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How much space is available above the motherboard for radiators and fans? I'd like to do a 60mm thick radiator, so, 85mm thickness above the board. And the same below. I won't have vertical mounted GPU's, so, I'll have plenty of space even if I partially cover the board. Debating on hardline chrome or hardline glass tubing.Man I really do love that case. I wish it was available, or at least relatively close to production now. There aren't too many cases that can fit a...
I had the NCase previously as well, and I too couldn't really achieve temperatures I wanted with it water cooled. I decided to switch back to bigger form factors after that, but, the Phanteks Evolv ATX was still a little too small for my build. Glad to hear it holds up well. Does it have any HDD activity or power LED's? If so, what color are they?
Looks awesome! I'm considering the PC-O11, which is a very large E-ATX version of the Q37 you have. How do you like the case?
You can likely use a thicker radiator with a regular ATX board, as long as your GPU doesn't interfere.
Maybe I'll just get the O11 and change cases when the V3000 releases.If I could fit a 360x60mm on the bottom, and a 360x40 on top, I'd likely be happy with that. It doesn't matter too too much as far as what parts to buy, because I already have my system assembled and running. I just need a proper case instead of a test bench. Either way I'm buying at least one radiator. I'm also waiting for Deepcool's new RGB fans, too. So I've got some time to wait and decide.
I still wish it was available in silver. If they made it in silver, I'd have bought one.
I'm really having a hard time deciding between the PC-O11 and the newer prototype of the V3000. I'm leaning towards the V3000, specifically for that 480mm rad compatibility.
If you're looking at the motherboard's rear I/O, it the top right USB 3.0 (maybe 3.1)I tried my USB DAC, my WebCam, and my Xbox One controller. They receive power but don't connect or get detected at all by windows.
If I used a "bad USB cable" that had a short in it, could it burn out the socket? I thought the boards had some sort of protection against that. Or is the protection sacrificing that slot? Lol
What could cause a USB slot to suddenly stop working entirely? I've got the ASUS R5E10, and suddenly one of the rear USB plugs no longer works. I've tried restarting, and re-installing drivers. It sends power, but nothing is connecting to Windows through it.
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