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What size screws did you use to mount the bottom rad with the 15mm fans?
Anyone have a rough idea how to mount a mcp355 in this case? Ive seen a few pictures like this one below
This was one my favourite games when I was a Kid. Its either going to be amazing or terrible. I hope amazing
Usually hold the record for that gen. The HOF LN2 is the fastest 980 ti in the world
4 way. Quad is when you use 2 gpus that are dual gpu's
Ya guess organizers didn't check the systems themselves as they were set to fail from the start lol. My backup cards expand hehe
They are out check the Galax website
Overall the card performed better. Im curious to see if it will be close this time around considering the LN2 edition is insane. I picked up a few and ill grab a kinpin once its out as well.
Looks like ill need a loan knowing bell. Im guessing 300 a month?
Went by and saw some old faces otherwise it was interesting best way to describe it lol. I think my favourite part was watching the struggle of people trying to put together a computer and get it to post for 47 minutes...
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