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Maybe the different nvidia drivers, or maybe the new futuremark systeminfo version is playing havoc with the low run.
I am using the latest 378.78 driver. Is there a driver that works better or should I just stay on the current one?
The rads are the LC Solution Coolstream XE's. They are 60 mm thick. Not sure what the ambient is to be honest. It is like -2'C outside, window open, door shut and heat off in the room.
I moved my rig next to open window. Primary card is running at 2088 on core @ 21'C, and bottom gpu is at 2075 core @ 24'C. Chip is at 4.5, 10 cores running at 60% with core temps in mid to high 30's C Took Menthol's advice to keep it as cool as I could
Just added cpu to the mix. Running 10 cores at 50%. Cores seem to maxing at 50', see how it goes.
I open and keep open NCPL and the primary card stays up at overclock. Weird. Both gpu's running at 2075 @ 24' C
I have my rig moved into spare bedroom, window open. Had both cards up to 2088 on core. Bottom card is holding and running at 25'. Primary card is a little stronger clocker than secondary but has dropped to 1455 core. massive core drop. It is at 18' C. Just rebooted and running cards at stock clocks and primary is still only at 1455 while second gpu is at 1860 on the core Driver is 378.78
I have two Titan XP's running now. Not in sli. My top card is downclocking the core big time. Any idea why? New to this guys.
First timer here. Throw my two titans into the mix tom.
Depends upon the resolution of the two monitors as well. My primary card will not downclock at idle if I run both screens at full resolution. I am using a Samsung 4k monitor and a Dell 34" WS @ 3440 x 1440. I have to drop the rez on the 4k monitor, then it will downclock primary gpu.This is with sli Titans but they are close enough to the Ti's I think in this regard.
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