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That's your concern? Internet speed?
Oh don't get me wrong about the fans, it isn't because I want to run push pull, I just prefer having the fans on the bottom from an aesthetics standpoint.It's good to know that some of the ports support g 1/4, but I wonder why not all?As for the performance, I'm not saying it's bad by any means, it's just as good as any other clc of the same size and thickness.
Correct me if i'm wrong but lower FPI means lower restriction, less surface cooling area, and by extension lower max cooling potential with everything else held constant
Performance won't always drop, depends entirely on the fans you choose. The H220x from the looks of it is the same thickness as an H105, However, the H220x is a much lower FPI count (13 vs I believe 22 for the h105).
For me personally that isn't a concern, I never keep stock fans anyway.
I think it's nice, but personally a couple things irk me:Don't like the fact that you can't put fans on the bottomDon't like that you need an adapter to use g 1/4 fittings according to that review
Basically on par with an h105 from that review
Gonna go through your points one at a time:I know we aren't discussing hardware, I'm discussing Nintendo as a whole.Third party support has been essential to Nintendo historically, one of the biggest reasons for their success in the handheld market has been their massive third party support compared to Sony's portable competition. Just going based on their own first party titles alone is never a good idea and certainly not a long term plan that's feasible and they know it....
Not entirely true. Pokemon X/Y had a game breaking save bug if you saved in Lumiose city for example. Their consoles have also suffered issues, anyone remember the bricking Wii's on launch? I bought two of them (one for my brother) and both got bricked. That isn't to say they are equally bad, but they definitely are not infallible, not by a long shot.The other big short coming they have had recently on consoles is a lack of good third party support. I mean even Ubisoft...
Well they make money either way, the board partners are still buying the gpu dies from AMD/Nvidia
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