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You try on corsair website? They sell case parts.
Im not really overvolting the card, i capped her to 1.174mV [MAX] bios modded at 1455 stable and i get nice temps. She do more but the voltage is asking for and the heat is not worth the effort.This is 5hrs on heaven, stabilize on 57cIts just that backplate gets stupid hot and i got a 290 and i know whats stupid hot is lol
I know it gets hot. But i wasnt expecting that it was going to be that hot. Look at temps good. Touch backplate wth is going on lol.
I dont mind the heat im from Puerto Rico but jesus the humidity here is "HORRIBLE"
Question. I got a evga 980ti with the new ac+ cooler. Is the regular version not SC. Have it with a modified bios locked at 1.174mv for 1455 core stock memory. Got a backplate for it as well. Got a AiO water cooler on it. GPU temps are under control below 57c. My question would be if the backplate gets that crazy hot like that? I cannot even let my fingers touch it for a few second without gettin so hot that I have to remove them. I have thekraken with the vrm fan plus a...
This, end of topic. +1
As soon they put sales tax on chicago, Illinois cancelled my prime and move my business to Newegg.
I know this helped my dual 970 setup as the voltages were uneven. I managed to close the gap needed to the cards. Method consist of overclocking one card more than the other or viceversa and having a gap close to each other but the voltage needed for such overclock was above 1.212v decided by the drivers or default bios. When i actually needed 1.187mV for it to work fine on both cards. So now both cards run at the same voltage on the same overclock and the hazard of...
Mine hits around 50's on a hotty day 80-90f @ 1500 with 1.93mV with a custom bios both locked at that voltage. Ghetto mod with 2 AiO coolers
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