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Yes, that's how it looks. I have already inserted the new bios... Faster boot now. I have to check the boot time. I would like to see if this bios solves the usb 3.0 speeds on Windows 8, but i guess not. It just the drivers. I made the usb 3.0 hack.
well i guess i have already on EFI Mode. My c:\ is GPT so i guess it's UEFI Mode...
Is it possible to change Windows 8 Bios to UEFI instalation?
What's the difference between the EFI (fast boot) and normal? Only on fast shutdown or also on full shutdown? Is the difference on POST?
What's the brightness level do you have?
where can i get it?
Well i'd just pull the trigger and go to Samsung. Just because of PWM issue. I dont know if i am sensitive to it. But i am really sensitive to flickering in lighting, and tend to have pain eyes-head when watching too much time in a very bright monitor.
So, do you think Asus is better then Samsung in terms of contrast/ sharpness or the difference is negligible? And as a overall monitor do you prefer Asus or you would consider both at the same level?
And between Asus and Samsung S27A850D?
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