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95% would be arround 15200MB
I thought this would never come!
Theres an ancient Palm Pilot in a drawer somewhere in my house that has this. Nothing new; surprised Google just incorporated it now. I figured they already had it.
Yes, the entire video is full of them. He is on top of ceilings and inside walls most of the time.
I thought my 2 hour play through was fast
Also their website lists it as 400 pounds
An unlocked Galaxy S3 is $625 a 2 yr data plan, I'm sure the price would be lower.
Does this mean just turn off afterburner on screen display (recording, ss, fps, etc) or turn off the overclocking utility as well?
Bought Saints Row the Third and Just Cause 2 30 seconds before the sale ended. Thankfully the Paypal page didn't take 5 min to load like it has done to me in the past.
You're not most people. You're from OCN
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