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Overall the card performed better. Im curious to see if it will be close this time around considering the LN2 edition is insane. I picked up a few and ill grab a kinpin once its out as well.
Looks like ill need a loan knowing bell. Im guessing 300 a month?
Went by and saw some old faces otherwise it was interesting best way to describe it lol. I think my favourite part was watching the struggle of people trying to put together a computer and get it to post for 47 minutes...
Usually hold multiple records.
Fury x 649 and Fury 549 Hope it outperforms the 980 Ti
huge downgrade from last year as they are worse still dont know if its 4 or 8vram either
About time. Lets see if it can compete with HOF and kingpin
We had phase cooling last year
I cant speak for the cs community but the dota community here in Canada and some pros( sorry I dont know/have met many) yes. Im aware that csgo people dont use 1080 as they use 4 by 3... but again 120hz+. Actually this is ExtravaLANza which you may not be aware of has always been a hardware event in the past. It was a little more esports last year but still focused on hardware with phase cooling,watercooling, and benching. Same with the years prior without any esports.
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