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Thoughts on FSX for somebody with an interest in planes but no flying or simulator experience?
I always thought the controls were rough in AC games on PC because they're designed for consoles. I've played AC on consoles, and the controls are equally bad on them. AC games just handle weird IMO.Take that for what it's worth.
I've been looking for a decent wireless headset for late night couch gaming for awhile now, thanks for the find.
We can all dream. I looked at doing a ~$500 Fanatec setup but decided to save the money. The $300 I saved will go towards other hobbies.
It's been that price for about a week now. Add in the brake pedal spring mod for $30 and you've got a decent entry level sim racing wheel. The G27 is the best wheel/pedal/stick combo available at its price point, with the next step up being a ~$350 setup from Fanatec. item I see is $0.08.
How many hours of entertainment is vanilla Skyrim worth versus the Legendary Edition? Is it worth the extra $20?
I've used Afterburner for recording videos with good results. I haven't messed around with the quality settings much, but a couple minute clip was only a couple hundred MBs if I remember right. It could always be compressed more with handbrake.
I wouldn't say that. My 7970 was $450 when I bought it a couple months after launch, and it still maxes most everything, including some games in 5760x1080. I don't know where you live, but 1 months mortgage is SLI 780 Ti for a lot of people, and is massively overkill and a waste of money for most people.
There is a loss in power when converting voltage using a transformer. With an ideal transformer, power would be constant. Since real life transformers aren't ideal, there is a loss in power.
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