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idk man Theres something about ebay and computer parts that i dont like
I'm a little tight on cash right now so I'm fine with that
I heard somewhere that core unlocking isn't so great for the boards but i could be wrong, Im new to computer building. I just wantto play skyrim without lag or bottlenecking lol so I think ill just overclock my 830 with a new board
most likely getting this but I've been looking at some new cpus. im not sure if i should get a new board and oc my cpu to 4.0 or just get this: I'll sell my current board/cpu on ebay ( there...
anything like 130 or 140 then? just to hit 4.0 or 3.8 and I'll be happy
So much props!
I didn't do much research on vrm's for my first build, and although it says on the box its overclockable, I've heard its a total burner. I'm in need of an overclock because i need a new gpu ( 7850 in mind ) and im afraid my current cpu clocked at 2.8 is going to create a bottleneck on the fps. I'm not sure what speed i need to oc to, but since my board has a vrm failure tendency, i need some suggestions for a new one on a tight budget, and hopefully i can sell my current...
the board said that it is made to handle overclocking, and so do some reviews, but im still a little worried
and i thought i filled out my rig?
msi 870-s g46 with a phenom ii x4 830 overclock from 2.8 to 2.9 XD lol the 2.9 thing was just an experiment. but i need a card that can handle games at ultra at 50 fps so im looking at the 7850. im just boggled by the whole power phase thing you guys mentioned? ( 4+1 etc. ) and it would really suck to shell out money on a card like that to have it bottleneck.
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