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Voodoo and human sacrifices might touch on dark, but they're far away from the gothic bit that so many D2 fans love to mention (not necessarily you specifically, it's just a term oft used by people in reference to D2 vs D3). I'm not saying D2 wasn't dark, just that it's not nearly as dark as many players love to claim, and it's hardly gothic at all.D3 has a ton of problems, from things like atmosphere and pacing, to critical core issues like absurd damage multipliers and...
Did nobody here actually play D2? Which part was dark exactly? The rain-spattered meadows? The neon frogs? The brightly lit desert populated by furries and scalies? D2 was already way deeper into high fantasy than gothic dungeon crawler, and if you cherry pick screenshots between the two, D3 is darker than D2.The atmosphere in D3 was not, which I think a lot of people have mistaken for art design. Constantly yammering bosses, overblown orchestral soundtrack, forced humor,...
Someone give Canon a couple billion dollars and get SED rolling again. Easily one of the most promising display technologies we've seen in the last decade or so.
Exclusive to PS2 honestly, but it was a one-off. The series didn't completely hop onto the console train until the second Modern Warfare.
Instead of spending time tweaking current levels to work as a D1 style map, maybe add new maps to the current game that aren't a 1-month per year special dungeon? Or maybe finally add 3D artwork for the 70% of Monk Spirit Stones that don't have any? How about reworking some of the current items to be more viable instead of designing throwaways for this limited time event? Perhaps the visual department could tone down certain skills for clarity during intense fights instead...
It's a waste because that development time could have been much better spent. It won't be good for nostalgic fans of the original because of the changes, the gameplay looks gimpy compared to what D3 offers currently, and the limited timeframe offerred by the event makes it a curiosity rather than an improvement to the game. Development time was spent on this aberration that could have been usefully allotted on literally anything else.
Your first CoD game was Modern Warfare 2 I take it?
Don't get too excited, sounds like it's a limited time event, up for only 1 month per year. On top of that it uses the new character classes and skills, and recycles current art assets that are "closest" to what was in D1. Even for free it seems like a waste.
You don't think Volta, Nvidia's next generation of GPU, will be faster than their current generation?
First time buying a GPU or something? This happens all the time. I paid $320 for an X1900XT two months before G80 released, I felt a little miffed, but its not the end of the world. Two years on (of playing all games but Crysis at max setting at 1680x1050) I got a 9800GT for like $140. Get your money's worth out of your card, don't worry about what everyone else has. It's not like your GTX 1080 suddenly performs worse because of this announcement.
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