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I first heard of it on the MSI GTX 970 a year ago, this the first I heard about it on EVGA or any other brand.
I found this on the EVGA site, they do have the 0 rpm fan at idle under no load. as for the noise when the fans do spin contact EVGA
0 rpm fan feature is on EVGA GTX 980ti
as I said in your other thread, I thought only MSI had the 0 rpm fan feature when the gpu is not under any load.but I'm not 100% sure. I will check on it.
I was just letting you know he is running 2 threads on the same subject, which I find odd.
the op has started another thread on this about 44 mins ago
now I understand, it's just one of the 2 fans thats making the noise yes?if so you should contact EVGA, they are one of the best when it comes to warranty and taking care of the customer.
sorry your first post said one of the fans, so I thought it had it a reference style cooler such as this
most MSI GTX 970 and GTX 980 and ti have the 0 rpm fan at gpu idle with no load. as for the fans making noise when they do spin you should RMA the graphics card. the brand should be posted on the fan shroud
I think you are correct about the cooler issue, there was a thread on OCN last month about a 290x having the same issue as theowner installed a Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV air cooler, then upon putting the stock 290x cooler back on the gpu ran perfect again.
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