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did you ever clean dust out of the graphics card fan and heat sink? that would be one reason for running so hot. as the others are saying I'm willing to bet the gpu is finished with it's life due to running way to hot.
also it's posted in the Corsair forums that you can't close the side panel on the air 540 with the MSI GTX 970 due to the copper heat pipes on the gpu cooler.
yep, and this is why on page 4 I posted the instructions on how the op could get the score he should be and is now getting for his setup, which included disabling vsync. and I love them casey ryback movies, got all the dvd's, guy can kick some butt.
yes that is perfect.
when you re-paste a gpu you remove the warranty sticker when taking the heatsink off and I don't think the op wants to void his warranty.I have replaced gpu thermal paste in the paste on gpu's that were 4 years old and the temp difference was only 1c to 2c
yes that would work great, and would not be a waste of time, thats basically like the aftermarket ones that EVGA used to sell
yes because then there would be air flow restriction from the small openings on the bracket, but without that bracket your graphics cards wouldn't have much support.
yes I understand that, but you made it sound like you wanted to remove heat from the graphics cards and since your's are blower style that means they are exhausting their heat out of the case already.removing pci slot covers removes heat out of the case from hardware that exhaust it's heat inside the case such as graphic cards with custom 2 and 3 fan coolers. .
cutting those out won't help your gpu cooling as the hot air is coming out the holes on the dvi panels on the gpu's. what will help is larger openings on the gpu dvi/pci panels such as modding them by cutting ( I myself would not) or replacing them with the type I posted a picture of in my earlier post like this.
I think he is wanting to get more air flow for his blower style graphic cards, which myself and the others are trying to tell him that removing the pci case slot covers won't help, but it would help for graphic cards that exhaust in the case such as mine which you told me a year ago about removing my pci slot covers, which in fact helped my cooling..
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