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Are you sure it's the fans? Maybe it's the pump, or (hopefully not) an HDD if you have any. Or CD/DVD drive if you have one.Try turning on the PC with just one fan plugged in at a time, to narrow down which ones are doing it. Let it run for like 10 seconds and power it off. If you can narrow it down to a fan or two, yeah, I'd say try and get a replacement.
Well, if you pierced the radiator, there would be a leak. Did you tighten your fan screws in a crossing pattern? Also, are they overly tight? They grinding might be the inrush making the fan unbalanced from the slight amount of torque on the motor, causing the blades to rub on the radiator fins.Just my two thoughts. If it's all or most fans.If it's just one fan, it might be one defective fan.
Well, maybe there is some/total accuracy to your post.I've never seen anything else by the original poster before.But what I can say, is perhaps some other influence was affecting it, or it was the age of the mouse, but when I had my old Performance MX and a Xonar Essence STX in my build, I would have some stutter on my mouse movement. Or drops where I'd move the mouse and nothing on screen happened. With my current PC and a newer of the same mouse, everything is smooth....
Very interesting little read! Have you tested the effects of (if any) USB DAC's? Those are more often a better solution anyways, as they don't block/impede GPU airflow, and provide equivalent (if not better) sound quality.
No problem! They have them available in Silver, Gold/Champagne, and Black (currently only for 904, soon for 901).If you have any questions about the case, feel free to message me at any time.
It's the In Win 901! My personal favorite of all the cases I've ever owned, and I've had some real big-name/popular ones that cost much more. They make a regular ATX size also, the 904. I'd love to see them make an M-ATX version, called a "902" or maybe "903." And lay it out like the 901, instead of like the 904. It would be awesome. I heard rumors they're considering anodized variants also, instead of purely brushed.Thanks! I took a good hour or two and sat down with the...
Thanks! The picture's white-balance is off, it's more of a dark red.
This is currently what I've got inside my M-ITX PC. Tight fit.I'm pretty good at cable/wire management. But I'm having serious doubts about my ability to hide everything flawlessly with the set up I'm planning on putting together. [[SPOILER]] I think that's everything. I only counted each cable once, so, it might not add up if you add each category. So I'm looking at roughly 45 cables, probably more like 50 with other random crap. About 35 of those are either directly...
Well, Spectrus, is that a U2414H I see? ;]I'm planning on adding in two more!EDIT: And we both have the same color walls, though my pictures don't show it. lolAnyways, here's mine, slightly updated. The lamp is semi-temporary. Either getting a new one, or a new shade. I also organized my spaghetti cables.
Awesome color and lighting!Updated mine a bit, lamp is kind of temporary. Kind of. Will be getting a replacement, most likely. But I got around to cleaning up the wiring mess. Next step is to get the last piece of furniture for my consoles and amplifier, and then start ordering my extra screens. :]
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