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My check is taxed even before touching it... I only buy what is needed to survive on this state (food/clothes) for example. The rest I make sure i buy it where it cant be taxed... Specially if is used... which would be double taxes... XD
I droped prime as soon as they put taxes on it. Dont see the use now... XD
I did custom loop before. Its good and VERY EXPENSIVE. But im like you AiO is the way to go... From now on. I dont showcase my pc so i dont need the looks i need the performance/price no matter how it looks. Organized yeah i agreed in there but thats it... You are piping the heat from the die with the AiO out of the case which is a plus you can cool down passive the vrms. Like everything, know and check and RE CHECK your temps in a constant basics.. Make sure you dont...
by the way overclocking ram is not like overclocking cpu/gpu.. So make sure you ghost your os hdd before start messing with ram overclocks if you dont want to be re-formatting XD..
This is looking the same as when vista came out... I dont understand the need to force users to migrate to a new os when yours is working perfectly fine.. Yeah win7 in its beginnings whats a pandoras box and what not new os and everything drivers and etc... But at this point is what Win XP was on his days.... Why i would need to change that? The only thing is DX12 and so far nada to make me move...
We all know in the end readings are only on benchmarks real case scenario we dont notice the difference. Plus i would not pair a 980TI with a i3 cpu for example its just nono... What about timmings those are the killers in reality not the extra mhz.. DDR3 vs DDR4 MEH MEH MEH...
You try on corsair website? They sell case parts.
Im not really overvolting the card, i capped her to 1.174mV [MAX] bios modded at 1455 stable and i get nice temps. She do more but the voltage is asking for and the heat is not worth the effort.This is 5hrs on heaven, stabilize on 57cIts just that backplate gets stupid hot and i got a 290 and i know whats stupid hot is lol
I know it gets hot. But i wasnt expecting that it was going to be that hot. Look at temps good. Touch backplate wth is going on lol.
I dont mind the heat im from Puerto Rico but jesus the humidity here is "HORRIBLE"
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