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I like the singularity mount, it's exactly what I was looking for,but it's not compatible with the Monsoon Res.I like the Monsoon res because of its modular customization options which is great along with its colours options.The EK and Bitspower res while nice, it's too plain for me Functionality wise, I prefer the EK res with all its input / output ports.The problem with the Monsoon res mounts is that they do not conform to regular fan mm dimensions,it makes them a...
Forgot to ask...Is it part of the MMRS line, or it's listed as something else?
Very nice Now this is making me think maybe I should go back to use the EK white res and then use a singularity, instead of the Monsoon res
While it looks good... i've no idea how you plan to mount the motherboard like that
yay! i was looking forwad to the new rad mounting kits
Like it! simple and clean... not easy to work with such small confines
interesting only 1 singularity is enough to hold the weight of two res, even when it's filled with liquid?I was planning to pick up a couple of those, for a more secure hold, 1 at the top, 1 at the bottom
Wow! now that is some quality fan grills, those are gorgeous now that! i can not do myself... LOL
Now I seeTo me the S3 looks quite similar to the S5, just thinner
yup, with the red dye liquid, it will look just right, at the moment it looks tooooo white
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