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I would say yes as Folding puts my cpu and gpu at 98% load and maxes the clocks on both.If you do that and it doesn't crash then your good. I fold sometimes for 2 days straight.
From the 3 reviews I just went over I would say the onboard sound is the same if not better than your xonar. did you do any research on the board before purchase? specs on the boards sound chip: review on the boards sound chip: pulled it from this review of the mother board.,1.html
If this was me I would remove everything and set it up on a wooden table or a large piece of cardboard and see if it boots up. sometimes a mother board can be grounding on the new case and it's very difficult to see where. but I would start with doing a bench style test out of the new case. if it boots up then you know it's a ground issue with the new case and you can inspect the case the best you can.
Thanks for th explanation, I am assuming you meant the SB6141 in your post and not SB1641, not to worry I have mixed up numbers myself.
I have never had faith in those pci-e riser cables, they have and always will be garbage.
myself I always use separate power cables, I never use the 1 cable with 2 ends.Thats just me though. Also from my experience and what I have researched a single 12v rail psu is better than a multi 12v rail psu. single rail is also more is a thread on OCN explaining single and multi rail psu.
99% of the time a complete shut down under full gpu load would be either a bad psu or a psu that can't provide quality power.Replace the psu.
They didn't tell me in a sense of contacting me, I saw it last time I paid my bill online I noticed the link to certified modems and when I checked the list it showed mine as end of life for their support. my speeds are great, my only concern is what happened to me with my last modem having to reset it every few days and then later every 10 hours so I had to go buy a modem at a local store and paid too much. current performance taken 1 minute ago, I pay for 50mbps (I...
I am currently running a Motorola SB6120 (old yes) Comcast shows end of life support, last I had a modem that showed end of life I had to reset it every 3 day's. I am not having any problems with my SB6120 but I don't want any either, so should I just replace it now? I never game online and never download large files, only downloads are drivers and a few game mods now and then. I am considering this...
I myself have sold 1 item on this site and gave 3 items for free including a GTX 580 2 weeks ago, that being said if I was to buy something used from a site such as this I feel more comfortably seeing the rep level from the seller on here as it shows me he/she cares enough about helping others and isn't here just to make a quick buck or rip me off. I became a member here to learn how to over clock, I already knew how to build a computer, but besides learning how to over...
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