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Well, I'm relatively moved-in to my new place. Things finally getting settled. Ordered my new PC case. Still unsure if I want to switch from 3x 24" 1080p monitors to one 34" 21:9.
Hey guys. I'm looking at getting the NCase M1. I'm thinking of getting three of the 120mm Redux and one 92mm Redux. What are your guys experience with the Redux fans?
I figured that's what you meant! I sit a bit further back, more like 3-4 ft away I believe. So it should be perfect.I'll report back soon!
Thanks! I'm hoping to spruce it up with a few changes. I need to unpack my headphone amp, probably changing the lamp (same style, but maybe a red shade instead), changing the case, and that's probably it.Glad to have some feedback. I used to have a U2711 also, until my little sister broke it. Long story. But, glad you like it. I hope to be getting it within a month or two.
This was a replacement board also.My original was giving me issues regarding SATA controllers. And if I remember correctly, it also gave me wireless issues.
Anyone have issues with their wireless LAN cards? I have two and neither of them seem to work reliably, with older or current drivers...
How do you guys like the Dell U3415W? I'm aiming to buy one soon. I currently have 3 U2414H's, but, I really dislike the bezels and all things that come along with trying to use multiple monitors for gaming. Plus I rarely use my third screen, so I'm looking to sell my current 3 and just buy one U3415W.Here's a picture of the current set up, I moved so it's a bit temporary. Might take a newer picture tonight
Hey guys. Looking to upgrade from my current machine; here's the planned part list for the new machine vs. the current. CURRENT: Intel i7-4790K 16GB Corsair Platinum DDR3 1,600 MHz 500GB Intel 730 SSD 3TB Western Digital Caviar Black ASUS MAXIMUS Impact VI Z87 EVGA GTX 670 4GB Corsair AX760 Noctua D-9L SilenX Effizio 12-15 120mm 2x Silenx Effizio 09-15 92mm In Win 901 PLANNED BUILD/UPGRADES (changes underlined): Intel i7-4790K 16GB Corsair Platinum DDR3 1,600 MHz 500GB...
Hey guys. Just moved. Current set up is relatively temporary. Still need to unpack my headphone amplifier, so until then using the headphones with my computer's standard output on the back. I previously had three monitors (Dell U2414H's), selling those and trying to get a single 21:9 monitor. Also probably going to change case to an NCase M1. Other than that, and a shelf above the desk like previously, not much is changing. I'll keep posted. Also, everyone is looking...
The case can fit pretty much any length of card, I believe. And it is dual slot. What you need to be careful of is the height of the card, but I believe that is basically standard height which you listed. So, it should fit.I did a search of the card, but saw two different models. Is yours the model with three fans, and a slimmer height profile? Or two fans, and thicker height?
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