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This, end of topic. +1
As soon they put sales tax on chicago, Illinois cancelled my prime and move my business to Newegg.
I know this helped my dual 970 setup as the voltages were uneven. I managed to close the gap needed to the cards. Method consist of overclocking one card more than the other or viceversa and having a gap close to each other but the voltage needed for such overclock was above 1.212v decided by the drivers or default bios. When i actually needed 1.187mV for it to work fine on both cards. So now both cards run at the same voltage on the same overclock and the hazard of...
Mine hits around 50's on a hotty day 80-90f @ 1500 with 1.93mV with a custom bios both locked at that voltage. Ghetto mod with 2 AiO coolers
ambient temps are the same>? wrong section too btw...
So poor overclocks, even poorer overclock scaling. Good for out of the box and thats it..
I know that but 100mhz on top and the scaling seems off...
so in another words this card is not scaling good with overclocks.. In the other hand you throw the 980TI some overclock and it flies lol
my 1st 970 do 1600 bench on 1.187v give extra 20mhz on top of that and a 1.275v to top it off and ''NO BUENO"
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