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meh... Overwatch was more like a desperate move from Activ-Blizzard to stay "relevant" with the current trend of Moba eSports.Team Fortress 2 and CS GO is from Steam(Valve), not really Blizzard, unless you meant TitanFall2, but even so, that's from EA, not Blizzard.I hate D3, the worse release ever from Bliz, since D3 I pretty much I stopped following, as they also screwed up the SC2 (starcraft 2)Yes, D2 is by far my favourite.
Probably the same reason why most M$ end users hangs on to M$ Office.because of the file format.Word Perfect existed long, as in at least 5+ years longer before M$ Word was even born.Word Perfect started in DOS.Back then there was nothing else but Word Perfect.Every business back in the 80s and early 90s used World PerfectWord Perfect continued to exist until Win9x era, then it kind of died out after M$ Office was offered "free" as a bonus to people buying Windows / or...
Looks more like Blizzard is finally running out of steam, and new ideas so now they go back to their roots, to restart the fire. I used to be a big fan of Blizzard before, but not since they have gone south with all the new cheap Developments, and bad selling tactics to chop 1 game into 3 or more pieces as expansions, when clearly it was already there to begin with, only to be removed artificially to be re-sold as expansions. Bad bad business practice that is... I...
Yeah, I know, but I intentionally made it longer to avoid the sleeve from coming off when yanked meltedyup, that one I noticed too late, I had the heat gun too close to the sleeve / heat shrink, since then I kept it further away.
This news is kind of old news. I'm sure most in the industry knew this already. but it's great that they finally admitted to it. Now if they can only admit the same thing regarding DirectX and why M$ hate Vulkan so much. Then the world would be at peace.
uhh!... interesting point you guys brought up.The more robot replaces human's jobs, the less revenue (tax) the government gets from people.Unless they pass a law to make Robot jobs taxable, I don't think the Gov would be so willing to have companies replace humans with robots.After all the robot is replacing the human, so it should also replace the income generated by the replaced human.
what if they create a repairman-bot, that maintains the restaurants automation bots?
Goodenough and Ucal should combine forces and release these plans and patents as Open Source Hardware project, for people to build themselves at home. That will solve patent issues, and it wont matter who invented it first, and everyone gets to make it and use it on their own, without having to wait forever for this Tech to become mass produced.
if McDonald replaces its whole work force with this robot, there will be a lot of unemployed College and Teenage on the streets.
LOL it's true,not that many people actually knows why it's call GOGpeople now in days just takes GOG as a brand, synonymous to Steam.only old timers like us knows where it came from.
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