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The benchmarks don't lie. I went from a Phenom X6 1100T @ 4.0ghz to an 8350 and OC'ed it to 4.6ghz. It ran everything noticeably faster for me even with the stock clock. I had the same cooler on the 1100T at 4.0ghz as I do on my 8350 at 4.6ghz. Better gameplay in BF3, Guild Wars 2, Skyrim, and The Witcher 2. Also it really cuts down rendering times for me. I think the 11100T can still provide great performance, but I'm happy with the switch to the 8350. Overall in my...
Thanks for all the advice guys! Reinstalling windows did the trick. Again thanks!
I put together a new rig (3770k and P8Z77-V-LK mobo with eight gigs of ballistic ram. The hard drive isnt new and has windows seven and other files on it and it keeps restarting once the windows logo pops up, everything is being read fine in the bios but it won't start, what should I do to troubleshoot?
Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson have an older brother Andrew Wilson.
VLC Steam Chrome WINAMP BitTorrent
I paid $400 for my graphics card alone, something that can run the most recent games well for even $500 is definitely a bargain!
Has anyone received anything from Century Link yet?
Why didn't they sue the Soul headphone line?
Those blue ports and the look of those MSI cards always made me stare at them for a while. I really like that card and if you can get it it would be great card.
I really like the Asus DCU2 and with that cooling on it you should be able to OC as high as the other cards.
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