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I had my core clocked at +250 in orange and + 240 in blue test. I think I was at +650 on the mem. I only wish my card clocked as well as MrTOOSHORT's... Tried with and without locked in on the curve, just doesn't seem to be any gain for me with it locked in. Always used Kboost in the past. Had the card at 2' C for start of runs with cold air, was seeing 10' C tops during runs. Even Heaven only got the card up to 12' C
Blue room is hard to score, found both tests allowed me to run core clocks much higher than any other bench though Orange room...
small bump, had gpu at 3' with the cold air, think most it got to was 11' during run DooRules --- 6950x @ 4.653 --- Titan XP @ 2126/1420 --- 11895
great job cracking 180 fps MrTOOSHORT, is it getting cold in your part of the world ?
Go to options in 3d mark and turn on systeminfo hardware monitoring and it will then show correct clock, but there is a hit on score for this to run
That backing plate looks awesome MrTOOSHORT.
DooRules --- 6950x @ 4.597 --- Titan XP @ 2126/ 1423 --- 26951
DooRules --- 6950x @ 4.598 -- Titan XP @ 2101 / 1391 --- 15708
DooRules --- 6950x @ 4.598 --- Titan XP @ 2126 / 1418 --- 11859
Frost warning here tonight. Calling for 0' C, actually having a hail storm out there right now. Great for o/c ing. Still, that 6900k is no slouch. Good stuff.
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