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On the one hand I’m happy I bought this rig when 32GB of 2400MHz DDR4 RAM was ~$120 or so. On the other, I would have liked to wait for Ryzen, but since I was still on Conroe, it just wasn’t feasible.
Not solely, but this, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Bloodborne were enough to push me into getting one. That and the want for a second Blu-Ray player anyway.
Definitely agree with this. I rolled my eyes at everyone that ran $1200+ worth of hardware in one of these cases, they were truly awful to work in and had terrible build quality.
Showing my age a bit, but I thought you meant Pentium II for a second there.
Use that drop down menu.
Research what athlete actually means is my point. Not saying that the average competitive gamer lives a more active lifestyle than a marathon runner, just that the term athlete itself could arguably apply more to gamers than say, weight lifters.
Don't research that definition too hard, wouldn't want to shatter your world view.
Why aren't you at your post?
Mechwarrior 2 isn't on Steam though.
I upgraded from an E6600 to a Q6600 back in the days when Bad Company 2 was still a newish game (same 3.2Ghz overclock). My average FPS in multiplayer jumped from the low 30s to high 40s instantly on my 9800GT. Dual core without at least some form of HT is not viable these days, rest assured, and even that is likely pushing it.
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