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Loving the recent reviews Ino, keep it up!
Like good audio (if you subscribe to this theory), all mouse feet have a natural break in period from being completely new, to a point where the natural contact points of the feet start to smooth out and shine.Mouse feet are never perfectly flat, so naturally there will be specific areas of the feet which tend to glide against your pad more than other parts. This natural occurring effect happens usually around the edges of the feet. In my opinion this "glossy" state is...
Nope, it had to be my ZA12
The Competition feet are a blast, currently using competition 0.28mm on my G900. Glad to be serving the community
Your support is appreciated
Great review Ino, simple & to the point. An unsurprising update to their line of mice which should continue their revenue stream for a while with minimal R&D needed, a re-brand, re-coat, switch out the switch and voila. Although.. they'll always have suckers like me who'll line up to buy their stuff. Could do me self with an EC-2A refresh for sure.
The z-axis problem is quite an issue with both editions, not extremely noticeable during game play but it's there.
Big fan of the G602 in this regard as well, well built, decent sensor, fairly long battery life on eco mode (125 hz polling), but well sufficient wireless performance.
Love your reviews as always Ino, one of my favorite cloth pads at the moment.
Seems like there's been a review posted on the forums already showing that it's a S3988 sensor. I took apart my Chroma at the same time, and took high-def photos for your viewing pleasure as well, enjoy!
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