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i refuse on buying a console every 3years... end of story..... end of consoles for me i guess.. First, the good games are released between 2-3 years into the system life we just got uncharted 4 for ps4 theres nothing else that is exclusive that is worth mentioning. PS4 November 15, 2013 Uncharted 4 May 10, 2016 Edit: oh wait i forgot second son how dare me XD Still you get my point its not like the games are flowing that i can make a big list of all this good ps4...
I do that already on a PC, 7.2 surround and big 4k HDTV
if you guys read a few pages in the beginning this XOC bios dont offer any performance increase with the clocks given over your regular FE bios..
hmmm why not a 980TI? you will get 1 of this ones used for $300 like in 2 weeks thats for sure.... My 980TI (1560) overclocked vs my 1080 overclocked (2126) Its just a mere (12.5%) so round that down to 10% (margin of error) in 1080 favor.... which in real case scenario its nothing.. just for you to keep that in mind
Well, my htpc wireless mouse and kb are way more responsive with the hotfix even my gamepad 360 feels more responsive.. Bit better but latency mon still records high dpc in the long run on win 7 have no issues on win10 with older drivers
This card runs pretty cool on water Heaven 4k everything max I have a ek supremacy universal vga on 2 alpha cool rads 240 with 1200rpms fans on it. Ambient it's 75F
^^ dont feed the troll boys XDIf the pros out there haven't manage to do nothing this guy here who only posts in this topic and nowhere else is going to be a great help XDLet him reverse engineering XD
hell yeah thats $90 bucks for me
lol make my dayfunny tho oced vs oced my 1080 @ 2126 is only 12.5% (ROUND DOWN to 10% for margin of error) faster than my 980 ti @ 1560 and thats on SYNTHETIC BENCHMARKS
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