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theres a link in my 2nd post to the router I am using.
Me too.
this is all thats in the unzipped folder. I even ran the enable selection and still my windows update is broken.I even ran the fix windows update program from microsoft. I also ran repair windows 7 from my original disk.didn't seem to cause a problem with anyone else that I know of.
with the same program thats been used by others.this thing here, it's a compressed file.
my system has always performed updates super fast, but now that windows 10 is out my windows 7 system can scan for 24 hours trying to find updates and it never does anymore the green bar just keeps running and never stops. so I can't even update my windows 7 anymore, and it all started after I removed the stupid windows 10 update notification in Oct that popped up every 10 mins. I just have windows update turned off now, screw microsoft. I will install windows 10 when I am...
I first heard of it on the MSI GTX 970 a year ago, this the first I heard about it on EVGA or any other brand.
I found this on the EVGA site, they do have the 0 rpm fan at idle under no load. as for the noise when the fans do spin contact EVGA
0 rpm fan feature is on EVGA GTX 980ti
as I said in your other thread, I thought only MSI had the 0 rpm fan feature when the gpu is not under any load.but I'm not 100% sure. I will check on it.
I was just letting you know he is running 2 threads on the same subject, which I find odd.
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