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yeah I forgot I put a ssd in my old Alienware M9750 laptop a month ago with windows 7 64bit (came with xp) and it is way better now and it only has a core 2 duo. I don't use it much except when I leave town on vacation.
yes when I upgraded to ssd it was like I built a new system, I also put the new ssd's in AHCI mode.I still have 2 hdd's for games and backup. I use a WD VelociRaptor for games.
thanks for that info as I did not know. but I also don't use the pre programed ones in my bios, I set my own.but your info is good for next time I come across someone with this issue.
if he is not into overclocking in the sense of not sure how to do it that sabertooth has pre programed one click overclock settings.I have the same motherboard and cpu as he does and mine still does everything I need and then some, I do run 2 ssd's though and just installed a new GTX 970 2 weeks ago.
I bought a piece of all thread 6 inches long and 2 well nuts for the ends, well nuts are black rubber pads with hex nuts in them, anyway I cut the all thread 5 1/2 inches for my application then put the well nuts on and painted it black. I cut the all thread a little long so I could adjust the support up or down. I have seen others tie fishing line to the end of the card and tie it up top. there was a graphics card out a few years ago (AMD) that was so big and heavy the...
all of mine would sag so I made adjustable support/ is the one I made for my new 970.
good luck.
electrical components can act strange and don't always show physical damage, If the gpu was not registered by the original owner then I really feel you need to rma.put the stock cooler back on it and file the rma.
Corsair won't replace parts either, they will reimburse for current market value of the part that was lets say if you bought a motherboard for $400 dollars and a year later your liquid cooler leaked and destroyed it but it's market value is now $200 that is what you would get from Corsair.I myself only air cool as I have seen too many problems and damage to others systems from liquid.electricity and water don't mix.
yes the Gigabyte G1 Gaming has a 6 and 8 pin power connector.
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