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Been learning testing and tweaking, pretty cool thanks to all the guy over at AnandTech.
@ucode Have you been able to clock yours higher at all?. post 1130 is similar to my cpu. Would this work on mines?.
I was reading up on it I decided to keep this particular es. I read back earlier this year that it was closer or is identical to a retail chip vs all the other E5 xeons I had. I dont mind shoot me the program.
how is this done with a microcode hack?
Anyway to clock mines higher? its an Es Xeon on a MSI Carbon
I had a handful of Es Xeons (2) 2698 v4 , (2) 2683 v4. I kept 2 Es Xeons they are 2697 v3 although the broadwells v4 where higher core count the clock speed for me wasnt enough. [[SPOILER]]
747"s?!?!?!?!?.... And here I am thinking my little tuning was neat.......... [[SPOILER]]
Yes I read about back when it hit the news.
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