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Actually i found removing the 1080 reference backplate and put active cooling on it drop temps 3-5C.. Theres only 3 thermal pads on the plate which touch the backplate itself.. Thats an extra 240 rad space drop alone XD
lol.. I remember that video of him trying to drill some holes on the motherboard that was hillarious
It do voids the warranty, you can still put it back with the original heatsink no problems it dont affect nothing as the heatsink sits in top of the die with the 4 spring screws .It cools pretty good..
I had to cut
pm sent
PM Sent
Well, the expectations of ryzen before release were been close to hasswell perf even -10%-15% less but 8 cores and the price point... but all this people are comparing it to a 7700k mind you @ 5GHz lol...1700 only cost $330 giving you multitasking similar to a 6900K for 1/3 of the price...and you can do gaming on it too...If thats the case lets compare how bad the 6950x vs the 7700k on gaming XD then we are going to throw the $1600 price tag on it for double killings and...
Like i said a useless test...I understand very well what it is for... The problem is when we will see a gpu that powerful enough?in the meantime this is what we do XD [[SPOILER]] Edit: btw i find very funny that a 4790K vs 7700k stock in that chart is a mere 5%+ increase on "cpu" bound 3 gen later XDeven using the same argument on the long run term.. intel vs intel XD.. But you know nobody mentions it XD
Process Lasso can do that
Thats why im saying... the 1700 on gaming at the resolutions i play with the current hardware (gpu wise) is around the same ballpark on perf than the competition.But, the 4790k or 7700k in this case cant beat the 1700 on heavy multitasking applications no matter how you look at it..
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