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what company did you buy it from? this not acceptable and you should send the system back for repair. this why I stopped buying pre built systems 7 years ago and build my own. companies don't care anymore after the sale.
Hi all, hope this is the correct section for this. anyway within the last year I get really sick when play action fps games, this does not happen with my racing games, I have a 27" monitor and game 1920x1080. last week I bought a new setup so that my monitor is further away from me but that did not help. the sickness starts in the first 3 minutes of playing and I have to stop. this has never happened before. thanks for any help or advice.
I have the same keyboard (2 years now) with a creative sound blaster z and never a problem. have you tried a older Microsoft keyboard driver? or disable your creative sound card and enable your onboard sound and see if problem continues.
I have read on these forums more than once that half say exhaust and half say intake.your best bet is to mount it as intake and monitor your temps, then mount it as exhaust and monitor temps again, then mount the fan in the way that gave you the best temps out of the two.
Is the front panel not removable? my Corsair C70 came with a dent in the front panel (metal case) and Corsair sent me a new front panel free. mine was damaged at Corsair as the box had no damage, so mine got by QC at Corsair. if the front panel cannot be replaced then bondo and sand it perfect and then paint the entire case. I agree with yanks8981 that vinyl wrap looks cheap.
waiting for my turn, it was hot that day and lexan windows don't roll down.
nice, I like it. I see the last pic was a double red light, did the other guy red light worse I hope?whoever red lights first on a double red light is the loser.
looks good I give it a 10. as for the back, I have a mid-tower case and the cables in the back of mine are a mess. I won't even take pics of it back there.
I feel you could have done a better job with the bondo if you took your looks wavy, with body filler and the vinyl wrap it should look perfect, I can still see where it was damaged.I suggest you do it over. but that's just my opinion as I am a perfectionist. but you have the idea correct just need to do it better.
yes you can buy it at any hardware store I was just posting the Krylon site for info on the Fusion paint.
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