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I doubt it, those AIO or similar close loop systems are not very flexible, those tubes are rather stiff to put one in between 2 cards.You'll be better off using a professional waterblocks like ekwb system than these easy out of the box types.
Since Quad-SLI is no longer officially supportedAre you trying to do an Octo-SLI build instead ?
Good question.Because I was thinking of using a CPU type closed loop water block on it, but now that you mentioned it, we might need GPU specific blocks
considering today is the 1st official sales day... every where is in short supply and out of stock in the other post the guy went to the store to buy 1, but it was already sold out in the first 2 minute they opened the door.
OMG this is awesome! Looking forward to do that with mine as well
I'm still waiting for mine to arrive, sometimes next week. MSI GTX 1080 FE stock on air.
That was pretty what sold me into the HTC Vive, the included hand controllers, along with the steam integrated support, and all the available Apps / Games that are already available in the Steam store made it an easy choice.
not from newegg, but yes from other places, specially if you have direct access to manufacturer distribuition warehouses there are already 50 ish coming to my local distro center, but they are all taken (reserved), mine is part of the 1st shipment just a few more days!
Yup, $950 + tax is the average price here, I just picked up a MSI GTX 1080 FE for a little less than $950 but is all sort out already. it'll arrive in a few days i'm really hyped .... ASUS and Gigabyte version of the GTX 1080 FE are more average $999
I'll keep it simple. Yes, GTX 1080 is well worth the upgrade specially when GTX 980ti is still hot now, you still have time to sell the GTX 980ti, before it devaluates even more Do like cellphone people do upgrade every year, and sell last years model and use that money+pay difference for the upgrade
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