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It's probably your GPU exhausting air into the case then, as well as just using a stock cooler. I'd recommend checking your thermal paste, obviously you don't want too much or too little. If you need some cooler suggestions, I've got plenty!
You should do, something along the lines of what Vembutech said. Use an HDMI -> DP cable for your video to your monitor, and get an optical cable and use it with this little guy right here (I have one, used it with my 360 for a while. Works like a charm) to feed RCA audio out to your source!I got mine a bit cheaper, around $15 at the time. I still use it now, actually, for my TV itself.
Well, first are you overclocked? Second, what is the rest of your scenario like? Do you have a blower style GPU? Do you have a 92mm exhaust, and/or a 120mm intake?Watercooling, from what I've seen, will make drives and board temps higher. As well as GPU temps, and the rest of the system much hotter, if the GPU isn't blower style.
Just going to throw this out there for everyone, if you go directly to In Win's site, the case is listed with the silver, Champagne Gold, and now a BLACK version is available. The black version features a red tab around the front In Win logo.
LED is a white logo on the front, as well as a side blue. And orange HDD. I love the case. Persinal favorite out of many popular ones, like the Corsair 600T, Corsair 550D, Silverstone FT02, and a Lian Li PC-Q03
Both of those are very nice!
Hey guys. Got a Ducky Shine 3 TKL in today. Love it. Just as much as my Shine 2 (full), but it's much more comfortable to use. I'm looking to get a nice silver, either brushed or anodized, aluminum casing. Does anyone know if there is a place that sells them for Shine 3 TKL's? Or if anyone lives in Connecticut, in the States, where might I find a good metal working shop who won't charge an obscenely large amount of money to have a piece custom made?
Thanks for the ideas, but I'm pretty new to case modding. Building itself I'm plenty experienced, but I'd have no idea where to even start a project like either of those.Thanks!
Figured I'd show off mine a bit. First-time sleeve job. I think it came out alright. I used the stock cables from a Corsair AX760, with MDPC Shade-19 and Color-X. I also used Silver CP-B11 (500mm length) SATA cables. I'm happy with the results! I also did all of my fan cables and front I/O with exception to the USB 3.0, which was already sleeved black. Reason being, because I'd need to take the whole case apart for that. Maybe one day in the future, but for now, it's...
That helps a bit! Here is the one I want, it looks similar. It's pribably the same under the exterior wood layer. was going to use the piece you have in the middle as ends and then put a center support at the rear. If I don't mount them and keep them on their stands, should I need more...? I don't think so. The under side space will be about as wide as the MALM desk. I had that desk, with no extra support, and it held...
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