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I have always had AB load my overclock at startup with never a problem, that being said, thanks for the info though as I will surely keep an eye on it now. +rep
Well looks as though you are coming along fine with it.
Yeah I saw pics of the parts laid out, Good Grief !! I will keep searching the web and post back if I find anything useful.In the meantime, Good luck.
here are some youtube videos of DreamBox assembly
lots of hours now in testing this and I believe it does make a difference in all my applications, including moving my mouse around in my photo editing. It's making it easier to edit very small details in photos with my mouse pointer.
yes is does black out for a second when I select display.
Yeah I'm not the best at explaining sometimes Here goes, when I select gpu in the drop down and set it to no scaling and click apply it changes, then when I select display from the drop to change it to no scaling it has already been done for me by NVCP when I changed the gpu to no scaling. therefore if you only have gpu in your drop down selection I would assume when you change it to no scaling your display is automatically changed also.
The settings on mine give me the choice of gpu or display, if I change the gpu from aspect ratio to no scaling by default the display selection changes to the same setting I made for the other words if you have both gpu and display showing in the drop down you only need to change one. I brought this up because you said that you show only your gpu in the drop down.and yes I tried gaming last night and saw a big difference, thank you for this tip.
Keep your current bios, I still have mine from when I bought my 1070 on first week of release.I to have samsung memory, the bios update is for the micron memory only.
Mine has both the gpu and display listed but, I found out changing one changes both when you click apply. Is there a way I can test to see if it improved my system as I don't notice any difference?
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