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so you are calling me stupid for giving the op the answer to his question? and his first post did not ask for a solution. but go ahead and call me stupid if it makes you feel so ******* smart. ASSHAT!And I was not go gorilla on you but now I am for you calling me stupid, so for that you can kindly **** OFF!!
sounds good, I'm by no means am an expert on monitors and resolutions, I just know I really like my current monitorand so far have had no problems after 1 year ownership.I updated my sig, this is my first day on here in about 2 months.
2560x1440I upgraded, I now have a GTX 980ti and run every game at 1440.
I am running a 21:9 LG and I do not have any of the problems you asked about. I just use the games graphics options and change the game to match my monitor. So far my 60+ steam games have the setting for my monitor. I to would like to learn more about the larger curved monitors as I have considered buying one.
NO! the op asked how much of an impact he would get if he replaced the thermal past on his gpu's, this is the title of his thread and I posted my answer and then others told me I was wrong. read the first post, he does not ask how to cool the gpu's. he asked if replacing the thermal paste would help.
I feel all of us are correct to a point. whatever you are comfortable with and the best results you get is the way to go. here are my cpu temps using the grain of rice method and I know for a fact the thermal paste is not covering the entire cpu but my temps on all 6 cores is very good. it's obvious the core at 43c is the center core where I applied the paste.
either way you apply thermal paste only makes a 1c to 3c difference under load, you can see the rice grain size is 3rd best in temp even.
my 980 and 580's are reference cooler gpu's so yes the thermal paste was awful, they had so much it was hanging over the gpu so when I applied the thermal paste the correct way I saw a big improvement in temps. now my Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 has great temps already so there is no need to change the thermal paste as of yet as it is not a reference card..
Whatever, there is such a thing as too much thermal paste.from here:
I put Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste on my PNY GTX 980 reference cooler gpu and had a 9c drop in temps. I only apply the paste the size of a grain of rice, not the size of a pea as that is to much. the paste doesn't need to cover the entire gpu as the paste is just making a better connection (you might say) to pull the heat from the gpu and transfer it to the heat sink. Intel has a video on their way of applying thermal paste and they also use a small amount the size of a...
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