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Yes I used to do the long drawn out driver removal with driver cleaners etc, so about a year ago I just started doing it the way you do and I have not had one single problem.
Honestly I can't remember what number I called anymore as it was so long ago. I do think that with the windows 7 I installed on a different system last month that if my laptop was still running it most likely would have been deactivated when connected to the internet or during a windows update.
I have read it all over the web, but anyway I only had to do it with XP pro (never did this before) when I used a disk from a dead computer on my daughters laptop, when I tried to activate it a pop up told me invalid version of windows, so I called microsoft and explained it to them and they sold me a new key over the phone for 40 bucks. this was before vista and 7.
Get rid of the cat.
odd thing about microsoft windows keys, I had a laptop that died so I parted it out, last month I built a new system for a friend and he did not buy a windows disk, I always buy the OEM windows 7 pro disk for my systems and I still have the one for my dead laptop, I installed it on his new system and was going to call microsoft to purchase a new key, I clicked on the activate windows and it went through with no problem and it's been 1 month now. I will assume that it most...
I will keep windows 7 on all 3 of my systems due to the windows 10 updates policy, it's just wrong to force the user to update. not every update applies to every user, I know in my case windows 7 has offered me updates that do not apply to my system, or a update has caused system problems and then I had to remove the update.
How about you move on with your life.nothing wrong with this thread, if you don't like then don't come here.
I have built lots of systems with ASUS mother boards with never a problem, just did one for a friend with the ASUS H97 Pro Gamer, installed all hardware booted up looked over a few settings in the bios then installed windows, made some changes in the bios and my friend has been gaming for 3 weeks now and is very happy. I can't say you won't get a bad board but I have not out of about 22 ASUS boards. all but 1 purchased from New Egg.edit: I should mention I always video...
you are joking yes? you have one good experience with FCPU and you think they deserve an A ratting with BBB after the thousands of people they screwed over? you must be employed there, or you are the owners brother/sister.
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