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I'm not sure what the difference is between 1.0 and 1.1 except what I read and posted on here yesterday about it has something to do with power delivery,2nd paragraph
congrats on the new gpu, what revision is on the box 1.0 or 1.1? mine is 1.0 and I have Samsung memory, but in my opinion Hynix memory isn't that bad.
Gigabyte makes the G1 Gaming and a standard Windforce, the G1 gaming which I have has a back plate, a higher overclock, a metal fan shroud vs plastic, and what I think is really important is it has a 4 heat pipe cooler. G1 Gaming standard Windforce here is mine installed
I have the gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 and it's a beast, they are sold out also but the MSI is a great one also, it ranks above the ASUS. the best GTX 970's are: 1 Gigabyte 2 MSI 3 ASUS. you can read up on them on the OCN GTX 970 owners club and see the overclocks. the MSI is in stock. for the money the GTX 980 is not worth it. as the other poster said it's 200 bucks more for very little performance...
yeah I have never had a cpu failure in my life.
I have always bought ASUS for motherboards, I just liked what I read about the MSI Gaming but will do more research.also some of my parts my wife can buy me direct from some of the company reps she deals with and sometimes I get free stuff (never intel) but my Crucial ssd's were free, and my ram,but with motherboards she get's MSI, and ASUS from a rep and I get 40% off and a direct warranty with the company rep with no warranty time limit, so if a board failed on me in 8...
I was going to do a MSI Gaming 5 Z97 with a 4790K but then decided after some research I will see what skylake wife has worked for intel going on 19 years but she is a senior buyer so she doesn't know much about their chipsets as she doesn't even workin a building that does any type of manufacturing.
I was just curious as I googled power requirements for 2 r9 280x and some user's had issues with 850w when overclocking the cpu and running liquid.other than that I don't know what else to try, but running with one gpu is just the first step I would try.I ran 2 GTX 580's years ago and my 950w psu gave me issue's and that's why now I have a AX1200w left over from when I ran the 2 580's.and I like Corsair psu but any electronic component can fail, and psu can lose their...
try running with just one gpu and see if it crashes. just one 280x pulls 207w under gaming load.
thanks for posting the links, gave me some good info. +rep
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