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Cool! LOL if they Nintendo do it themselves then it's legal, that's probably their claim.
I'm a bit concerned if this will make the Jet Plate rust I got a couple of EVO blocks, I opened both packages and it was the same problem Only Jet Plate #3 has this cut defect on the metal plate. The Thicker version Jet Plate #1 and #2 have clean cuts.
Your built is Looking Great! and Welcome Back!I'm too finally got some free time to resume my build, since the holidays I've been very busy every weekend, and definitely no mood to build anything after coming back tired from work during weekdays.I'm hoping to at least get the new build functional, then I can slowly do the rest of the touch up and cable sleeving later, and wait for the remaining missing items to arrive.
Swapping the top frame from the main S8 unit to the Pedestal, added the 2nd PSU, Sandwiched the main S8 unit in between 2 Pedestals
This has probably been asked before, I'm trying to figure out the correct side the soft layer should be facing (left or right).
Install an AD Blocker, problem solved.
yup, plenty of large corporation still runs on XP.Mostly financial institutions, governments offices, warehouse places, and mainly shops that has dedicated software / hardware that don't work on the newer OS.
LMAO @ M$ oldest trick in the book scare tactics to make people switch to 10
beautiful, but the hanging monitors looks a little big scary, as in it might fall over at any minute i know they are secured, but it's just the feel for it. I've seen monitors arms in even stranger ways that leaves you pondering 0_o
LOL don't worry we know that's the normal. my desk is always full of random stuff, the only time it's ever tidy, is when I clean it up for the pictures. but once the pictures are done, it won't last more than a day, before it's full of stuff again.
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