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I bought my 4 year old grand daughter (start them early) an ASUS refurbished laptop from new egg a year ago for $325 and not one problem. it even came with the new warranty and it even looks brand new. it came with a intel i3, 8 gigs of ram, 500 gig hdd, dvd burner and windows 7 pro 64bit. best purchase I ever made. the laptop you linked from Amazon looks like a good deal for the 11 year old. I would buy it.
the operating system is only affected when you replace the motherboard with a different one.
very nice.
something's up with the driver, I have the same sound card (for a year now) and I have never had this issue. have you tried a re-install of the driver?
if it's just for a class I bought my granddaughter a very nice ASUS i3 laptop from new egg for $325, it was a refurbished unit by the manufacturer so it came with a warranty as if it was new. been using it for 8 months now with no problems. and it looks brand new with not a mark of any kind on has a intel i3 cpu, 8 gigs memory, 500gb hdd, dvd burner, windows 7 pro 64bit, led backlit screen.
good luck, let us know what becomes of this.Corsair does the credit card holding for rma so you don't have much down time, I don't see why Swiftech wouldn't.
I could not zoom out as there are cell phone towers that would have shown up in the pic.I will be taking some shots from the other side as there isn't anything that will be in the way it's just I willhave to drive about a 100 miles.
yeah I like it, but with all cities it has it's up's and down's.I live 12 miles from the city center so I don't have to much city noise, but I'm 3 miles from interstate 5 but really can't here it either with all the big trees between me and the freeway.
I live in Olympia Washington (state capitol) which is 50 miles from Seattle and there are better views of Mt. Rainier from Seattle.
well I hate to say it but I added the light in the back ground playing around with photo shop.first time I ever edited like that, so I'll post a non edited photo of mine.the moon is real, taken from my backyard during the super moon episode.this is Mt Rainier, I took it from the roof of my house, the mountain is 45 miles away.used a Canon EOS 40D with a Canon 100-400mm F4.5-5.6L for the mountain shot, also used the same setup for the super moon.
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