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So if this is what amd have for us, nvidia have the top tier prices to charge whatever they feel like to his own... SO $400 tops for 980ti at stock performance right amd?
Well, i would not take any of this games to show hardware performance differences. Specially with bad optimized half baked games. Quantum is the worst of the bunch by the way.
Well so far the dx12 that i have play they are rigged with a bunch of bugs to begin with, except KI3 that one runs flawless. Gears, Quantum (specially this one) and hitman are very buggy.
So what im seeing with my own eyes here is a lie right? 4k screenies every max out @ dx11 1525/4001 980TI
I dont know if they are testing this game right or what not... But vsync dont work if you enable exclusive fullscreen the performance goes to hell... The benchmark is crashing in top of the table same spot i dont want to switch drivers yet plus im not sure if is related to drivers. But according to the bench results so far it was over 100+avg 980TI @ 1525 at that moment System Info: CPU Vendor: GenuineIntel CPU Brand: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz CPU Cores:...
It's not the rumored price. It's the people excusing if it become reality. If is truth or not.
So im reading this right... Some people defending and willing to pay the rumored prices of the x70/x80 chips because they are 15-25% faster than the 980ti?? So $650 for a x80 its ok as long is faster than 980TI so that means the x80TI if theres any would be costing like 800-900 and the titan would be like 1,300-1400 lol.. No wonder why nvidia keep doing what they doing.. GG GUYS SO TITAN OG 1,000k a year some months later 970 costing 1/3 of what that TITAN OG costed..
i think is depending on stock.. I have a couple of items in my cart that goes normal to only prime subscription in intervals of times..
^^ that or he should check the pci ex teeth connectors on that mother board
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