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That's correct.I left the right side of the motherboard screws loose and had to electrical tape over about 1/4 of the right side of the board. Even then, there were some issues due to slight flex. Unless you mod the case a bit, I wouldn't recommend it.
This might sound silly, but in my experience, with every custom loop I've had, idle temperature was higher than idle temperature on air. But load temperatures were significantly lower.
The Ducky One is okay. It's not too bad. Truth be told, I preferred my old Ducky Shine 3 TKL (which did fit in the Filco/Oni aluminum casing.)If I could find one, I'd buy one of those and sell the Ducky One. The RGB is neat, but, really I'm too used to the shortcuts of my old board and I usually use white LED's. White doesn't look good from RGB.
I haven't done much work on the 3.0's. But I do know for the supercharged 3.0's basically to do anything the supercharger comes off lolI had an 01' Jetta with the 1.8T, wasn't a bad car. Just liked to burn oil and had a check engine light for an air pump that would never go away.
Does anyone know if WASD Code keyboards fit inside the Filco/Oni aluminum cases? I'd like to find a keyboard with white LED's and MX greens that fit inside one of the cases. My new Ducky One TKL doesn't.
Being a "hobbyist" mechanic (enough to work on and fix my own vehicles) and the son of a 30-year mechanic, I'd argue against that. I'd argue they're among the least fun to work on, but, I've had good reliability with the important stuff on VW/Audi cars. My '09 S5 with 90,000 miles is running strong ((KNOCKS ON WOOD LOL)). The worst repair so far was the cooling fan and thermostat.THAT BEING SAID, I love all my EK parts I've had. Never had any leaks or any majorly...
I've ran the NH-L9i on 95W CPU's before, and they remained relatively cool with enough case flow. As long as they weren't overclocked. I currently have one on my Fiance's i3-6100 in an NCase, and with her work load it never really exceeds 40C. Then again, that's only a 50W CPU I believe. At the same time, there really isn't vastly much difference in terms of performance on the three i7's I am considering at stock clocks, for my useage (or even gaming should I upgrade later...
I'm planning a new uSFF build, in a pretty small case. 200mm x 80mm x 225mm. I'd like to use an i7 and also a Noctua NH-L9i cooler. I've currently got a 7700T (35W) picked out, but, if I don't overclock would it be fine to throw a regular 7700 or even a 7700K in there? The case will just have the board with the CPU and RAM, and an NVMe SSD. Maybe two at some point.
Hello everyone. I'm starting a new build soon, and the purpose of this one is mostly focused on smooth, fast photo editing and work. I'm going with a small system because I'd like to maintain as much desk space as possible, but not something as small as a NUC or embedded solution, as I still want the build to have some flair "under the hood." I also am not opting for a laptop as I currently have one. It's starting to show it's age in the sense of photo editing, but, I'd...
Depends on the hardware, airflow is adequate. With two 360mm x 40mm rads, I kept an OC'd 6950X (3.0GHz -> 4.0GHz) at 70C max load, and two GTX 1080's under 50C.
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