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Well, so today I booted up and it seems to be working again. The only thing I did was unplug the 24 pin power connector to get the S/N to start a support ticket with Gigabyte. Then plugged it back in. I booted into MemTest and it completed a full pass. 45mins, no errors. And that was at 4.5Ghz, 22XX RAM. I exited MemTest and booted Windows 10 just fine. I just sat on the desktop for a few mins as it's still a fresh install. No drivers or programs installed yet. I can only...
No change
I didn't clear the CMOS, but I reflashed the BIOS. In my understanding, that's more effective than just clearing the CMOS. I guess I will start an RMA on the mobo then.
Ok so I think the problem now is I just get random restarts all the time. It only runs 1-5 mins at a time. Doesn't matter if I boot windows or stay in the BIOS or am in MEMTest. The screen goes black and then it reboots. I bought a brand new Corsair CX550M. Same problem. I removed the graphics card completely. Reflashed the BIOS. Reinstalled windows. Disconnected all the hard drives and the CD drive and all cables except the power, HDMI, and USB for keyboard and mouse. I...
I will try this. At this point I figure it has to either be RAM or PSU. First I want to run memtest to make sure the RAM is good
Well, it boots fine with 99Mhz BCLK. But no joy with 90Mhz. I tried 90 with auto RAM clock (underclocked), and with the RAM at 2399Mhz, and neither would boot. Then I tried my old OC profile at 4.5Ghz and 23XXMhz RAM, but bumped it up to 1.45V VCore, because why not, and still nothing. It did boot with 100Mhz BLCK and 2933Mhz RAM, but crashed over and over. I tried with RAM voltage up to 1.4, but it looks like I've corrupted my windows install in the process.
Great point. I also suspected the Windows update, that's why I unistalled the last update. Then installed the latest updates. Made no difference. I will try underclocking.I will also try manually setting the timings, but that wouldn't explain why it worked fine for a month then suddenly just stopped booting. It also wouldn't explain why, if i leave the BCLK at 100, I can overclock just the ram, and still boot fine.How do I know what to set the secondary and other timings?
Lifetime wrranty. Contact Samsung and see what they can do. They dont make it anymore so idk if they would be able to replace it.
well, ill swap the psu and see. prob not today though
UPDATE: It randomly restarted while browsing the market place. I had a few tabs open, HWMonitor, and CPU-Z. No blue screen. My monitors just went black, then It rebooted like normal. This is with the same 100Mhz bclk and 2666 ram as before. Maybe I should have mentioned this before, but it didn't seem relevant. I did recently change out the PSU. The 750w Rosewill HIVE that's in this machine now was in my main rig (the dusty mess of wires in my sig). And this machine had...
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