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Speaking of which... Is it possible to install a Pedestal on the Top of the Mercury S8 ?
a 3rd Pedestal will look much better IMO.You can always do 2 Pedestal on Topand 2 Pedestal at the Bottomwith the Main case in the middle To me that will look nice and balanced.
according to this we have a pretty good idea who or why
This is fine, it doesn't have the 120mm Top in there.Pedestals are normal, even Pedestals on the Top are normal35mm Top are normal, but 120mm Top... well that is just a Tall hat I can see why it got discontinued
The funny yet not so funny thing was that even "is it down" website itself was also out of commission for a little while I only found out through facebook, which luckily was not affected by this USA wide outage
to me me Hex = honeycombs = sweet = food = yummy
Well M$ might be dreaming high up in the clouds, but it'll soon turn into a nightmare when the wake up and fall from the sky. The cloud thing will come to pass soon every one has been trying to market "the cloud" of things, yet serious not that many Large Businesses uses it, most businesses people are sceptical (translation Spies) and/or anti-cloud, because they don't trust their files and data outside of their own offices. For the general Joes and Janes, 99% of them...
Yup, I got a few stacks of those Seagate 2TB 2.5" 7m running nicely in my ICYDOCKs at the time when I picked up those 2TB they were going for a $100 each.That's why the $85 claim is really hard to believe I recently picked up a bunch of Seagate 8TB 3.5" and these things runs HOT compared to previous 3TB / 4TBso if the 2.5" drives are going to be anything similar to the 3.5" cramming a lot 1TB plates into the same form factor, it might raise the temperatures quite a bit,...
I'm pretty sure $85 is what it cost for Seagate to produce each unit.because on the streets, they are being sold for $280
Thanks to both of you.and it was good that you mentioned that "heat cloud" that forms a top or near the area of our rigs.I normally keep a regular house fan running to spread the heat around the I know what to use to get a good idea of the actual ambient temp.
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