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Im not going to argue against the purposely made benchmarks out there to make sure a cpu bottleneck happen. Lets get into real case scenarios. As far as i know on my 25+ years of pc experience my bottleneck always been the GPU and not the CPU... Yeah, 7700k ipc is faster... Do you buy high end 1080ti to run a 1080P? because i dont. You are going to get a gpu bottleneck in very demanding games in high resolutions with either cpu it doesnt even matter. But, magically...
Im on custom water so the cpu is hot same as other cpus nothing to see here.. I will be more worried about vrm temps than the cpu temps in this system
theres your issuei have a 380 with 1x240 with a d5 pump and this puppy gets into the 60s @ 1.375-1.400mv
is only on 1700x and 1800x cpus not 1700
I would not push more than 1.375mV with that mobo
i saw somewhere that they drill new holes on the 380 plate to fit on the am4 i dont remember where thonevermind here are a nice tutorial for the looks of it... you can order shorter screws to hold the cpu block together without to drill any hole on the new plate and the plate it will make pressure once you screw it like corsair and stuff i mean is up to you but you have 3 possibilities there...
I pulled the trigger on this one and a 1700 with some gskill trident z 16gb kit.. All i want is the combo to get alone nice specially the ram @ 3200 is all i ask lol.. Looking at this mobo it looks cheap compared to my gene iv and gene vi even my impact vi... AMD m-atx is really lacking...
My taste is against rgb aka christmas tree galore but i decided to add some clear white lights for multiple reasons especially to see better inside the case and not only for looks. PWM powered & controlled + power switch & dimmable too.
I build this one last summer a roundish. Cheapest custom water cooled build so far i have made. Hunting for the deal. EK Supreme HF EK Supremacy VGA D5 Vario with XSPC Reservoir 2x Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 240mm All Fittings are occool KillCoil & Distilled water only (still clean as a rock) 4x Corsair OEM fans @ 1200rpms Just did a loop of heaven for 45min till the water temps normalized (Ambient Temp 75F) 4790K @ 5GHz 1080 @ 2114/550 cant complain XD
Yes you can no problems i think, the lid is going to be a tight squeeze it probably bump on it..I would go for something lower tho just to be sureThis is how much cleareance you will have
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