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yeah I like it, but with all cities it has it's up's and down's.I live 12 miles from the city center so I don't have to much city noise, but I'm 3 miles from interstate 5 but really can't here it either with all the big trees between me and the freeway.
I live in Olympia Washington (state capitol) which is 50 miles from Seattle and there are better views of Mt. Rainier from Seattle.
well I hate to say it but I added the light in the back ground playing around with photo shop.first time I ever edited like that, so I'll post a non edited photo of mine.the moon is real, taken from my backyard during the super moon episode.this is Mt Rainier, I took it from the roof of my house, the mountain is 45 miles away.used a Canon EOS 40D with a Canon 100-400mm F4.5-5.6L for the mountain shot, also used the same setup for the super moon.
do you have an old air cooler laying around or the stock one from your cpu? or ask if they do advanced RMA where they ship you a replacement and hold your credit card number until you provide them with a tracking number for the defective unit. edit: just saw in your specs your gpu is liquid cooled also so that could be a problem for getting a replacement liquid cooler as you would have to put the stock cooler on your gpu.. nice system by the way
as a paying consumer and are not happy with the product then you should ask for another one. yes it might be air but, if you tried everything Swiftech told you to try and it did not solve your problem then by all means ask for another one.
bummer.maybe it's time for a new case, there are some nice Corsair case's on sale right now on new egg.I like this one, I currently have this Corsair case but my new build in November will be with the case I linked.
I had that happen a few months ago on my windows 7, I checked my installed update list and the update was in fact installed. I right clicked the update that it kept showing needed install and selected hide update, after that no more problem, then I checked a week later and the update that I hid was gone from the hidden update list, so it is gone for good now but is still installed. maybe try hiding yours and see what happens.
may I suggest small black zip ties to wrap all the cables up together to look as one strand of cables?
I'm a fan of NVidia graphics, I had 2 GTX 580's but the heat was a bit much.I had thought about the X79 but a few on here told me that it would be a side grade from what I have now instead of an upgrade.I will see what the prices are on X99 when the boards come out and decide then as my current system performs very well for me at the moment.
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