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Wish I had $700 sitting around. I bet these will be sold out before payday
Let me know what you think, I know its not as good as studio monitors but it's still pretty good.
Its differant and I like it, keep it up. Maybe make the colors contrast a little more?
Seems like an epic weekend is heading your way! lol
Nice, i'll stay tuned for updates
This is soooo epic.
I understand, take a look at some of the Corsair reviews, newegg has them for $189 right now. This is a pretty detailed review
Damn that sucks, maybe try to find them used?
The Corsair SP2500 is suprisingly good.Edit:
Wow, it almost sounds like he got a knock off. Edit: After looking at the offcial specs, it states that the subwoofer is indeed 16lbs. I think that guy got ripped off.
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