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Similar respective to radiator count.In the test with one radiator, the difference was within 2°C. I'd say that's margin of error, and just temps slightly fluctuating.The same holds true for the set up with two rads, except respectively the extra radiator led to lower temps over all and a tighter margin of error of around 1°C with less fluctuating temperatures.In each scenario, idle temperatures remained the same. In the scenario with two radiators, the load temperatures...
The temps were similar with the same amount of radiators.Basically, the only temperature difference was between idle and the peak temperatures. Idle and load were the same.
I've tried a few scenarios.Pump/res > CPU > GPU > RadPump/res > GPU > CPU > RadPump/res > CPU > Rad > GPU > RadPump/Res > CPU > GPU > Rad > Rad
In my experience, the only time loop order matters is while things are heating up. Once components reach their max temperature, it's all relative. From my own experience anyways.
This may be a stupid question but, I have an EK DDC 3.2. It has a PWM header and a 4-Pin MOLEX plug. I noticed it never really changes speed much more than ~+/- 30 RPM's. Which I view is just "tolerance" or what have you. Should I be using just one of these plugs?
You can go with an AIO, or, get something like say the Noctua NH-L9i or Noctua D9L for better cooling capacity, and just do something as simple as changing the fan. Their heatsinks are still some of the best designed around if you ask me, and changing the fan out for an all black or different one to match your colors better wouldn't be hard. Also, if you're not doing a window mod on the case, why does the cooler choice matter? You won't see it much, if at all. (Coming from...
Glad to hear more great things!The block is easy to install, just as Boltlock said take your time and make sure you read directions. Also, the four thumb screws for the CPU socket portion: don't over tensions those. Just finger tight.I agree! I cut mine also, but kind of did and eh job and could have made it neater. I'm considering drilling out the heat pipe and repainting the cover/doing touch-up work.
As it is right now, the bottom 360 will be intake and push air through the PE 360, and the top fans are exhaust pushing air through the second PE 360. I may set some 80mm intake fans in the rear chamber to help cool the HDD and pump/reservoir, as well as add some slightly positive air pressure overall to the case. Negative air pressure in this case will make it super dusty.I don't think it's available in the USA yet, either!
I was one of the first in the US to get the block, as well. It performs greatly. You'll love it. Let me know how you like the 960 Pro, I'd like to get one for myself.
Sure thing! When I had this set up on the test bench, the CPU never exceeded 70C and the PCH stayed at or under 55C. That was OC'd from 3.0 to 4.0 at 1.25V. The GPU'S didn't exceed 45C under full load. This was on a 480x60mm rad, with only one set of fans also. It should have been push/pull. And they were running at like 500 RPM. Temps could have been better.I'm a "water-cooling enthusiast," but honestly if all you plan to do is a CPU, just get a regular AIO. If you do...
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