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....fell off a truck
Got this a while back and decided not to use it. $110 shipped.
[[SPOILER]] snef I absolutely love your work, and this one is also awesome. But everytime I look at those SSDs, all I think of is:
Android Cult: me 10 seconds. Both sides have their zealots, I don't know what your point is?
Thanks for your quick reply, so basically no dice? How about DVI to DP?
Hey Guys quick question: I have two QX2710's (overclockable version without HDMI), and recently sold my GPUs and don't plan to get new ones until the 390x comes along. Now my question is, is it possible to use a DVI to HDMI cable to connect the monitors to my motherboard to run off of iGPU? I'm using a G1 Sniper 5 and 4790k. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
Could easily just buy generic heatsinks and stick them on, that's what a lot of people do.
Doesn't really help them unless they decide to unload a bunch of their stock, and if they do so they can be investigated/sued for it.
Yes yours is a reference design pcb. If you're ever unsure just go to and check
The problem with what you're saying is that you're assuming that they use this knowledge legitimately by protocol and without violating anything. Unfortunately we all know that this is not the case, and as such it draws the entire practice into question.
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