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Push all of what?If you want to push 5x1080P at 144Hz you're going to need a ton more GPU power than a single 980 Ti.
You're doing God's work, son. Give people the ability to opt out and they'll be happy. As long as MS keeps forcing crap down people's throats, they won't be happy.
If somebody doesn't have the $75 for a new head unit they can listen to the radio for free. If you're that broke not being able to listen to your favorite music on demand in your car is the least of your worries.
That's a lot to ask for. I wouldn't expect anything like that any time soon.
I got lucky on mine. There's one spot of backlight bleed in the bottom right corner but I have to really look for it to spot it while gaming. From what I understand, backlight bleed is like the silicon lottery where some win and some lose.In comparison, the IPS glow on my last monitors was much more noticeable.
I agree. Screen tearing makes me irrationally angry so I've always used V Sync and dealt with the associated issues. Now I have the best of both worlds.
Call it hype all you want, G Sync makes a big improvement for me. World Of Tanks used to dip below 60 Hz before at 1080P on my old monitor and it was noticeable. At 1440P I don't have noticeable dips anymore because G Sync hides them and I'm running 80-100FPS most of the time. The occasional 45FPS moment is hidden well by G Sync.I'm playing at both a higher resolution, higher refresh rate, and it's smoother. I've seen it with my own eyes.
Mine showed up today. Pixel perfect, no pixel inversion problems, and 1440P 144 Hz is simply gorgeous compared to the 1080P 60 Hz I've been using for years. Colors aren't quite as saturated as the IPS monitors I had before, but the gaming experience is far better. G Sync is so fluid. It's amazing.
With the seemingly high defect rate of these monitors, I would caution you from ordering from Tiger Direct given their terrible history. From everything I've seen, Tiger Direct has terrible support and will likely ignore you or tell you to go pound sand if you need help.
Amazon has had it as low as $575 lately. The price keeps fluctuating but if you check regularly you might get lucky.
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