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Looking at this photo and others from the review, you can clearly see the fans are affixed to the frame via screws. It looks to me like you can change them, though there's no mention anywhere of whether or not they're fixed or interchangeable.
They look changeable to me. If you look at the photos up close there's clearly mounting points and screws on the fans.
That isn't what they do. This market research is never free. They only give you the high level numbers. When you pay for their research reports, however, they have much more detailed breakdowns and analysis. This is the norm for the market research industry. This stuff isn't done for free.
Titan Z anyone?
Bump, no one has any suggestions?
Another day, another appraisal. Up first I've got 3 2TB drives: 1 WD Black 2TB with warranty until 9/4/2016 1 WD Green 2TB no warranty 1 Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 2tb no warranty A Roccat Kone XTD. In VGC used for maybe 3 months, the roccat logo has started fading a bit but otherwise great condition. Have all original accessories A refurbished (recent RMA) Crucial M4 256 GB still under warranty. Have not used since I received it a few days ago ASUS PCE AS66 PCI...
Yes you're right, had a brain fart there and was thinking about some smartphone or something lol.
Almost all of them do. Originally it started with the Catleap that had a paritcular pcb that allowed it to be overclockable. From there, the QNIX based on the AMOLED displays (vs the Catleap's IPS) came into play where the overwhelming majority will overclock. There have been variations like the X-Star (slightly cheaper variant of the qnix) and the overlord (a US based ish version of the Catleap). I've had a Catleap and 3 separate QNIX displays all of which have hit 120hz.
Hey guys, just ordered another Qnix and I've noticed a few things that make me feel like something has changed with them: 1) This is a stupid small thing, but their logo has changed between the two versions, the older one I have has a circular q logo, whereas the new one has a panel like q logo that is much larger 2) When overclocked, the new one I purchased does not exhibit the dimming associated with PLS panel overclocking, which is incredibly bizarre to me 3) This...
Hey guys thought I'd ask again. Long story short, I had trouble with green-sum sending me absolutely terrible quality panels multiple times, so instead I'm thinking about buying a pixel perfect matte display and removing the matte film. I just was hoping if someone could confirm the method and if there's a guide? I saw on hardforums that one person was able to do it pretty easily by just placing wet paper towels over the panel and leaving them for 6 hours ish and then...
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