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Warming up here is a relative thing, lol. Still calling for -10 low tonight. But at least the snow is melting in the days now. A chiller would be nice. Maybe later in summer something to look at.
Had some real cold air last night and this morning. Probably last kick at the can for o/c ing this season. Used the same clocks for all runs. 1080P Extreme 1080P Extreme SLI 4K 4k SLI managed to delete my pic cleaning up desktop, took pic from my acct. page 8k 8K SLI Hey karlitos, i understand if my 4k sli score is no good for you bud. My own fault for managing to delete it. I will input the scores tom morning . Not the lod runs of course.
I was able to average 71.59 with just two with sli working correctly. With 4 it must be smooth as butter.
1080p Extreme with full sli 4k full sli 8k sli
ya beat me to it lol, that score is in no way indicative of a 2600+ core,
Doorules -- 6950x @ 4.5 -- sli Titan XP @ 2100 / 5750 fps 69.83 9336 had to use nvidia inspector to get it to use both cards, utilization was only between 62% and 75% but better than single gpu
Just a minor thing. i think you guys mean 1.093 V to gpu, not 1.93V And I am not aware of anyone getting beyond the 1.093 limitation. You guys have a bios that allows that????
Yup, during bench it is only reading one card. If you try the Vr thing it shows both during run, weird.
Treat it more like Valley than Heaven. You can throw really high gpu clocks at it.
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