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Not quite what I was thinking, but Thanks I was thinking more like something along the lines of the inline Flow Meter and inline Temp Sensors, so that we can monitor it comfortably from the Softwareand if it goes over a certain range, then it sends out an alert
Does it exist? a sensor to monitor the pH balance in the water?
that's pretty much what i do recall reading from a few pages backso, Copper + Nickel is okay, as long as you Do Not Mix Aluminum into it,because I have noticed most EK products are made of Copper base, except for the surface Nickel coating for the CPU / GPU blocks
So do we know what actually causes the Nickle plating to disintegrate from some of those blocks? is it due the silver? due the copper? due the antifreeze? some other substances we should not mix with?
if you guys take notice all the water blocks coming out from TT looks extremely similar to the ones made by EK if you don't pay attention, you'd easily mistake them for EK water blocks They are copying sooooo many things from other manufactures, I do have to admit I like TT improvement of the RGB fans more than the original fans made by Corsair.
There is no technical reason why you "can not" you can actually use it.but from their design point of view, the top inlet was "dedicated" for re-fillsbut you can always use any of the other ports for the same purpose to re-fill your res, so it's really up to you.The other reason is the "air bubbles" when you let water drop from the top hitting the water at the mid / bottom, it causes bubbles, just like when you pee in the toilet so people say bubbles are not good for you...
find material that are good at absorbing vibrations, basically things that are soft and malleable the rubber grommet might be too hard, and that could still transmit the vibration.soft cork might work, I've seen people using those packaging foams the soft and thick type, it can take a lot of squish from the fingers and still resets back to their default usually comes with TVs or fragile electronic equipment.I'm sure you can find a lot of those at a BestBuy's...
I know I know... I've read a lot about this from people that have been running water loops for a long time.It's my first custom water loop, so I'm still curious it's all part of the learning process, to try out everything.
darn it!... yes I do aim for a quiet rig, that's why I got water instead of air.I hope it's not too loud, if it's louder than the fans, then it should be fine.I consider quiet anything quieter than 1800 rpm fans.So if the ticking sound is not too louder than a 1800 rpm fan then it should be "ok" to meI'll also have the flow sensors hidden inside the S8 pedestal among the 12 fans running push/pull in there... that should probably dampen whatever ticking sound it produces.
Yes, it's designed as a dual loop, but I'm making a manual valve option to interchange it between Dual to Single, depending how I flip the valve So, 2 flow meter to monitor the separate reservoirs output, when it's working separately, and when working as a single loop, it'll become 1 in, and 1 out (mainly to measure the temp difference before and after going through the Radiators)
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