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How is the response time for gaming? I'm not a competitive FPS player and the size, res, and black levels appeal to me. My current IPS monitors ghost pretty bad and that's the one thing I don't like about them.
That's plenty playable.A 980 should be plenty then. Thanks.
Is the best place to get these from Green-Sum's eBay page? A 980 should have no problem pushing 1440P at ~100 Hz for most games, right?
I'm debating the same thing.The extra $500 can go a long ways towards upgrading other parts of my PC.
The SSD is already in my rig. For some reason Crucial resent me my order confirmation and shipping information twice spaced a couple days apart.
UPS/USPS service. It was the free shipping option where UPS delivers to USPS and USPS delivered to my house.The emails were duplicates of emails I already received. I'm assuming it was a glitch.
I got emailed also. Link takes me to tracking info for the SSD already delivered. My guess is computer glitch.
Is G-Sync worth the 50% premium over current 34" ultrawides? I've yet to use a G-Sync monitor and don't know if I should wait for this monitor or buy a current 34" ultrawide.
There were a lot of adults in my classes that had come back to school for EE/CE as a career change.I found out early on that I like power more than code and microprocessors so I went into a power focus and work as an EE in the utility industry. The work is enjoyable, you can make a decent living, and there's good job security.I highly recommend EE (or any of its many flavors) to somebody interested and willing to go through school. It's not easy, but it's rewarding.
EE is fun. Lots of math and physics but the material is exciting.I'm an EE and love what I do.
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