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I have found over the years that every human eye see's things in a different size, so one persons rice size or pea size can be completely different from another person. Whatever works for one person may or may not work for the other, that's why I keep an open mind and try others suggestions myself as someone else's idea can be better than mine, never know until you try.
Good luck and keep having fun at 71, I'm only pushing 57 in a few months.
I have used the NT-H1 in the past as I only use Noctua fans and heat sinks, but using the Gelid this time proved to be better.The NT-H1 is good though and is my 2nd choice now. The rice grain amount has always worked for me, the pea amount ishas always ran out the sides when I tried it.
as for thermal paste, I just renewed my paste a month ago and found Gelid Extreme to be very good. and my research on thermal paste showed Gelid at number 2 on the top 10 list. This is my first time using Gelid and I am very happy with it.
I trust real temp more than HW, HW has giving me bad results in the past, especially with voltage.also my temps are running a Noctua air cooler.
it's due to the way you applied the thermal paste, you didn't cover the surface completely.I put the paste on the center of the cpu the size of a grain of rice, this is how intel will always have uneven core temps but the 60c you have is a bit is mine.
I guess no one won??
In my post a few pages I showed that nvidia requires 8gig of ram but recommends 16gig, I'm sure thats not his entire issue butanother 8gig wouldn't hurt. Also as others have said, try another driver version.
This is what I said on page 1, and posted a link where nvidia recommends 16gb.I would get another 8gig ram and try it, ram for that system isn't expensive.A friend of mine had a issue like this with a 1080 and we put in another 8gig stick with the one he hadand it helped lots.
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