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@ET900 If you have 8 gigs, open task manager before you set your custom memory usage to see how much you are currently using. However, I have found that no matter how much memory I am using, if I set Prime95 to use 7200MB of my memory, it will pretty much dominate the memory and whatever programs that were claiming it before the test and have been kicked out by Prime95, so Prime95 kinda overwrites it. This is ok by me because I close/end ALL unnecessary programs before I...
I guess that means I didn't make it, lol. Oh well re-test later tonight I guess.
I know all too well, all too well. That's pretty much where you're at, until Mr.Pro comes along. But at least you got a plan and will have something to work with in the future.
Perhaps you disabled dumps to be saved by accident? Or you didn't allow it to reach 100% during the blue screen and you reset the power? Wish I was pro, but I'm not.
@ET900 One thing that I know of what you can do is download BlueScreenView. That way you can look at your bluescreen dump .dmp files and have some idea of what you're dealing with, by looking at the codes. Many SB overclocking guides will have BSOD codes and what they most likely mean, or could mean. Also, you could use it to post codes, either on this thread or your own, so others can suggest what it could mean and what action should be taken.
Forgive my ignorance, but how do you guys post pics that can be enlarged by simply clicking on them? I can't do that with mine and I've tried attachment, insert image, and img code for photobucket. What am I doing wrong? Lol. Thanks in advance.
1344, 1792 & 2688            
Well I already did my test before I read about the rules etc. But I did screen shot Prime95 to show the length of the test and errors and test past etc. I will provide some pictures and you can decide if it's "Proof enough", or not. If I don't make it then that's fine I guess. Would really hate to do another 12+ hour test lol. So I will post pics on here and give my photobucket link just in case. Also, in case you are wondering, the reason why one of the pics says that...
I want to speak about the same thing that I mentioned in tweaktown. So instead of re-hashing what I already typed and to eliminate any confusion, I will just post a link to the original topic and discussion. Any info and advice of any kind is welcomed. Just go to the last page 2 of the thread....
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