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Logitech are very good speakers with good quality. I have a Logitech 5.1 surrond system I bought in 2009 and they still sound fantastic just as the first day I bought them. they sound great for music, games, and movies on my system.
subscribed to follow the build. Noctua is the best, thats all I use for cpu heatsinks and case fans.
will be going to your build now.
try this just to see what happens, install your gtx 570 in your first slot, then install the gtx 970 in the 2nd slot and boot the system, (it will boot from your 570 gpu), then look in device manger and see if the 970 is in the list.I just find this so odd as you ran the 970 for 6 months.
How come it worked in your system for months and then just stop working after removing and replacing? the bios can't all of sudden decide not to accept the gpu. I run a Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 in an old X58 with a 2010 bios with no problems since I installed the card Oct 6 2014.
I'm with Casey Ryback all the way on his suggestions, and please go with air cooling. I love my Corsair products but their liquid coolers are a nightmare, just check out the Corsair cooling forum.
yes very nice. don't forget to toss the ugly window on the panel. the window mod is easy. cost me 20 bucks to do it myself.
maybe while he is at work you can go to his house and take the system and ship it back for a refund, then take the refunded money and buy the parts to build him a better one. but after you ship it back you should tell him what you are doing and let him punch you in the mouth and then you will both be happy and he has a new better system.
yep I want a 980ti also, every gpu I have owned has sagged in my system, 1 GTX 295 2 580's in sli 1 680, and now my 970, and all but the 970 were the short reference cards but they still sagged. maybe it's my Sabertooth X58 main board that causes it.
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