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New owner here, I just got my 750D on Saturday. I upgraded from a white 600T. I didn't expect Amazon to cover the box at all when they shipped it. I got a Graphite 230T for my other rig a few weeks ago and they didn't cover it at all. Did not realize how massive this case is compared to the 600T, which is already a pretty large case. I will take some better pics later on. I am replacing the stock exhaust fan with an AF 140 today, I like the color rings around the...
are you running fraps? If I leave fraps on FIFA will just refuse to launch. As soon as I turn off fraps it will launch with no problem.
Is anyone playing this with a 3770k/670 or 670 SLI similar to my sig rig I have annoying stutter in GRID, GRID 2 & DiRT Showdown, all of them use the EGO Engine...I can play F1 2012 with no problems though. I dont know what is up. I am wondering if anyone else has seen any issues so far. *edit* I just tried this on a different rig that has a 2500k/7850 and it ran buttery smooth, never dipped below 60 at any point in 3 races.
with the promo code EMCYTZT3257 it still takes off $15 which brings it down to $59.99
I recently bought a Z11 Plus HF1 which is basically the same thing but with red led fans instead of blue. It is being used for a spare rig. I like the look of the exterior and everything. But. It is such a pain to deal with, trying to take off the front panel I was scared I would break it. Then, I don't even know how to get the top panel off but I think it includes removing all of the wires for the front panel connections too. Wire management is a challenge, even after...
Got mine, thank you!
I live 10 minutes from the MC in Northern NJ, I hope they keep this monitor in stock for a decent amount of time so I can buy a second. I bought my first from Amazon about a month or so ago when it was $220 Hopefully they don't sell out too fast
I bought one for $220 last month since a friend of mine bought one a few weeks before me and raved about it (was hoping to get a second at that price).I love mine, the colors are fantastic. It made everything I play look a whole lot better
Price has jumped back up to $237.62
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