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Loving the changes to out-of-combat stuff. Looks a lot more interactive and hopefully a bit more open in terms of decisions.
I'm in a similar situation, but I don't think I can wait any longer with my Q6600. I'll almost certainly be picking up a 5820K and a GTX 970 (oh how I wish there were a GTX 960 Ti, maybe a super-stripped down GM204 with a 192-bit memory interface) for my next build. It'll be nice to actually be able to play The Witcher 3 at something other than 27 FPS. Skylake looks like something of a disappointment (at the very least its performance isn't exciting), and the features...
In my own humble opinion as someone that dabbled in the amateur competitve scene over a decade ago, any modern game that wants to get serious about competing for big money has to implement a LAN feature to prevent these kinds of attacks, as well as minimize any other possible hiccups that could disrupt the game.
Pretty much this. Bethesda hasn't released a properly working open-world title in over a decade. No idea why console players love their games so much, I simply cannot stand to play their games without mods.
Some nice videos ondoy, good looking out. Based on what they've said about the two revealed classes so far, we'll definitely be seeing some big changes to what our units are capable of. Melee combat, hacking, and whatever else the other classes offer could add a lot of depth to the game.
Same boat here. If it requires Origin, I'm almost certainly out. I'm not re-installing their service for a single game, especially one from a developer that has proven time and time again that they can't release anything but a buggy mess and make it worse with subsequent patches, backed by a publisher that clearly cares nothing for its customers. The first Mirror's Edge was decent (combat was crap, they should have scrapped it altogether), but with the directions both DICE...
With this, I might actually pick up a PS4. Between Bloodborne, Abzu, No Man's Sky, Hellblade, God of War 4, Final Fantasy XV (maybe), a few semi-exclusives like Street Fighter V, and just generally wanting another Blu-Ray player for the house, this may well be worth it.
I'm pretty excited for this release as well. Mod support? Procedural levels? Stealth missions? Sign me up.
Eh, looks like I'm going to retire this beyond venerable Core 2 setup for Haswell-E.
Give us back fully controlled dedicated servers, and I'm in. Been saying that since Modern Warfare 2. Still standing strong on my boycott of the series until this happens, the only one I purchased was Black Ops, and I abandoned that after it became quite clear to me that locked down servers from GS were garbage. Engine was pretty bad too, lots of audio issues like footsteps dropping out and just generally bad weapons sounds. Not sure why everyone loves Treyarch honestly,...
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