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Im not paying that much money for a damn gpu that was a joke man lol..I can buy 2 gpus with that money down the road and test 2 different brand new gpus even 3 if the price is right... Been doing this too long for epeen where nobody gives two craps about lol.....Titans are a waste of money....OG TITAN firsttitan x secondand this one will follow
So if those news are true.. what the hell i even going to bother to buy a castrated version 102 chip for $1200?
I just laugh when ppl mention 4k ready/60fps Then they release a crap port or new game and we go back to square 1 1080P / 60fps lol Nvidia wants $1200 for a cut chip like this one pfffffff If i didnt approve the price of the OG titans neither this one..
I call it when the first OG TITAN got released.. People went crazy "goo goo da dada" for it. and look where we standing at..
Wait a minute let me get this stuff right GP102
You have to understand too that you taking the mayor heat source out of the card which is the core, the vrms and mem can be passively cooled just fine..The heatsink (NO the pcb vrms plate) on the card it just cools the die same crap anyway on the hybrid but with the aio at least its not throwing that heat inside the card so your vrms/mems are running much cooler...
I grab it from $39 bucks cant beat that... XDWas marked as used but when i received the darn thing was brand new still have the thermal paste on it and nothing missing..Was silent too for my surprise, my first kit the one i used on the 980ti the darn pump was abit loud
well theres the tests from a evga 980 ti kit on a 1080 on a 95f degree day..Of course i have high perf LOUD fans on it (2200rpms) push/pull..
Then you have a bad mount on that 1080.. I have a post here when i tested the 1080 on a 95F degree day on the hybrid. Thats before i started to lock clocks on the curve.Here
the 1080 behave quite nice on the hybrid kit when i had on it..
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