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First time buying a GPU or something? This happens all the time. I paid $320 for an X1900XT two months before G80 released, I felt a little miffed, but its not the end of the world. Two years on (of playing all games but Crysis at max setting at 1680x1050) I got a 9800GT for like $140. Get your money's worth out of your card, don't worry about what everyone else has. It's not like your GTX 1080 suddenly performs worse because of this announcement.
No, but there is a meaningful difference between a dual-core and a quad-core. My minimum FPS in Bad Company 2 jumped from the high 20s to low 40s when I went from an E6600 to a Q6600 (P965 chipset, so Penryn was not an option). Same overclock to 3.2GHz as well. It's all well and good to say it's not much difference most of the time, but when it is a difference, it's a huge one.
Aside from graphics?1: P2P matchmaking for games that require split-second decisions. A terrible way to play.2: Piss-poor menus designed to be navigated using thumb sticks.3: Inventory systems reduced to four slots to accommodate D-pad switching.4: number of allowable skills reduced to allow for the limited buttons available on a console.5: generally slower gameplay to accommodate thumb stick movement.6: lack of any sort of modding tools or even mapmaking tools.
Not really. At least not if you're an adult that has a desktop PC in your residence anyway. The cost of keeping up with console games on PC isn't very expensive, just an extra $20 or so on your PSU and whatever a decent midrange GPU costs every 2-3 years.
I have no earthly idea, I'm on your side here. I still play COD4 from time to time, but never any of the newer ones (the only one of which I own is Black Ops)
It's the fact that it was one of the last games to feature a full sever browser with the ability to mod the game and not be separated from the rest of the community.
Isn't the whole reason that PC gamers preferred COD4 (and 5) to later iterations is that all servers were ranked yet retained full control over in-game options? If you wanted to play Hardcore with killcam, no friendly fire, and noclip on friendlies, you could do so. Did that get changed at some point? If it didn't, I agree that this will fail.Side note, hopefully they fixed the G3 knife glitch.
And the CEO of British Telecom lopped his fingers off with a Viking axe?
TQ wasn't so much poorly optimized as it was very heavy on hardware (part of the reason it still looks okay today). It ran fine on my Core 2 setup with an X1900XT and 2GB of RAM, but it wasn't unheard of for computers at the time to be running single-core processors, GeForce 6000/Radeon 9800 series graphics, and 1GB of RAM, especially those coming from D2 which basically required you to have an 800x600 resolution monitor for max detail. As for PoE, there is a lot to love....
Sweet deal! Probably not enough to get me to quit Grim Dawn, but hopefully it fixes some of the issues I had running the game.
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