.A mITX TG version, with all aluminum panels, would be really nifty too.
I'm excited to see if the blocks support the LED's, really. I already had to remove the backplate/side LED's for my build, I'd be disappointed if the EK blocks didn't support the LED's too. lol
This is a really random question but; Does anyone know why some software won't read/register my CPU properly? Is it just because it's so new? I'm using the 6950X. NZXT's CAM software can display the name of the CPU, but doesn't show the temperature. Speccy only shows "Intel Processor @ 3.0GHz" and doesn't have a temperature read out either. My motherboard is the ASUS Rampage V Edition 10, so, BW-E was/is supported out of the box. So I don't believe it's that it needs a...
Hi there everyone. I just recently picked up two 1080's and am having a bit of an issue, and was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. I'm running the latest NVidia driver as of yesterday (7/27/2016). I think it's 389.89? I don't remember exactly. I'm running a Intel i7-6950X on stock clock, 4x8 DDR4 (XMP isn't even enabled at the moment), and two GTX 1080's FE at stock clock. I tested each card individually and together on another machine and they ran...
A few of the new Lian Like cases that are cube shaped, as well as the In Win 909 will accept this board and are made of high quality stuff. But also very expensive
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