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So any point to a tutorial to try this out.
Any windows tool to test segfault?
for 4k you can leave cpu at stock
Bcuz, i know this already? i care about both cpu and vrms. What i actually use on bios affects vrms and cpu and both temps. Im not ignoring i just don't agreed to it. Btw i have submitted over 1.53v lol . Look a few pages back you will see XD
The problem is thats after it goes thru the vrm phases thats why i don't use those readings instead i go by the actual volts i use on bios that reads on cpuz/mobo.@gupstergDo y cruncher heat the cpu more than prime12/12k load on your end?
i cannot do pstates in this mobo and i have never trusted nothing else other what i type on bios and what cpu-z/mobo app shows mellc1 is my highest so its backwards
mine doesnt. llc2 actually boost my voltage higher same as llc1, on load mobo appy voltage reader will jump to 1.408v from 1.4v on the highest load.. So to me the cpu voltage is the one cpu-z indicates which match msi mobo app which is the one i put on bios plus or minus llc differences.
i dont go by that svI2 on hwinfo i like to see the one i actually put on bios..I have 1.4v plus llc2 which is around 1.408v according bios and mobo app that reads the voltage and amd master ryzen.hwinfo is telling me 1.313v which i know is not the right one
the msi have a 4+2 vrm phase shes very capable of managing the volts pretty decent. The problem she have is of course the famous itsy bitsy tiny vrm heatsink.. i just wish she have more heatsink/surface for heat dissipation.. Was hoping asus finally release something decent as i like asus mobos and matx is my form factor and i dont see no reason for trading this msi for that one with that type of vrm heatsink i already know what i will get into...
@chew*@Raja@ASUS so asus really read this forums??? new mobo what happen with the darn "small as hell" vrm heatsink????? Like why???
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