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^|all of the above
That's M$ way to force people to use Win10, even when older Win7/8.1 versions works just fine.
like this ?
PPC is currently having an Easter Sale
Have you see any new innovation from M$ recently, original from M$ not copied?Bill Gates abandoned ship at the height of M$ glory, since then they have been going downhillStock market doesn't mean crap, that's just numbers game, every time business do bad, they lay off thousands of people to make up the number, common practice for most business that cares about number and not about its employees like the recent suicide case at IBM.On the other hand look at Amazon and...
you'll need a Corporate version of Win10then you need to set group policy to get updates from local WSUS serverset such WSUS to NEVER download upgrade."Enjoy" Note: that is the Legit way of doing it.There are alternative Black Market way to do it, which I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to link download and install from this website
That Micro-Therm seems like a great tool for more precision to sleeve the thinner cables.
+1staying with Win7 until new hardware no longer supports it.
I don't know about you guys, but plenty of games I play runs fine on SLI (except a couple at most, which I needed to create a profile to disable SLI), almost all the games I play works fine on SLI, but at the same time all the games I play actually supports multi screens, they are mostly Sims-Racing-Flying-Space-etc.but other good games like Fallout series and Witcher series, or those one off like War Thunder, MechWarrior Online and StarCraft, even games like Star Trek...
if you immerse the TEC in water then it'll be neutralizedbecause both sides will be touching the same body of water, meaning the hot side will warm up the cold side.LOL in the extreme scenario you'll just be making steam nah, for it to work, you'll need to keep the cool side on its own, and the hot side on its owneach with its own separate body of water.
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