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software to check your psu is not good, multimeter is the best. have you considered at UPS? if you think there might be bad power from the electrical circuit you should really get one. I use one of these, but there are others that are good for less money, Cyberpower is good also.
I will say that if you already have the 1000w installed then just keep in case you add more hardware.I run a 1000w in my system as I used to run 2 GTX 580's and having the 1000w at the time helped me sleep better at night.
even with 2 you are fine, I saw in the original post that you had the x2
how did you come up with 1020 watts? I'm not a complete expert on this but I don't think you are using that much. But there are 2 experts here on OCN that will most likely chime in and correct me if I'm wrong. edit: shilka is one of the experts, glad to see you chime in on this shilka.
I had a Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming that I oc past the factory OC with never an issue so I don't know where you heard it's common.. I still have my GTX 970 in the box, ran it for over a year with never a problem. Anyway what I will say is NEVER use FurMark on a gpu! it alone can fry a perfectly good gpu. I think it's a driver issue caused by something else on your system as the gpu worked good in a different system except you said it had 1 hard lock in the other system, if...
your system specs show you are running a Titan.and if your 3770k is bottlenecking a GTX 1070 then you have other problems, maybe old driver or corrupted driver install.
It will run fantastic with your i7 980x, I'm running a MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X with a stock clocked i7 970 6 core. NO bottleneck here, even at 1080p
my MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X is getting along really good with my i7 970 6 core non over clocked cpu. all my games at max settings, even Doom on Vulkan, no bottleneck that I can see. I have very smooth game play at good fps over 60, some games over 100fps. I just love the X58 platform. built mine in 2010, I'm even running the 2010 bios version.
if you over clock the cpu then don't use the hyper 212.if you don't over clock then it's a good cooler for the money.myself I am a Noctua user for all my cooling.the coolers shilka linked are all very good.
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