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Thank you so much, the chrome beta looks wonderful. Now I can get back to surfing the web without squinting.
Google Chrome:   Internet Explorer:   I hope the screenshots show a difference, because they're a lot different.
So I just purchased a Lenovo u530 with a 1080p screen. I installed google chrome and all of the text and images seemed blurred and not crisp at all. If I use Internet Explorer it looks great, but I would really rather use chrome. Can anybody fix this???
@Tjj226 Angel I really like this laptop and I think I would much rather have a better screen and swap some HDD space, since I will have my other rig with me. Thank you so much for the suggestions guys.
Between the Acer Aspire V5-552P-X440 and the Asus X550LA RI7T27 would it be better to save some money and get the Acer even though it has an AMD A-10 5757m instead of an i7 4500U, or would the Asus laptop be a better choice?
I like that laptop, but in USD it's a bit too expensive. I've been looking and wonder which laptop out of the four you would pick and why. 1. Dell i15RM 2. Asus X550LA-RI7T27 3. Acer Aspire...
It'll be used for Skype, writing papers, taking notes, and mostly surfacing the internet. Playing games would just be a plus. I want something solid that I can use for a good amount of time.
Hi, I'm looking to purchase a new laptop for college and I have a budget of $700 to spend on it. I would like an Intel processor in the new laptop. My rig is nice, but might not make it to college. I have been looking at the Asus X550LA. I can buy from Newegg and Amazon. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
The benchmarks don't lie. I went from a Phenom X6 1100T @ 4.0ghz to an 8350 and OC'ed it to 4.6ghz. It ran everything noticeably faster for me even with the stock clock. I had the same cooler on the 1100T at 4.0ghz as I do on my 8350 at 4.6ghz. Better gameplay in BF3, Guild Wars 2, Skyrim, and The Witcher 2. Also it really cuts down rendering times for me. I think the 11100T can still provide great performance, but I'm happy with the switch to the 8350. Overall in my...
Thanks for all the advice guys! Reinstalling windows did the trick. Again thanks!
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