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Welcome friend.
I had a local glass shop cut a smoked acrylic window for me for $20.00, for the mounting holes just make sure and have a new sharp drill bit.small black rubber orings installed on the mounting screws take up the space from the molded mounting post on the original, the rubberorings are the same exact size rubber orings that come with the C70 fan mounting screws, I bought some at the local hardware store.older pic as I have made other changes but this is my window.
NH-C12P SE14.I use it as it blows air down over my chipset heat sink and keeps it are my temps at full load with this cooler
I have this one
I love their colors.
I prefer Noctua air cooling. here is radiator and fan support specs from corsair, any of the aio liquid coolers you listed will fit.
back when I had a Q9650 775 socket system I had a few BSOD's but that was with Vista, after Win 7 came out I wiped the driveand installed Win 7 and no more BSOD's, my daughter uses that system now and it's still good to go. shows how poopy Vista was.
hey I was amazed how easy it was to hit almost card is new GTX 980 and a GTX 970 for folding.I built this system in 2010 and this is my first BSOD, I have friends that get a BSOD at least 2 times a year. I always tease them over it
so I keyed in all these settings and the cpu was running fine at 3.959ghz for about 30mins of intel burn test with max temp of as soon as I opened my internet browser I got a BSOD.I set everything back to default in the bios.
that my friend is a perfect 10. very very nice,
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