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Witcher 3 hype isn't close to fallout 4 hype, by that logic fallout 4 should win. It sold 3 times as much in its first day than Witcher 3 did in its first week if I recall correctly.
Because they don't know to charge when it hits 10%? Move along.
THISIs it still kind of stupid? Yes. Is it going to ruin the experience? Only if you're absolutely inept.
By all means hijack all you'd like, at this point I'm satisfied that I did not bone up my airflow and my card is operating within expected range.
I already adjusted my fan curve to take care of it, but regardless here's the BIOS LINK
Hey Guys, overall happy 980 TI HoF owner here (I'll get a photo validation up soon enough) but I had a few questions for you guys. Out of the box (stock factory clocks) the card boosts to 1395mhz. I'm currently in a Raidmax Hyperion (love this little case) with 2 120mm front intakes, 2 120mm bottom intakes, 2 120mm top intakes and a rear h80i gt exhaust. With an ambient of about 23C when benching/gaming I'm loading at around 78C. Does that sound in the ballpark of what...
Yup, just the default fan curve at this point.Thought about this, my only concern was the idea that making the top two exhausts as well might pull air away from the radiator.Tried reapplying TIM. They actually did a really good job with the TIM application, notice 0 difference. As for the fan profile others have said the same so this may be my next step.Thanks for the heads up, I went and read through sections 05, 11, 15, and 21. While none of it was particularly new to...
I would be inclined to agree with you, but given the size of this card it's kind of hard to believe. To put things into perspective, Guru3d reviewed this card recently and in an open air environment at stock clocks the card was loading at 67C, 11C lower than I am. I guess possibly the fact that it's open vs closed could make up for that difference, but it seems like a lot given that even opening my side panel doesn't drop the temperature when benching.
Hey everyone, I've been trying to make sense of some (I think) abnormally high temperatures on my GPU in my current setup. First off here's a few photos of the setup itself as well as a parts list courtesy of PCPP (man I love that site!) LINK As it currently stands my airflow setup is as follows (keep in mind all fans are eLoops save for the single SP series on the H80i GT): - 2 120mm front intakes however the bottom 120mm fan has been mounted to the OUTSIDE of the case...
Either route has the potential for the same results. If they get a new investor, often times one of the first things to happen is an executive level shuffle. They don't need to liquidate to get money and better management.
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