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Max voltage for the Titan is 1.093
I have an EVGA 980 TI KPE gpu with EK waterblock. Card is in great shape. Price is $375
As stated a 3960x for sale. This is a very good clocking chip. Simply have no use for it. Price is $300 Cdn. Will include shipping at my cost.
Hey felix. Nothing I can tell. Didn't break anything at least.
My two 950's with new FW using Magician bench
Looking good NemChem. These Titans are a beast. Welcome to the forum.
Even though each benchmark looks at hardware differently you are still inherently bound by the limitations of the gpu in question. If this was not the case everyone with basically the same hardware could attain the same scores, but as you know this does not happen.Simply getting the gpu colder does not allow for much higher clocks, just more consistent runs. Or at least that has been my experience
Stock bios. Nothing has changed on that front. Doesn't look like it will at this point.
Get my best scores in Firestrike with memory at +700 to +800 range. Even higher in Timespy. I think it simply comes down to the individual gpu and how they can handle the higher memory o/c. Same for sli runs as well.
where are my manners BeatrixFF... good morning and welcome to the forum
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