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to bad you can't get a refund, my Gigabyte 970 is a beast, and flat out overclocks. or get yourself a GTX 980.
what resolution are you running with the 3 monitors? with 3 monitors if you are running high resolution the 970 vrm might be your issue as it's known for that 3.5gig vrm thing.I am running 2 monitors at 2560 X 1080
I would contact MSI and ask about sending it in to them under warranty, sounds like the gpu will be having more troubles soon.I have a Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 and don't have any issue's, I had a GTX 680 that was doing similar of your's and PNY replaced it.
Looks very nice. great job.
click on forums top of page, then select new members, then select the "Start A New Thread" icon.
yes, but I think the rules are you have to start your own new member thread.
Funny after a few days it fixed itself, go figure when I have a new one on a ups truck to be here tomorrow.
main board and cpu as a set $250 U.S. dollars ram $40 psu $25 due to age, and I just sold one like it for $25 so I'm pretty much on par with what KcKyle quoted.
I like your Lego stand, you could even do it in matching colors for your build.your Lego is way better than some I have seen like a pencil or fishing line tied up top pulling on the card.
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