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anyone have trouble when changing to 144hz the screen would flicker?
Could be true but I guess there missing out. I don't think Acer is up there with lenovo by any means but atm very good if not the best monitors that are available. Just take a look on Google or OCN
I think they are just uneducated lol
Check google. I had both though sold the rog for the acer ones.144
yup and even IPS EDIT: this review is a decent example of one of these monitors
Their new monitors are amazing and probably the best as far as "gaming".
I hope the 980ti has better numbers then the titan x I need 3-4 new gpus in the next month anyways
2/3 look good so far one to go...
Im surprised Blizzard was only down 4%. Though WOD did just come out. I feel bad for the Japanese companies as I find they make the best games but they are niche.
I just purchased 3 any idea on vesa mount options for them?
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