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get some small black sheet metal screws to remount it after drilling out the rivets.
Correct. I wouldn't worry.
Here are temp test results and thermal imaging pics for your board using a Corsair liquid cooler.
the temps are not bad but should be better, they are safe though.Lifting the block can cause air gaps between the block and heat spreader.I have installed lot's of coolers in my day and I have never had to lift one.If it's that difficult some people remove the mother board from the case and installthe block.
You need to figure out how to install the block without having to lift it off the cpu after putting it on, this is a big no no.remove anything that is in the way and causing you installation trouble, maybe do some practice installs with no thermal paste untilyou figure out how to install the block the first try. good luck.
Do not use ethyl, it will damage the keys. found this note online
green artifacts are almost always a failed gpu, or a bad sli bridge but you are not running sli so thats ruled out, I was just going by your error code as I have never heard of the code 14. most of the time it's 43. also as I said before you should remove geforce experience altogether and don't use it all until you get the system running perfect again, it is known to be a problem, and a bigger problem with windows 10. you can read all about geforce experience and windows...
from what I understand and what fixes gpu errors for me is to remove all graphics drivers using windows add remove programs, reboot and then install the graphics driver fresh.Do not install GeForce experience, it is nothing but crappy trouble causing software.
I never heard of the code 14 but, per this article it's pretty common and fixable. Here are the instructions to possibly fix your issue.
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