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Got two of the 512 gb versions waiting for me when I get home in a few days. Going on the Asrock 170 extreme 7+ mobo. Gonna try some different array setups to see what they can push. Have to throw new build together first and then some fun testing. Thinking some bigger stripe sizes may help with these drives, we shall see.
I tried the above method on my two evga sc 780 ti cards. When checking with aida it showed the vrm voltage up to 1.3 but core voltage did not move. I am on the mod bios from this thread.
zero problems here as well, that is with a 3960x, and two different 4930k chips, 2133 and 2666 gskill ram
My 4930k is having no problem with my 2666 gskill kit, still playing with ram settings in bios. Easy to get lost with all the settings there. My 3960x would not even look at 2400 ram.
Especially if after all this time like me you have never used a MS app. so nothing to close.
That is just a scheduler for a manual trim that windows wants you to do time to time. It is really only important if you have an old drive that does not support trim imho. You can use or not, if you have an evo no need really.
Never saw that coming, even though it is the smart move imho.
All good here bud. Still playing with the x79. Nothing better yet for me. Just threw in a couple of 780ti's, powerful cards. Been looking around at some of them pcie drives that will be dropping in the next few months, Have you been afforded the chance to play with the new SF3700 controller yet? I see Kingston has a monster coming out with that controller. 1800 reads, lol.
Hey comp, good to see ya bud. What kind of crazy hardware you plating around with these days?
Intel all day long bud.
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