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I work for tips, and I get stiffed all the time. I'm a card dealer so we're talking about big swings too - big enough that one pay period might only make a quarter as much as the next. Multi-million dollar companies can suck it the hell up and plan ahead for that crap. I don't have a team of analysts letting me know that I'm likely to have a crappy week based on inclement weather, fluctuating stock prices, or last weeks Flying Spaghetti Monster sightnings. I put a little...
Last game I bought from Ubi was Heroes of Might & Magic VI. Last game I'll ever buy too (barring massive changes), the game was bugged to all hell.
All that jawing about FPS when you can't even have a dedicated server to ensure a stable, low latency connection. It's like worrying about a 100HP difference in motors when you're dealing with a 6-ton truck. It's almost never going to make a difference, and it's still not race-worthy even in the few situations it does.
Can't speak for the second iteration, but the first were locked down dedis only hosted by with no control over anything important. Combine that with the piss-poor audio (weapons sounded nearly identical, footsteps/movement constantly dropping out, and alerts constantly overlapping with stutter), poorly balanced perks, and general lag and I found the game to be exceedingly mediocre.
If the game launched without them, they will never be properly integrated. Thanks for the heads up, I won't be buying this CoD game either (only purchased one in my life, though I did get one free with my old 9800GT).
So...not time to abandon the venerable 965 chipset that's stuck on PCI-e 1.1? That's kind of impressive really. This Core 2 Quad setup has lasted me easily three times as long as any other setup I've had.
So I haven't really been paying much attention. Does this game have user-controlled dedicated servers? Or at least ranked dedis? I'm not buying another CoD game without 'em. Heard a bit of guff about them coming back and all, but haven't heard anything since.
If that's what it takes to get Sennheiser in more people's ears, I don't see a problem.
Given how popular taro is in Okinawa, it's hardly a surprise that a multibillion dollar corporation is releasing a flavor that will appeal to local users (since Okinawan cuisine has picked up favor across Japan in the last couple decades). So is lactation with plant extract (like say, vanilla) stranger than lactation combined with plant extract (like say, a cousin of the sweet potato) and likely some purple food coloring? You decide I guess.For the record, I think taro...
Sensational article title at best. Progress sometimes comes in leaps and bounds, not just gradual (and slight) increases. Pushing the boundaries can make for great things; here's hoping this is one of them.
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