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Gonna go through your points one at a time:I know we aren't discussing hardware, I'm discussing Nintendo as a whole.Third party support has been essential to Nintendo historically, one of the biggest reasons for their success in the handheld market has been their massive third party support compared to Sony's portable competition. Just going based on their own first party titles alone is never a good idea and certainly not a long term plan that's feasible and they know it....
Not entirely true. Pokemon X/Y had a game breaking save bug if you saved in Lumiose city for example. Their consoles have also suffered issues, anyone remember the bricking Wii's on launch? I bought two of them (one for my brother) and both got bricked. That isn't to say they are equally bad, but they definitely are not infallible, not by a long shot.The other big short coming they have had recently on consoles is a lack of good third party support. I mean even Ubisoft...
Well they make money either way, the board partners are still buying the gpu dies from AMD/Nvidia
Doesn't the burden of proof fall on the accuser? Not the accused?
I actually asked AMD's reps at CES about this and they brought up a great point I hadn't considered: If they make amazing reference coolers, what's the point for the hardware partners like evga asus and those guys? They make something that works well and keeps things within specs, then they get the lead sales time on the cards when they release with the reference design. After a period of time, the board partners release their better coolers.
Anyone here happen to have used a paint that's the same shade of green as the sniper series? Looking to paint a couple things in the same color (plastic) but can't seem to find anything...
Well a question for you first then:What temps is it like at load?Also, if your environment is THAT hot, I don't think a larger radiator will help all that much
67C is still well below thermal throttling, you don't really NEED to tbh
How about people who own 780s? How about non reference design cards? There's demand outside of the reference 290/290x market for kraken g10s and overclocking
Double post, apologies
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