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The case can fit pretty much any length of card, I believe. And it is dual slot. What you need to be careful of is the height of the card, but I believe that is basically standard height which you listed. So, it should fit.I did a search of the card, but saw two different models. Is yours the model with three fans, and a slimmer height profile? Or two fans, and thicker height?
She'll be quite full, that's for sure. The only "empty" spots would be for a (difficult to reach and use" slim ODD bay, and a fourth drive spot that won't really be necessary at all, with 2x 3TB HDD's and a 480GB SSD.It might, I assume it is paint after all.That's really unfortunate. I may go with EVGA's redesign of the stock cooler, but I'd like to find a compatible back plate for the card, found here. EVGA offers the card with an AIO liquid cooler attached to the card,...
Almost done upgrading my rig guys. One more HDD to go, and a new GPU and she'll be pretty much done. I'm thinking about getting a reference GTX 980 and using paint thinner to remove the green text, and make the text lighting white to match the build.
I was using a Noctua NH-L9i for a while. But I got a new heatsink as I'll be upgrading my CPU soon. The new heatsink is the NH-D9L, I haven't seen too many pictures of these. It's just around 110-120mm tall I believe? Anyways, here's a picture of the new heatsink. Looks good in there! (Upgrading from an Intel i5-4590S to a i7-4790K)
Actually, leaving a PSU with the fan up is better in this case, it will pull hot ambient case air and exhaust it out the rear of the case through the power supply. As long as you aren't using your PSU to say 80-90% load when gaming, it should be good. Which you probably shouldn't be doing in the first place.
As someone who works at a Porsche dealership, and currently has a GT3RS in the garage, I'd say you did pretty damn good. Some one recently traded it in, and I believe they are custom ordering the new 918 Spyder. Pretty hefty price tag on a used car!
Did you supply it power? It needs power as well as a data cable to the board.If not, check in your BIOS. If it's not registered there, it's a bad drive.
I've got the same mouse, case, and had the same speakers at one point!
I'd actually be looking for either KB-15's/KS-14's. Message me about it.
Yup, Dell U2414H's!I did raise them a bit more since my monitor mount came in today. Also to make room for my DAC, and soon to have, headphone amplifier.Here's the mount! Moved some stuff a bit and finally did my cables around.
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