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lol now i wonder the validity of this scores regardless GPU Name EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti K|NGP|N Classified USER K|NGP|N EVGA GTX780 Ti KP CLASSIFIED | EVGA X79 DARK EVGA and K|NGP|N would be nice XD just saying
I used to have black screens with my 7970 and it was related to "AMD" drivers.. Only one set of drivers would fix that (was stuck with april 18 drivers for awhile).. Its not the card is a miss config somewhere between the drivers as the same crap happened to me with 2 different 7970's.. Like my 290 i open trixx and is +50 default (even gpu-z confirms that) i didnt do it.. I have to click reset so it drop that extra +50 of offset. My 7970 cfrx 2nd card memory volts were...
how much less voltage are we talking about?
This is the first card from amd that i had plug and 0 issues with drivers lol So far from this card 290 @ 1300/1700 P16058 GS18408 BTW: you can mix match 290x with 290 on cfx they will clock at their own speeds..
My 290 @ 1250/1430 my first overclock attempt. on the fly. for the looks of it i have some spare room on the core i think in a cold day i can get this baby to 1300 XD ram is there there need to play a lil bit more
pm sent
think my issues are gone on the new drivers RC . No audio or video problems so far..
those classic controllers are original nintendo? i need them to be. if thy are how much for both? plus s&h to 60618?
video playback problems anyone? ULPS is off
yeah 3k gpu with a itx mobo and sff case
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