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Just purchased the combo from xsoc Photon 170, CPU block, 6 fittings, and the ax360 for 259 or something like that
Where's the beat place to buy the 170? Don't seem to be in stock much
I'm thinking of getting either the 170 or 270 for my 750D Thinking of the AX360 mounted up top and the Koolance CPU block. If I decide to put my 970 under water I would get a 280 radiator up front
Thanks for the info.I'll look into it more tonight after workUpdate:Looks like a great pump.Pretty quiet overall other than when in kill mode?I'd just need to decide how to mount the pump and reservoir
Currently my h110 is 29mm thick I'm running push pull fans at 25mm thick each for a total of 79mm give or take.I have around 1mm of clearance on MB sinks.I'm more or less stuck on what pump to get. Needs to be quiet
Hey guys, Here is my current rig rocking a 4790k with a H110 with push/pull 140's on it. All stuffed into a 750D In reality this cooler does a great job at keeping temps reasonable. I see typical prime 95 loads in the 55-60c range. However, I see temps around 68-70k on Prime 95 small FFTs. Thats running 4.4 around 1.2v, or just under. I've hit 4.9GHz as 1.42v just to benchmark my rig. Maxed out again around 72c in 3dmark 2011 I don't ever realistically see myself...
Here is my 750D. Love the case Might consider fabbing up a PSU shroud one day
I'll consider flipping the rear fan as an intake
That's what its at now.2x140 front intake2x120 bottom intake1x140 rear exhaust4x140 top exhaustNot the highest I've seen. But more than enoughRuns around 1490-1511 in 3dmark11. Will run 1530-1550 in Skyrim at 75% load for about an 1/2 hour before the driver messes up.Stable right around 1500 in Skyrim and never miss a beat
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