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Mine has Samsung, yours is the first I heard of using Micron in the 1070 but, thats just my research.
MSI Gaming XHeres mine, It's great.
what he is showing in the video has been around since windows xp pro and will not increase your system performance.I have windows 7 pro 64bit and my version comes with the core unparking option, there is a registry hack and a program to do the same but my versionof windows came with it in my power options and with all cores un-parked I can't see any performance increase, there might be but I can't see it.
I will look into Gsync monitors.funny the date you purchsed your current system, I built mine 12/12/2010, I'm still running the 2010 bios in the mother board with no problems.thanks for the info on performance of the gsync monitors.
Same here, my old X58 runs every game I have including the new Doom maxed out with my GTX run great with fps well over 60 with no frame skipping, etc. I even crank up AA in NVCP.I don't pay attention to benchmarks either, just smooth game play is why I buy a graphics card.I should add that my cpu is at stock speed.
wow, thanks for all the replies and or some help or suggestions on my problem I asked about. not one person on here could reply?guess Ill ask my question somewhere with more helpful users.
why would one night gaming my gpu usage recorded with afterburner is very smooth and steady at 99% and then the next night it's a constant jumping up and down from 99% to 25% ? It does this playing the same game with the same scenes and things going on in the game, it's American Truck Simulator if that can help answer my question. and it doesn't affect game play, my fps are the same and no stuttering.
yes but isn't it like a few more years before I'm forced to use windows 10? I will keep till then as I do play one or 2 games about 3 times a week for an hour at mostas I have been getting motion sickness the last year when gaming. when the time comes I'll just sell the entire system cheap, and I have extra video cards and psu.
once I am forced to use windows 10 I will give up using a computer as I really cant afford a new system as my current one has some items and software that windows 10 says are not compatible. the only thing I would miss about a computer is paying my bills online but, I can always go back to the U.S. Mail and pay my bills by mail. I don't need gaming, heck I have office pro 2013 (it was free) and all I use is outlook for receiving electronic bill statements, and like said...
Once the deadline has past I wonder if I can enable windows update on my 3 windows 7 computers. it's been disabled since Oct 2015 as I was tired of all the windows 10 crap trying to install every other day.
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