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bought the sleeved cables from Corsair last year when they had them on sale for $39.99 U.S.your pictures look better than mine, I used my phone with it's flash, I have a Canon 40D DSLR camera I should have used but didn't feel like getting it out and setup as I use it for landscape photography, so I would have to change the lens, settings, etc for indoor.
thanks for this, it will help with my friends setup for him to read as he is running a GTX 580, I gotta say it works great with my new GTX 970. I played a few games last night using far I have only tried 2351x1323 in the game settings, when you enable all the resolutions in NVCP in the manage 3D settings Global it so far has put those selected resolutions in my games graphic display options. won't have to upgrade my monitor just yet as the DSR feature makes my games...
wow we almost have twin systems with the green C70 and all the Noctua fans, although pic doesn't show the green as good. I also have a GTX 970 now.
post back your results, I have another thing to try if it still isn't fixed.
thanks for the info.I'll just leave it alone, I have performed more adjustments with DSR in my games and it's great, which is good enough for me.
have you ever tried real temp cpu temp monitoring program? it's the only one I will use.
also how much thermal paste is on it? I only use the amount the size of a grain of rice, intel has a video showing it this way also, and my wife has worked for intel for going on 18 years now so I get lot's of tech support and knowledge from the engineers there. ( my wife is a senior buyer for them not a engineer)
you can get air pockets between the cpu and the heatsink by removing the heatsink to check the spread and then put it back on without cleaning and applying new thermal paste.
I have had my GTX 970 for 2 weeks now and don't know much about the new DSR feature, what I would like to know is I have new resoultions for DSR in the NVCP for my monitor resolutio but my monitor is a 1920x1080 IPS 27" I have it set at that resolution in NVCP but now 2 new ones popped up with the new 344.48 driver here is a pic, can I use the 2 new ones shown on top under the Dynamic Super Resolution or will my monitor screen go black? and would it really make a...
yes it does work great for some, but I have read about not working great more than good.but thats on the nvidia forums and some of the users on there are not too sharp.everything has it's pros and cons.
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