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Honestly the problem with that is the 980TI is hitting around the average max for most 980ti's. The 1070 and 1080 aren't even breaking 2Ghz, which is severely below their average. On average 1070s/1080s overclock to around 2100Mhz, 6-10% ish higher than what these are listing. Hell, my 1070 hits 2200. So personally I'd disagree with the notion that the 980TI is faster. I had a 980TI Galax HOF that was hitting 1525-1550 and it definitely doesn't perform as well as my 1070... black piece on the left is the 3.5mm jack, there's literally nowhere in the iphone 7 you could fit that now with the taptic engine in place.
Can you show me where on the photo that I linked (that is also linked in your forbes article) they could have fit a 3.5mm adapter?For reference here's an iphone 6s 3.5mm module:
None of their marketing talked about lossless audio or noise cancelling without built in headphone batteries, so I'm not sure where that point came from. As for their claim that they didn't have space for it, they didn't lie, we've seen the teardowns, so I'm not sure what your point is.
I feel honestly that the entire thing is overblown. Just like the removal of the optical drives were overblown, just like the floppy drive before it. No one is NOT expecting a case/minimal adapter that will allow you to use both the lighting port AND 3.5mm ports. The vast majority of phone purchasers buy cases for their phones these days anyway, so the added cost isn't really all that much. And they're not the first (as someone already pointed out to you) to remove the...
Keep in mind guys, that piece of plastic IS NOT the altimeter. It's a barometric vent to ALLOW the altimeter to measure properly. As for it being niche, yeah it kinda is, but at the same time some people will like it, some people won't. That being said, even with it's removal there is NOT enough space for a headphone jack to have been placed. If you look at this image you can see that: Even with the vent out of the way, the taptic engine for the Home button still keeps...
Been on uBlock Origin for about a year now, haven't looked back, this just makes me all the more certain.
If you could post a time lapse of the graphs or otherwise like they do in reviews of a gaming session I'd love to see that, thanks for the info
And is it because of higher PPI? Or is it because they've advanced AMOLED displays a bunch in the past 4 years?
I will agree that I prefer they'd have included a y-splitter would have been much better than a simple straight converter. As for the weak tip, it comes as news to me. My entire family (besides myself) have iPhones with lightning connectors and not one of them has had one break on them. The same goes for extended family and friends. That being said, it costs less than 30 cents to buy a cover for it (assuming it doesn't come with one).
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