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I'm not asking in a defensive manner, but more just genuinely curious: What's so bad about the EK SE 360? Right now, with the SE 360 and PE 360, my temps are pretty decent, I feel. My two GPU's and CPU overclocked from 3.0 GHz to 4.0 GHz, all run pretty cool. With the CPU and two GPU's all at 100% load, the CPU never exceeds 80C and each GPU maxes out around 65C.
1. I used EK's bracket to mount a pump/reservoir combo to my front mounted radiator.2. While it is possible to do two 360 mm radiators with the right radiators and some determination, I'd recommend either a 360 in the front and 280 up top, or 280 in the front and 360 up to.
So bleeping excited, you have no idea. Thank you! lol
Still seriously hoping that at least Horizon 3 has 21:9 support.
If the LED's are used in the Acetal version some way, I'd buy it in a heartbeat lol
This too. I love my NCase a lot. It wasn't enough for my main build, but, I will be using it for a nice build for the girlfriend.
This guy is spot on. I've got the Phanteks Evolv TG in silver, it's gorgeous. I also had the In Win 901 for some time, and, if I need a slightly larger case I too would upgrade to the In Win 909.The Corsair 550D is also a pretty classy case.
So, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to overclocking GPU's. I downloaded MSI Afterburner for my two FE 1080's. Anyone have some decent suggestions to gain some performance? They're in a waterloop, if that matters.
So, I'm still having really, really long POST times with my Rampage V Edition 10, and that's with the newest BIOS (0901) and fast boot enabled. It takes a good 30-40 seconds to post. Any one have any ideas?
My build is extremely close to "complete," not quite so, but I suppose close enough to call "complete."
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