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Bought Saints Row the Third and Just Cause 2 30 seconds before the sale ended. Thankfully the Paypal page didn't take 5 min to load like it has done to me in the past.
You're not most people. You're from OCN
Most people I know buy Macs because theyre Macs. They don't care how functional the computer is, its just a status symbol.
I have an Athlon II x4 and a 460 (2GB though) and get 30-40 FPS with iCEnhancer.
I definatly will stick with 2007. Don't like the look of this or '10
ENB is just a mod that makes graphics go all fancy. Not sure why the cars have that in their title, since all cars will work with it
According to their website it works on which is the newest. Its only 17 MB because it isn't new textures, its just like ENB.
They sped the video up so you cant tell its lagging like balls on their i7 680 SLI test rig Sadly this isnt on and requieres xliveless, or I'd get it. Are you sure none of the other loaders will work? I've gotten arround something requiring xliveless by installing Scripthook instead :S
It wasn't nesicaraly made to slow you down, it was just made to move commonly used keys away from each other so you don't jam it.
I had to laugh at the first sentence in the video description
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