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took you over a week to reply back on a thread you started? just suck it up and admit you made a mistake posting a picture of a gpu core clock reading from a program that has been proven to give out incorrect's not a big deal, we all make mistakes, I know I have and I admit to them and learn from them.
have you noticed the thread starter has not come back? I think he figured out he was wrong.
my G1 Gaming Gigabyte is nice and quiet, I have never heard a peep from it,Have had it since Oct 6. that being said any graphics card can have coil whineand then some don't.
I been running the new driver since 1 hour after release and I have no problems. driver seems no better or worse.but this vrm issue has me very concerned as it is a real problem and Nvidia has no comment on it andmost likely won't. I don't ever need all 4 gig of my vrm but when I changed a boat load of settings to get high vrm usagemy system had a TDR when vrm usage reached 3,775mb. if vrm usage is at 3,750mb or less no TDR.just before it TDR's my fps drop and game runs...
Gigabyte has the program and instructions on how to flash the bios on the same page they have the new bios's at the bottom of the page in red.
the picture he took of valley displaying on his monitor shows 1756mhz. thats what mine shows every time and I know it's false, GPU-Z shows the correct reading on mine of 1605mhz,
this guy on OCN started a thread showing he reached over 1700mhz on his GTX 970, but he posted it with a valley mhz by taken a pic of his screen. I know valley does not show the correct core clock as it shows mine at 1774mhz which is false, I told him that and now he say's he will post a 1800mhz overclock. is what he's saying true? I didn't think you could get over 1612mhz on a 970 here is his thread with his pic of the overclock...
yes I would really like to see them.none of us on the GTX 970 owners club here on OCN have been able to get over 1607mhz I think one owner got 1612mhz.
I got everything the same in Heaven except my min fps went up big time and my max fps lost .6 or half a fps whatever you wanna call it, my temp went from 68c to 64c. make sure you let Heaven run 4 scenes before you hit F9 for the benchmark are the 2 runs with new driver and old driverdriver 347.25driver 347.09
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