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Any information on a Toronto event?
I dont understand Projekt RED this is such an awesome game but such high standards. There will be alot of people who will want to play the game because its too demanding thus they have a smaller market. GL to them in the future but then again the game looks amazing.
They look amazing. I think its clear that Phantek has the best mainstream cases available at the moment. I dont know why you wouldn't buy a case from them atm unless you want a cube case or something niche like CL.
Me to I need to mod it first for a window and 2 x 240 rads
April fools isn't until April? Im confused...
Corsair im not surprised...
Your build is okay. Though you can more out of the system for that amount. Your motherboard for example is overkill. this would be better for your needs. for example and thats 100 dollars saved.
I think this is targeted to people who dont know much about video cards and just buy it due to the price and then they will release it wont even work with the case they own.
Does anyone have or seen a M1 with a window mod? I am interested in attempting this but im curious to see if anyone has already tried this.
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