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Your "download" from Amazon is just the Steam key. Purchase from Amazon, copy the key, go to "Activate a Product on Steam" in Steam, and then click through the install and it'll download and install. You can just go to Amazon and purchase the games and activate them later, or activate them now and pause the download.
Most Amazon game downloads are for Steam keys. Once you purchase them it takes you to a page that has a list of your Steam keys and the game they're associated with.
Description says 1440P, overview says 1080P. Is it safe to assume these aren't overclockable?
I wouldn't say that. Most new gaming laptops support Optimus or offer switchable graphics on command. I can switch between Optimus, dGPU, and iGPU on my Alienware. I get 3.5 hours of browsing with iGPU, enabling the dGPU cuts that to about 1.5 hours. 3.5 hours of battery life is plenty to make it through a day at college taking notes, while 1.5 hours is hardly more than a single class. The new Clevo/Sagers, Alienwares, and MSIs support Optimus across most of the product...
Thank you. Having 50% or more of the posts in every W8 thread being about the Metro UI was getting annoying.I have yet to use the app store. Some programs like Skype will try to redirect you to the app store when you click the "download" link on their website, but you can easily ignore that and just download a traditional installer file and run it W7 style in your desktop. By changing the default "open with" option for file types, you can ignore W8 apps completely.W8...
I'm in. I've never played a game like this before but have always been curious about them.
In please. My not so brief story about getting into building PCs follows. I decided to go into Electrical Engineering for college, and bought a brand new 2010 13" MacBook Pro my senior year of high school in anticipation of college. I loved OSX (still do), but quickly I realized that OSX was the wrong choice for my major. I decided that I'd use my MBP for day to day tasks, and then get a PC for doing my engineering homework since most of the programs were PC only. I...
Sounds good to me. Saints Row 3 was a ton of fun, and I expect this one to be the same.
Play 300 matches and get 100 wins by February 1 and you get a million silver. 10/20/30 kills in a day gets you 50K/100K/150K silver respectively until February 1, stacked, that's 300K for 30 kills in a day. I was able to make 400K+ silver yesterday in a couple of hours.
Is this the cheapest it's been?
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