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First post in a LONG time. Need to update my sig. Running an 4790k with my 970I just got my FTW as well. ASIC 76%Clocks to around 1490-1520 in 3dmark but will hold 1530 in Skyrim.I'm definitely interested in a way to increase the max power %. Temps are way down and the extra voltage is available. Just pegs the power limit easilyOn the FTW cards we do have a selectable BIOS and I wonder how that plays in here
I just finished my 4790k build... For ease of operation I'd recommend the Corsair H110. I have it with 4*140 fans in a push pull configuration and see temps as low as 20c idle and 65c on a stress test Even if you kept it factory spec, you'd probably be around 75c with prime 95
Here's what I ended up with i7 4790k Gigabyte Ud5h Black 8GB G.Skill Trident Corsair 750D Corsair H110 (crammed a push, pull setup, as I had 2*120 noctuas left from last build) Evga 850 g2 Yeah the PSU is overkill, but who knows I might run a killer sli setup in the future. I wanted to be prepared. Read good reviews on the eVGA and have bought their cards for a long time. Thought I'd try their PSU, even though its made by super flower I think Nothing crazy, but here's a...
I appreciate your opinions. Think I'll stick with the 4790k. I'm not really interested in upgrading my card at the moment.Honestly it plays Skyrim/COD just fine at my resolution.I'd be using it way more for photo processing.Probably will downsize PSU to 700/750
Case doesn't need to be silent, just on the quiet side. I sleep 10ft from it and sometimes it's running over night1. Isn't the 4790k the best performer? Comes with an unlocked multiplier? For less than $100 seems foolish to not go for it2. No sli or crossfire planned. Assuming the 860 watt is overkill?3. Not many games nowadays, but used to game as hard as anyone. Skyrim occasionally4. Run a 1920*1200 Dell Ultrasharp5. Usually Light Room 5 to edit and process my photos
While I mostly agree, my PSU was made "just" before 8 pins were made for the pci-e. While my card only uses 6 pins, I'd rather upgrade to 8 pinsAny suggestions?
First off, I'd like to say its been years since I've been active here. I am happy to see how much the community has grown. I used to be a very active member and a fairly aggressive overclocker. Fast forward a few years and my q9550 and g45 are far outdated. Hell I'm still on ddr2! I've just been busy and my hobbies have shifted elsewhere. But, I'm getting into photography(mostly automotive and mostly of my 700RWHP Cobra), and photo editing can be very strenuous on a...
Hey guys, Its been a long time since I posted but I need some help/suggestions. At my summer internship, we have this one Dell computer (god awful slow celeron) with some generic 80GB IDE hard drive. He gave me a second 80GB IDE harddrive and asked me to clone the two so they could have a direct backup in the event of a HDD failure. So, for the life of me, I cannot get windows to see both drives on the Dell, I tried every posibility of slave this, master that....
So far...this has been my best stable OC with a G0 Q6600 VID 1.3125 I have found more stability with turning LLC off,and my BIOS set voltage for vcore is 1.60v. Temps permitting (I was seeing a MAX of 68c with my true), just try 1.6v for a quick run. I also have found that a 1:1 is the most stable, I believe thats 2.00D in the BIOS So... try 1.6v (bios) and set the MCH strap to 400
Load temps at 1.58v during 3dmark06 was no higher than 55c MAX. Having 12 degree air with windows open is win.... I still say however, I'd get the q9550. I wish I had gotten one instead
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