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oops it wasn't 1567 it was a little lower.
I don't think it really matters, mine is 68.2% and I can hit 1567mhz boost with a small overclock.I bet you can too.
you might have found this but here goes anyway, I found that there is a setting in the bios to set how much system memory is reserved for your onboard graphics (intel HD),and I would assume your i5 has onboard intel graphics yes? I have never owned a system yet with graphics in the cpu. but soon I will on my next build.
something wrong there, only laptops have memory reserved for other hardware.maybe someone else can shed some light on this. in the meantime I will google this as I find it interesting, will post back if I find out anything.
so these 3 items will work together yes? also wouldn't the memory in my current system work in the Z97 since their both DDR3 240 pin?
for spray paint in the can I always do 1 pass to the right and then 1 to the left and then let dry, even if the old color is still showing as I don't want it to thick.
I am confused on memory as in triple channel and dual channel, isn't dual channel a step back? I am wanting to do a new build with the MSI Gaming 7 Z97 and the intel i7 4790K, it shows both the board and cpu support only dual channel memory yet the recommended memory for the board is DDR3 quad channel, my current system has DDR3 triple channel. can someone please explain? thank you
and the G1 has 4 heat pipes for cooling and the other has 2 heat pipes
Gigabyte 1st, MSI 2nd, ASUS 3rd.I have the Gigabyte G1 Gaming and it's the best gpu I have owned to date.
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