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think my issues are gone on the new drivers RC . No audio or video problems so far..
those classic controllers are original nintendo? i need them to be. if thy are how much for both? plus s&h to 60618?
video playback problems anyone? ULPS is off
yeah 3k gpu with a itx mobo and sff case
7970 @ 1400/2000 GS 11065
i guess my 7970 still have it XD 1400/2000 GScore 14244 Love chicago weather XD
im the only one who feeds an audio receiver directly? Wth i needs this crap?
they show all prices except the 290 be ready lol 280 is $300 bucks so i wonder how much they are planning lol Looking at what happen with their latests fx cpus msrb right amd?
My center speaker was doing all the work seriously?
oh please..Why not better?Lets compare an stock card to kingpins overclocked cards..
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