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I have a very hefty account history on amazon. I buy 99% of my stuff in there and they didnt offer me a 20% discount. They tried to direct me to EVGA for the problems. Or for a return of my card as i told them they keep advertising the card as a 4GB card to this date. So i would take the return option, bought my card on November 22.
  You can give a look at this bios stock and the one i edited are included,. the one named GM204E its the one i edited. You can give a look and tell me if it looks fine max tdp/voltage?. I only changed the mv and the card is boosting to almost 1500 mhz. Default stock (1165/1753) boost to 1392 which is the clocks i prefer as stock with the unlocked tdp/voltage instead of the get go 1500 without even overclocking it.
Pm sent
970 ones too are removable?need for vrms as well
any special needs for a evga 970 sc with backplate? Have the bracket and cooler ready to mount just doing some browsing before i do it. haven't see nothing that mentions this. Other than the vrms on the left side on the card.
They did tests on dying light? this game fill vram quick at just 1080p
So I'm still waiting EVGA take on the following returns made thru RMA because of this issue. Because I will be the first one on doing so. What would be our options.
so that means evga would be getting a RMA from me for a full refund? So where is EvgaJacob i want to know what are my options
I'm looking for a 3770K delidded for a itx build I'm working on. If has been oc before what's the voltage and what speed. Shoot me offers in PM. Thanks n advance. Still looking.
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