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keep what you have, it's a good system. heck I'm still running a i7 970 X58 and see no reason to upgrade as it performs great for what I use it for.
Hey don't forget to post a picture of the gpu shroud paint job.
from my experience repairing car and truck pcm's the electric contact parts cleaner will cause the white residue and is nothing to worry about, and in some cases the alcohol can cause the same thing (as TwoCables stated) sometimes it can be wiped off with a clean cloth with very little distilled water on the cloth, if it won't come off don't worry about just make sure everything is dry..
I have had my LG super wide screen for 6 months now and it is just great for everything I do. photo editing, video editing, and gaming. I think it's a perfect display. I run it with my standard LG wide screen, both run through DP connection.
GTX 580 x 2 GTX 680 GTX 970 GTX 980 ( on it's way) I still have all of them and original boxes
1.20 would be to low for your oc, imo. not trying to but in by the way, just wanted to add some knowledge.
that would depend on the type of thermal paste.
2 PNY GTX 580's 1.5gb 1 PNY GTX GTX 680 4gb 1 Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 currently in use. 1 PNY GTX 970 currently in use with the Gigabyte have original boxes for all of them.
Have you considered a GTX 970? I have had my Gigabyte G1 Gaming since Oct 2014 and just added a PNY GTX 970 ( got it for free from the PNY rep at my wifes work) today for sli, and I'm running a old i7 970 at stock
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