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someone mentioned already a few reply above.
beautiful and cleanred & blue
So the whole test took 6 months (Dec 2016 all the way to June 2017)? 6 months writing and erasing non-stop to kill a SSD hey at least you can still claim the warranty, since it's 5 years warranty
LOL I'll probably dig out my old controllers with the Auto-Fire buttons, i ponder if those are compatible with the new micro SNES
Thanks!Just ruling things out..I'm still trying to figure out what's causing this abnormal behaviour in here still think it's just a software glitch.otherwise it doesn't make sense
Is there any problem if I use X1 with PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT soft tubes?
hands up originally I was planning to order 3x ROG Swift PG348Qbut then I realized those were not true 4K, so I held back and now i'm waiting for the ROG Swift PG27UQ insteada true 4K curved would have been ideal.I always wanted a set of those curved monitors..
That's how I have mine quite goodand the Aquasuite already have a pre-set template for the High Flow USB
no kidding, I was looking forward to pick up the NES classic, but it got discontinued before it even reached Canada.Hopefully this will be mass produced enough to get some over here, before it goes out of sale again.
source device will Include 21 games, including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2Here's the full list of games pre-loaded onto the Super NES Classic:Contra III: The Alien Wars.Donkey Kong Country.EarthBound.Final Fantasy III.F-Zero.Kirby Super Star.Kirby's Dream Course.The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.Mega Man X.Secret of Mana.Star Fox.Star Fox 2.Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper...
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