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on 480 i was able to do 1400/2250 at 1.112mV all day long your 580 is giving me a high voltage at those clocks.anyway i manage to bench now @ 1475/2100This are my results 480 @ 1475/2250 clocks were bouncing as is non modded bios aka stock2nd 580 @ stock clocks (your bios)3rd 580 @ 1475/2100 (just raised the power limiter to 25+ and its 1.20mV)not too shabbybut she was reading around 175w that without the...
Im trying your 580 bios and im encountering crashes if i try to overclock it.Its using more watts as well as my stock 480 bios, what i was able to achieve on the stock 480 bios 1400/2250 just raising the power limiter to 25 now is a no go..What gives.Mem issues?
My references card thermal paste when I opened was dry as hell like DRY haven't see such crap thermal paste before. When I removed was coming out on lil straps.
With my evga hybrid mod I was able to sustain a whole day continuos run of 1400/2250 left Heaven on a continuous loop. Avg 40-42c on core and 64-66 vrms around 1.112mV The only thing I bumped was Powerlimit to +25. Left ref fan on auto for vrm/mem cooling. Pretty nice behavior, specially on the vrm temps with stock fan speed.
FyI guys, had an extra evga hybrid for @ 980ti laying around that I bought for cheap for a spare. Used a kraken bracket I had laying around for dimensions for amd support. Manage to mess the first hole of course lol. Now I have the best AiO aimed for GPU made universal. Complete overkill if you ask me lol For long term running perf temps max of 38c Now I just need to cut the top of the plastic shroud for the AiO tubes and to close it all up and I'm done.
Yes, is cost effective you can re use the universal block on future gpus. I try to do less minimal damage to the card itself so i can re-attach the original heatsink back with no problems.. I cut some metal but it dont interfere with putting the original heatsink back together.
They showed up on the presentation 2126 clocks with 67c on the founders.Then reviews came up and it was hot as hell and a throttling mess lolhere, where nvidia announced the 1080 to the world XDNvidia fastest clock on the world cool as a cucumber lmao2126 @ 67C up to that lie
I find funny the people still bashing amd gpus for running hot... My 970's were hot my 980TI was hot as hell, my 1080 in stock is not even near the 60c+ advertised by nvidia in their presentation... Nvidia can go to hell for all i care. People keep playing their game, keep purchasing their cards so they keep milking XD. if people didn't see it with Pascal and the founders crap, 2 versions of titan, 2 versions of 1080, the ti and the price, nothing else will open their...
I did some modifications to my case to fit 2x240 Alphacool NexXxoS XT45's. Have to cut the side panels so i can split it in 2 sections so assembly is better. Reminds me of ED-209 so that's the name XD This are my temps on July 2016 that i recorded playing doom @ 4k
Overclock is not stable and is showing you artifacts drop your clocks back a little and rinse and repeat till their gone..
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