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I don't pay for the program, my employer pay's for it.I perform the diagnostics at my personal shop, I connect the vehicles to my personal computer (my tower via communications cable) or when performing the diagnosticswith a test drive I use my laptop.I think with as many copies of windows my employer buy's that cheap a** microsoft should provide some support.the company that makes the program is willing to work with microsoft but microsoft is to damn cheap and think they...
my tower has EASE Diagnostics, it is a program that I perform full diagnostics on cars and medium to heavy duty trucks of any brand.the program allows me to command anything on the vehicle to do what I ask it to do such as turn fuel injectors on and off, turn wipers on and off etc.I also program and flash the memory on the computers. windows 10 at this point and time does not support it and it is used world wide and cost over $3,000.00 U.S. dollars per program key. also it...
Just be sure all your current hardware and software will run with win 10. some of my systems are a no go with 10 program wise, hardware is fine, all my systems have win 7 pro, my main tower which is in my sig has very important programs that win 10 won't run them and I need them.
I just checked on steam and videos run without flash enabled.
thank you, I will try that now.+repedit: wow the videos look and sound better, it even defaults to 720p or 1080p if available, with flash enabled I always had to tick the settings and select it myself.
I have a question, don't I need flash player? I thought you can't watch youtube videos without it and other video programs like Steam game preview videos? I use Opera and IE11. by the way chemicalfan, thanks for this thread, I would not have known about the flash player issue. +rep
I'm pretty sure the reference HD7950 did not come with backplate which is what is in the pictures.
I think you are correct.
pics of Rosewill Stealth with 2 G1 Gaming GTX 780 graphics cards which are the same length as my 970 and they fit perfect. here is the link, it's a member here on OCN.
My Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 is exactly 11 5/8 inches from where it mounts in my case to the very end of the card at my hdd racks. I can't find any gpu length specs for your case, so get a tape measure and check. by looking at your pics and your current card at 10 1/2 inch I would say the G1 will fit.
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