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thanks.some of those 4 cylinders can put out some power, the maximum on a Ford 302 is around 700hp.I saw one online where the guy pushed the 302 to 850hp and the block split down the middle where the liftersare. crazy. I'm going for 550hp next. I did finish 6th in points for the 2014 season in my division,and I won 3 events out 14 that I attended.
I wonder why mine does not throttle? I read about this issue often.what brand is your graphics card asus, msi gigabyte?
the new beta 347.09, I could never reach 70 until this driver, I was stuck at 68
are you using these settings in nvidia manage 3D? the settings that are in bold letters.if Unigine is not in your list then click the add button and add it, your score will go much higher.
yes it's fair, now try core clock +175, memory clock your Gigabyte can handle it, even a little more than +175 on core
select the beta/older driver in the 3rd section of the page from this link
I have the same G1 Gaming since Oct 6 and the reported factory overclock is 1329mhz boost, are you sure your 1328mhz isn't a typo and your really overclocked higher?
there have been lots of problems reported about this on nvidias site, although I don't have any with my G1 Gaming GTX 970 but they did release driver 347.09 today and 900 series owners are giving better reports, I have been running the new driver for a few hours now and even though I had no problems it does seem to give me better game performance and it has really boosted my benchmark score. driver 347.09 here is the benchmark performance difference . driver 344.75
I really don't know why, it could be my gpu is a better overclocker than yours which is possible from what I have read that all chips are not exactly the same.but can't say for sure as I'm not an expert overclocker. I don't think it's my cpu as it's old, but still good.
every driver I have used I get a TDR in the one game (ETS2) only at 1605mhz
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