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Up to $69.99 for me. All versions are on sale for people with consoles as well.
Order is pending shipment. Seller: TheFactoryDepot
I've had a x4 for three years, the paint hasn't rubbed off any of the keys and I game 2-3 hours a day some days. A solid keyboard at this price, though the armrest is a bit cheap.
If you didn't get one, keep checking back. I thought the deal was gone then it popped up again around 1:00 so they must be changing throughout the day. Picked up 2 for $75 shipped, excellent deal.
USPS can't be beat for price / delivery time imo. I have no clue why some businesses use UPS or FedEx... Hell, my mail guy says that even UPS trades packages off to USPS to meet delivery times.
Instructions are here: $.375 / Gb - A really good deal on a decent SSD. Probably not the best choice for mobile use as the power consumption is higher than other recent SSD's, not much difference for desktop use though.
I'm afraid that's true for the majority of the people I encounter with MBA's.
While I think this laptop is better than the MBA, the MBA is still a solid option. It's also an instantly recognizable fashion accessory for many, which is a plus if that's what you like. Also, an unexpected result of not getting the MBA was a ton of fingerprints on my desktop screen. I swear, at least two or three times a day I'll try poking or pinch my monitor thinking its my laptop. Drives me up the friggin wall..
You're not paying for a gaming laptop or workstation. Your paying for how freaking thin this thing is, the display helps too. Microsoft needs to figure out the DPI scaling however.
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