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The forum software need some sort of Per Thread Ban, instead of forum wide ban, this way we can keep Salty people away. Similar to reddit per sub-reddit bans.
Hey guys, I'm having an annoying problem with the 3rd monitor not coming back from Sleep mode. The only way to get the last monitor to go back on, is to turn off the computer and then turn it back on. It has been happening since I upgraded to driver 384.94. Tried the newest version 385.41, same problem. It was fine before the new drivers but forgot which version number I was in. Or perhaps is there another work around, other than keeping the monitors "On At All...
@PPCs-Matt and everyone at PPC hope you guys are safe and stay dry with Irma closing in on you guys. Hope everything goes OK as last tornado that hit Florida. BTW thanks for the super fast shipping. I ordered a bunch of fittings on Monday night and got them Yesterday (Wednesday). it was packaged and sent on Tuesday.
Nice very shiny red
That's exactly what I had in mind, just in fewer wordsThe hot side will go with the 280+240 rad,the cold side doesn't need rad as it's just circulating the fluid within the loop.
my bad should have use it's actual nameI meant a Peltier, that's why I mentioned the need for space for the spare PSU to power the PeltierSo a 280+240 rad + the Peltier somewhere in that loop, then he'll have proper cooling.
If you are not planning to OC then a 280+240 will be a decent setup for a GTX 1080 TI + CPUHowever... if you do plan to OC that setup, the 280+240 will not offer enough cooling for both of these hot cakes.You'll need at least a couple of 360 Rads to offer enough cooling for that setup if you plan to OC.The alternative is to use a Chiller in your loop, but then you'l need to figure out space to add another PSU just for the ChillerOr use an external chiller and not have to...
Hi Guys, Just passing by to say Hi to all fellow Citizens, ...never realized we had an official SC club here, with all the negativity we usually get on other news thread regarding SC elsewhere in the forum. I've been mostly inactive for the past couple of years, real life is taking its toll...
yeah, it doesn't do partial match properly on that search enginefor example I try to look up for some EK stuff, and if I don't type the exact product code it won't show up.
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