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More support gsync? Well no duh...A-Sync isn't even out yet. That's like saying more people support the ps4 than the ps5.As for video cards, again, no duh. NVIDIA just launched their new lineup, same logic applies. Not to mention they've actively chosen NOT to support A-Sync. This is incredibly slanted logic.
Looking forward to this event to see what they're showing off.
Much VRM, such phase.
Seriously? You're attitude coming into this entire thread was pretty rude and confrontational. The 295x2 is the top end for AMD and the Titan Z is the NVIDIA equivalent. Which is the better buy? No competition.Going back to the discussion at hand, if this is why NVIDIA has picked up on litigation against Samsung I'm really interested to find out the finer details of Samsung's plans and what/how NVIDIA knows about them and what they see as being patent infringement.
Except the 7 series from AMD supports DX12 (, there are AMD cards than run just as cool and quiet as NVIDIA cards, CF issues have been alleviated, and warranties are tied to the board partner, not the silicon designer. So really your only benefit is newer tech and power consumption.
NewEgg accidentally listed a bunch of X99 mobos as being DDR3 at first launch, most likely a mistake on their end
That's your concern? Internet speed?
Oh don't get me wrong about the fans, it isn't because I want to run push pull, I just prefer having the fans on the bottom from an aesthetics standpoint.It's good to know that some of the ports support g 1/4, but I wonder why not all?As for the performance, I'm not saying it's bad by any means, it's just as good as any other clc of the same size and thickness.
Correct me if i'm wrong but lower FPI means lower restriction, less surface cooling area, and by extension lower max cooling potential with everything else held constant
Performance won't always drop, depends entirely on the fans you choose. The H220x from the looks of it is the same thickness as an H105, However, the H220x is a much lower FPI count (13 vs I believe 22 for the h105).
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