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Could easily just buy generic heatsinks and stick them on, that's what a lot of people do.
Doesn't really help them unless they decide to unload a bunch of their stock, and if they do so they can be investigated/sued for it.
Yes yours is a reference design pcb. If you're ever unsure just go to and check
The problem with what you're saying is that you're assuming that they use this knowledge legitimately by protocol and without violating anything. Unfortunately we all know that this is not the case, and as such it draws the entire practice into question.
Yeah the case is from Deepcool, they announced it earlier at CES along with the Pentower, which I'm more interested in.EDIT: Link:
Thanks for the reply, why only these two sources only so far? It's kind of ridiculous...ocuk won't work though given I live in the US
So where can the new 980 HOF be purchased besides the Galax online store in the US?
So question to anyone that knows, where can you purchase these cards in the US? The only place I've found has been the Galax online store...
Hey Guys, I picked this up a while back planning to upgrade to x99, but can't put together a build list I like. So instead of letting it sit doing nothing, I'd rather someone else take it and make use of it. It's still BNIB (you can see in the photos seal hasn't been broken yet). Looking for $510 shipped OBO. I have heatware under Masahiro. Will consider partial trade for a Wii U + cash, and will consider any other trade offers. Thanks!
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