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That looks real good.
the project I am currently running has my gpu boosting to 1961mhz, I normally only get that gaming. This is good though yes?
I have 7 Noctua fans 4 years old now and 2 had the oil issue that went away after about a week, Noctua said they had a issue at the factory where to much oil was applied and that it would go away which it did. I also run a Noctua cpu cooler, I won't use any other brand. I did have 1 fan (no oil leak) that I had to help it start up with my finger and Noctua sent me a new one and had me break a fan blade off the failed one and send a pic with my i.d. in the pic, before that...
From what I read in the spec sheet my current mother board (ATX) in my sig should fit good in the P3 without covering the wire openings yes?
I have had my MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X since July 5 and this is my first time folding with it and it runs nice and cool on auto fan and my home office right now is currently 23c. my 1070 has never gone over 62c under full load gaming with auto fan, the fans don't even kick on until 60c and then turn off at 55c
Yeah I know what you're saying, I don't like pre-built either but that G20 sounds kinda nice, to bad it doesn't have the i7 K model so you could use it in a different build.
yep it should run fine, Not sure if I would over clock anything though.
got it.Thank you
How would I do that? do I do it by parking 2 threads in my windows program?I hacked my registry a couple years ago to get this program to show up under power options.EDIT: do I disable hyperthread in the bios?
yeah I did a little more research and your plan should work just fine.good luck on your recent job application.
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