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I would like you to post a link where it shows Noctua fans are not any good.depending on which model fan you buy of theirs they have a 4 to 7 year warranty, though I have never had to use the warranty unlike corsair, coolermaster, areocool, etc. I have a box full of fans that just don't perform the way my 7 Noctua fans perform and are very quiet and I have all of them running full speed 24/7 as my system does lots of...
are you running the version 4.40? it is the newest version and it shows it has been updated for Z97 boards and yours is on the list. edit: I looked at the top of the pic you posted and see that you are running version 4.40 so I would just say it's a issue with the software. I never trust software to read temps or voltage on my system, I use a volt meter and for temps I have a inferred heat...
this is my first failed PNY product. it also helps that my wife is a computer hardware buyer for a large company going on 18 years now and deals with a PNY rep at least 3 times a week, she has ordered from him for 5 years now. he is also the rep trying to score me a GTX 780.
sorry I didn't do better but my GTX 680 died at the end of the first day. I am now running on my GTX 580 and my GTX 680 is on it's way to PNY. it didn't overheat it just shut down, fan stopped and screen went black and my monitor said no signal. PNY said they have some more in stock and don't see a problem with sending me a new one and they said their not even going to test it as it sounds like the gpu just failed and it cost them more in time and labor to test the gpu and...
yes I use bitdefender on 3 of my home systems and I don't even know it's running as nothing is bogged down. I had Norton for free from Comcast for years but sometimes when just being on my homepage reading the news things would bog or slow down and when I checked for the cause it, was Norton. Norton is good though but kind of a hog sometimes.
thanks dman. I changed to advanced last month and that's when I noticed a 4K hit on my gpu that's why I want to try it under beta, if it's not that much of an improvement i'll go back to advanced.
I have Comcast and was using Norton for years but it really bogged down my system, (the system in my sig). I have heard that Norton is not so bad now but I haven't used it for a couple years now.and yep that's the article, looks like I was off a little on the chart but, when I read further into the source article bitdefender was at the top over panda.
I forgot how to change it to beta under the configure tab, could you walk me through it so I can try it and see if it helps a little.
the current virus software article in the OCN news showed Bitdefender at 100% success. for what it's worth.
I need the newer drivers for lots of my games, so yes I am on the latest beta driver as the latest whql driver is really bad. driver 340.43 is the current beta I am running.
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