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Yes, there are many specific scenarios where it makes a difference.
Haha. I was running geekbench 4. The article shows geekbench 3 scores. I got 3431 and 26599 in geekbench 3.
I have 2 4GB sticks you might convince me to part with...
Very strange. It boots and runs fine still. But it will not overclock anymore. Not one bit. Any ideas? I think I may have broke something on the motherboard. It's an Z series mobo though. idk. I hate Gigabyte.
Not really though. "kills" is a strong word. If you look at actual benchmarks. There's little real world difference. That's why most off the shelf laptops ship with only 1 stick of RAM. That's why I wouldn't expect such a huge drop in the geekbench score. Although, it may, and apparently does, make more of an impact with ryzen cpus...
Oh boy. I'm getting under 3800 single thread and in the 17000 multithread score. Running single channel RAM. Is that why my score is so low? Its a 1700x
I didn't know they had speakers in that price range. I bet they blow away any other $150 speakers on the market though! I had 2 sets of the Kevlar 6 1/2", 2 ways. Like $550 a pair. And the 13" Kevlar sub I bought 2nd hand for like $800 I think. Those days are behind me now. I have responsibilities and bills now. My actually had a set of uttopia Be's. I honestly don't think they sounded that much better than mine. At least not enough to justify the $1000 price tag. Plus he...
Nice. It does look like Focals are now widely available in the US. Check them out if you ever have like $5000 you want to blow on speakers.
I don't though. There are a lot of speakers with cones like that. I've owned and seen plenty of their car speakers, but the home speakers are a good deal more expensive, nor have I seen anyone in the US that carries them. It's been years though. I can just see the top of a name plate and it doesn't look like Focal
On the right. Is that a Focal?
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