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my wifes car I bought her has 10 air bags and some are in the back seat area, and per the cars manual they will deploy if rear ended.
I just measured with a tape measure from screen to my eyes and it's 39.5 inches, but even looking close at about 17 inches my desktop icons and start menu button are smooth and if I take my glasses off and put my eyes about 6 inches from the screen I can see the jagged edges very well.thanks for the info. edit: come to think of it I bought a Samsung 27 inch about a year ago just before my LG and I sent the Samsung back as the picture was awful, but at the time I...
people speed on the freeways and state highways up here in Washington all the time, I drive in the far right lane at the speed limit all the time and am always checking my mirrors and looking for these idiot yahoos so I can move the hell out of their way. I feel bad for this guy and his family, may they find peace. and I hope they find the jerk that did this. edit: Robert Malsch, the driver who hit Ey, fled the scene following the car crash. Police later apprehended...
my LG ISP 27inch gives me a perfect display at 1920X1080. I never heard of such problems you all speak of, educate me please. I also have a 29inch LG IPS it's at 2560X1080 and also has a perfect clear display.
no you cannot use your old cables as they are not the same brand or type, you must use the cables that came with your new psu. power supply cables do not interchange.
your psu should still be under warranty. Corsair does make a good psu, bought mine in 2010 and not 1 problem yet.
that looks very bad in my opinion, I just ran the test on my LG led backlit and I don't see any of that at all. I would expect better from a Dell monitor as thats one item they make good.
get busy putting it together and post pics please, it's fun to see a system come together. can't wait to start my next build. and don't be afraid to ask us for help on here if you need some. my dad always told me "The only stupid question is the one you don't ask" and have fun.
yes I would buy a new model of noctua fan for my upcoming build in 4 months as noctua is the only and cpu coolers I buy. here is a pic of my current beautiful noctua fans and cpu cooler.
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