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Yeah, you want to mix aluminum with copper/brass/nickel as little as possible.
Thanks! Only two sides are glass, but it is definitely difficult lol
Thanks!It's a Lian Li PC-O11. I had it cerakoted to silver, so remove the brush look and obviously give it a silver finish, then I also had custom glass panels with a more neutral/darker color tint made as well.
Going to try and get some photos this weekend. This one I took just sitting at my desk came out decent enough.
Decent shot I got today, you can see the board with the EK RGB Monoblock
Going to try and take some nice shots this weekend. I suppose here's a small preview?
Hey everyone, still having some pump issues. Quick question: If I have a PWM pump (PWM control, MOLEX power) and just leave the PWM header unplugged, will the pump just run at 100% all the time? EK DDC 3.2 PWM
Here's the thing. I've ran the pump in four loops and it's been fine on and off.The first loop has used a pump top without a reservoir, and it ran fine. The second loop used the foam pad for a little while, and eventually I needed to smack it to get it running.The third loop used a plastic anti-cyclone piece, and it would always run fine.The fourth and newest loop is using the anti-cyclone piece again, and now it needs a good smack to get running every time the system...
Quick question for EK DDC 3.2 PWM users. I have the unit and I use it as a combo unit with a reservoir. Sometimes my pump needs a "shock" to get it started pumping. And by that, I mean a solid tap/smack on the housing. I think I've traced it down to when I'm using it with the mesh anti-cyclone instead of the EK stand that goes inside the reservoir. Does anyone have any input on the matter?
So, it's not quite finished, but, it's running. I still want to mount the pump and reservoir in the main chamber. I want to switch to frosted glass tubing. I need to repair one of my cables as it has a short and I had to hide the SSD. But for now, this works.
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