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As with everything some will like win 10 and some won't. I don't and thats my choice. But I don't like others trying to tell me it's my fault if one of my programs has an issue with win 10 or other comments I don't need to mention as they have all been posted on forums over and over. But some comments can be rude or try to make others including myself out to be an idiot, and as I said some will like it some won't and it's the user's choice.
a month ago my daughter had her laptop upgrade from 7 to 10 that she allowed by accident and now her laptop has been a disaster ever since, and since this new update it's even worse. she is a photographer and edits photos daily using an expensive Adobe photo program, the current win 10 update did something to her editing software that it took me some time to get over 400 photos back that for some reason were turned into shortcuts with the originals being moved to a folder...
the memory is a big improvement in the looks of your system. Now finish it
none of the aftermarket coolers will fit with stacked power ports, I had a 680 like that.I really like my Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970, and it never gets hotter than 68c and fans are quiet.
I think my Noctua cpu cooler is a work of art, and cools very very good.
I don't know of any such app, but I can tell you that your current cpu/system is very good and is in no need of an upgrade at this time.
WOW very nice.
good to hear.I have found that a few manufacturers put to much paste on the gpu which isn't really helping.I have had some where the past was running over the side of the gpu, I always apply it the size of a grain of rice, I learned thisfrom a video on intel's website on how to apply thermal paste.ASUS cards normally don't have a issue like this but maybe during assembly the machine or human applying the paste got out of control.
every gpu I have purchased in my lifetime I replace the thermal paste within the first 2 weeks and on average temps drop 8c to 11c, therefore I will also suggest new thermal paste. also make sure the short time the other owner used it there isn't dust in the cooler that you can't see without blowing it out with air.
looks good so far, post when finished so we can give a score.
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