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Mechwarrior 2 isn't on Steam though.
I upgraded from an E6600 to a Q6600 back in the days when Bad Company 2 was still a newish game (same 3.2Ghz overclock). My average FPS in multiplayer jumped from the low 30s to high 40s instantly on my 9800GT. Dual core without at least some form of HT is not viable these days, rest assured, and even that is likely pushing it.
They didn't need to be, over locking via the bus not only yielded much more performance than mere multipliers, but it was also available to all chips. If my memory serves, quite a few higher end Conroe and Penryn chips could actually put up better numbers by lowering the multiplier and cranking the bus speed. Not all 3.6 Ghz clocks were made equal.
Plenty of servers still up and running in the original game. Actual servers mind you, with rcon and everything! They should have released a proper sequel to this game. Shame it was just ten years of console spin-offs.
Is this game tied to EA and therefore Origin? If so, I'll have to pass. Not sure if it's really my kind of game anyway, permadeath games tend to be insanely boring from solo queue.
Sure they didn't mix up the 6950X with the Core 2 Extreme QX6850?
I thought that at first too. Then I remembered how Arkham Knight turned out, and as it's a single player game, I'll wait and see if the PC version is handled properly. I have no problem paying full sticker price if it's done right.
The 5100 series was more iconic IMO. Especially since you could fix almost anything that broke on it for cheap using parts purchased at a mall kiosk. Even out of the 3000 series I always thought the 3510 was superior to the 3310.
If I understand you correctly, you don't realize that they are doing away with difficulties? One 10-act play through and you're ready to map.
Just going to chime in here and say that most grown people have stuff. Not going to argue for people who can't vote since they're not a demographic that usually spends their own money. Stuff has various forms of course, and one thing most grown-up people have is a desktop computer built within this decade, which can in all likelihood run modern games for significantly less than $420 in upgrades. Unless you want to assume this person has nothing, in which case they'd have...
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