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Try performing the test after a fresh reboot. My 1070 stutters and shows really low frame rates if my computer has been brought back from sleep or been on for a while (days). Still have no idea why - super irritating.
The noise at load the 290x kicks out is ridiculous, and the performance is nearly identical to the 780 - I don't think Nvidia needs to move on their prices at all, though hopefully they will with the Ti.
I went from 670's in SLI to a single 780 and couldn't be happier! Less noise, around the same performance at 2560x1600, and more games work flawlessly with it.
I went from two 670's to a 780 - performance is about the same, but I've only got one card to deal with and more games run fine with it. One data point. Very happy with it!
Since upgrading my ACX to the Gigabyte 780 Windforce BIOS I am a big fan of the ACX cooler. With the ACX BIOS the fans wouldn't idle lower than 39% (which was very noticeable), but with the Gigabyte BIOS the fans can be lowered to 17% and it still idles at 32C while being totally silent. And at load they are still pretty quiet, so love it!
Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration - 3.18% faster? Probably not worth the $350 premium. :-)
When I backed up my ACX BIOS before changing to the Windforce 780 BIOS, it was 193KB. I used GPU Z 0.6.6 i think...
Finally checked the ASIC on my EVGA 780 w/ ACX cooler - 74.5% - not bad! Now to upgrade the BIOS to the Gigabyte WindForce one so that I can set my idle fan speed to 20% instead of the stupid 39% that EVGA wants and I should be golden!
I have it on my EVGA ACX 780, though it isn't very noticeable in my P183 case and usually only there when benchmarking. I think adaptive v-sync helps with it, though not positive. More noticeable is the inability to slow down the fan less than 39% at idle, but reference cards don't have that problem. Just the stupid ACX cooler...
Yo rdlambe1 - can you tell me if you can set the idle speed of the fans down lower than 39% (say 20%)? I'm a bit irritated by my EVGA 780 w/ ACX cooler since the fans won't idle lower than 39% and at idle it is louder than my SLI'ed Windforce 670's were...thanks!dan
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