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This could be good news. Well, I mean it is good news. But maybe instead of nVidia prices going up, maybe AMD will come back down. Now that they no longer have that edge.
Any lower vCore and I get fatal errors in P95, and then crash if I don't stop the test in time. I bumped up the voltage 1 notch at a time till it could pass P95, IBT, and AIDA64. I'm pretty sure that's as low as I can go. As I said, I didn't get a very good chip. It needs over 1.2v for stock. 4.5Ghz is where It hits a wall, and I really needed a lot of vCore for that extra 200Mhz. My 3570k, on the other hand, I would say is above average, but I plan to sell it, not delid it.
Yes, and I had almost given up on ever having decent temps
looks fine except it might be a little too much TIM
I didn't take any pictures. I don't really need to join the club, but I did accomplish a successful delid 2 days ago. My CLP arrived today and I used it on the die and underside of the IHS. All I can really say is "WOW". I don't have the best chip. Before the delid, I got max temps of 93ºC running prime. That's at stock speed, with an H100 in push/pull. I was able to get 4.5Ghz, pretty stable, but I wasn't able to test for stability 100% due to heat and throttling. After...
It seems to me whenever there is such a drastic difference in temps on each core (10º or more), the only real fix is to delid. Your temps seem average for a Haswell i7. I have the same problems with my 3770k. I will be delidding mine monday when my CLP gets here
Try modding the BIOS for better performance too.
Well, it sucks, cuz it takes a lot of time, but you should really test the cards individually if you haven't already. Start with the new card since you know the old one was working properly. Remove the old card and bench the new card alone. If it benches ok, switch them out and do it again with the old card. You really should do this anyway, because you want whichever card that performs better on top.
Yes, but keep in mind, my speakers are 280 watts total power, 100 for the sub and ~35 for each of the other speakers. The ones you listed are 75 watts total power. That's gonna make a big difference. The right speakers and enclosures could be just as loud and clear with 75 watts, but in this case, I wouldn't bank on that. I don't think you will really get that "who's behind me" feeling from 75 watt logitechs, but I could be wrong.I don't know too much about sound cards,...
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