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Great runs there Nizzen. Those 961's sure seem to scale much better in R0 than the 950's.
I would have been around 1.55 to 1.6 on core and around 1.65 on mem, with cold air pumping through rad.
Maybe time to try raid again if these drivers give that much a bump. Have you had any array stability issues? My best score a few months ago on my system in R0...
6700K @ 4.94
Raid if anything would have caused less heat, not more. The data is equally spread across two drives instead of one, therefore they are not working as hard. More likely the case is that from my experience raid on pcie drives is still not that good with the current crop of intel raid drivers. Not to mention you don't have enough bandwidth to come close to fully utilizing the drives in an R0 setup. They completely saturate the bandwidth and scaling is not very good at...
DooRules --- 6700K @ 5.1 --- 980ti KPE @ 1592 / 2121 --- 118.1 --- 2976
update... DooRules --- 6700K @ 5.108 --- 980ti KP @ 1612/ 2142 --- 5679
Using one for OS and another for storage at the moment. On an z170 AsRock Extreme 7+ mobo.
DooRules --- 6700K 5.112 --- 980 ti KP @ 1592/ 2134 --- FPS 129.2 ---- 5406
update... DooRules --- 6700K 5.112 --- 980 ti KP @ 1592/ 2134 --- FPS 129.2 ---- 5406
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