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You used the Merriam Webster definition, right? The one that states "a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina"? You see that "or"? Kind of a key word there (actually both of them are, but for the purposes of this post we'll focus on the second one). Are you going to tell me that playing games at a competitive level requires no strength, agility, OR stamina? None of those have any effect on how well a...
The bottom line to me is this: People watch sports for a variety of reasons, but at the base level it's to watch the best of the best compete at the highest level within a set of rules that they understand reasonably well. It's exciting to see players perform at levels we cannot consistently (or ever) achieve ourselves, and make plays that we are not capable of or might not have even thought of. If the competition itself were too easy, there would be no point, but I'm no...
Limit Poker is vastly different than Pot Limit. Limit has completely structured betting (though it's usually an unlimited number of bets and not capped at 4 bets when heads up) set at $4-8 or some other such derivative, while Pot Limit is essentially No Limit except you can't overbet the pot (which is usually a risky move for any amateur anyway, and the second most common way I see newer players get stacked).
Most professional gamers spent a lot more than 3 hours a day practicing; three times that amount is not uncommon. Do most games last in a pro scene for 3 years? By and large I'd say yes.
Odds are good that I'll be picking this up day 1. Unless it has Ubisoft's stamp on it. If it does...well, I can always slum it with the non-HD GOG version.
Open-world game, right? Well, I'd like to think that with 16GB of RAM you would suffer zero pop-in, but that's probably absurdly optimistic of me.
The chips in these consoles are way more powerful than a 7950 GT.
I work for tips, and I get stiffed all the time. I'm a card dealer so we're talking about big swings too - big enough that one pay period might only make a quarter as much as the next. Multi-million dollar companies can suck it the hell up and plan ahead for that crap. I don't have a team of analysts letting me know that I'm likely to have a crappy week based on inclement weather, fluctuating stock prices, or last weeks Flying Spaghetti Monster sightnings. I put a little...
Last game I bought from Ubi was Heroes of Might & Magic VI. Last game I'll ever buy too (barring massive changes), the game was bugged to all hell.
All that jawing about FPS when you can't even have a dedicated server to ensure a stable, low latency connection. It's like worrying about a 100HP difference in motors when you're dealing with a 6-ton truck. It's almost never going to make a difference, and it's still not race-worthy even in the few situations it does.
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