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Bummer. Oh well thats computers for ya.
Did you ever figure this out?
Hmmm, I have the same graphics card and same version of AB and never a fan issue for me. my fans don't come on until my gpu is at 60c and only speed up to 40% fan speed, my gpu never gets over 72c under full load. I should add that I'm still on the wonderful trouble free Windows 7 Pro 64bit. maybe AB doesn't like win 10
well the way to know for sure is to remove the nvidia driver and the graphics card and let your system go into sleep mode running the intel graphics chip in your cpu.It would sure rule that out.
Has it been doing this since first day of building the system or is it a new problem? There have been issues with the nvidia driver causing the same thing you have described
I have always had AB load my overclock at startup with never a problem, that being said, thanks for the info though as I will surely keep an eye on it now. +rep
Well looks as though you are coming along fine with it.
Yeah I saw pics of the parts laid out, Good Grief !! I will keep searching the web and post back if I find anything useful.In the meantime, Good luck.
here are some youtube videos of DreamBox assembly
lots of hours now in testing this and I believe it does make a difference in all my applications, including moving my mouse around in my photo editing. It's making it easier to edit very small details in photos with my mouse pointer.
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