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While it's very possible it's the PSU's fault, I find that very often it's actually a lack of proper power to the computer as a whole that causes an issue. Like inconsistent voltage on your house wiring, or from the transformers that send voltage into your house on the power line.
Mine only came with a 24-pin, not a 28. And yeah, it's cable mod, but they do it because of the PSU's wiring, not necessarily just to do on their own accord.Either way I'm sticking with these cable clips. I've already bought all that I need and they're not cheap. Plus I like them lolol
Mine don't really sag, even the GPU cables.I also can't really just use regular ones, as my PSU has parallel wires on the 24-pin. So the 24-pin actually has 27 wires.
I thoroughly enjoy my R5E10. Best motherboard I've owned. Holds my 6950X at 4.0GHz (3.0 is stock) under all work loads. Everything else runs as should.
If there is enough power on a single rail, you're fine.Coming from a blue-collar electrician (With some electrical engineering background as well) Actually a lot of modern PSU's already do this, including my own. I have four GPU connectors. Two of my cables for them come off as 8-pins, to a connector. At the connector, the wires are parallel to a second connector. So one cable to the GPU has two 6+2 pin connectors on it.
I'm looking at getting one of those heat-shrinked tube DDC combo units. That's glass too. That and glass tubing.Holy crap the difference there is insane.
The glass reservoir should be the closer to realistic view of the coolant. The tubes are likely what's changing the way things look.
Part of the problem is a lot of my photos have been focusing on the clips lolThey are part of a theme I'd say. The monoblock had an incredibly similar finish, as well as my SSD. My radiators will be the same finish, and so will a few other bits, such as exterior panels. It's a very black/gray/silver themed build. The tubing will definitely take your eyes away from them, especially when the lighting in the case is on. Lastly, I am still debating on putting the reservoir...
I'm not completely against feed back or suggestions. I tried this out, separating the the two PCIe cables. What does everyone think?
Yeah, I agree. Water-cooling in general is not for those who are frugal. I've got a somewhat high-end loop planned, and in fittings alone I'm looking at maybe $400 in fittings. And maybe $150+ in tubing. I spent as much/more in fittings and tubing as I did on blocks lol
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