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A picture of my setup in my dorm.
Okay so whenever I change the font, alignment, size, or even insert another document the entire paper changes even if I highlight a specific part. Can somebody please give me some advice? :/
I purchased the first g card listed and I am looking into buying a second one, and I was wondering if this card would work in SLI with the card I currently have.
I am disappointed to see this as a logo for Corsair. All I can say is that I do not like it.
Thank you so much, the chrome beta looks wonderful. Now I can get back to surfing the web without squinting.
Google Chrome:   Internet Explorer:   I hope the screenshots show a difference, because they're a lot different.
So I just purchased a Lenovo u530 with a 1080p screen. I installed google chrome and all of the text and images seemed blurred and not crisp at all. If I use Internet Explorer it looks great, but I would really rather use chrome. Can anybody fix this???
@Tjj226 Angel I really like this laptop and I think I would much rather have a better screen and swap some HDD space, since I will have my other rig with me. Thank you so much for the suggestions guys.
Between the Acer Aspire V5-552P-X440 and the Asus X550LA RI7T27 would it be better to save some money and get the Acer even though it has an AMD A-10 5757m instead of an i7 4500U, or would the Asus laptop be a better choice?
I like that laptop, but in USD it's a bit too expensive. I've been looking and wonder which laptop out of the four you would pick and why. 1. Dell i15RM 2. Asus X550LA-RI7T27 3. Acer Aspire...
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