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You mean have it run at a lower OC, if any OC at all when your not playing a game, then have it boost it up to 3D level OC in a game?
I got a hearty 2,1xx point increase from my 8800GT. Heres some comparing scores: I'll compare it with my best GTS score of 11,351. Bear in mind, that was with every process killed, GTS OC'ed to its MAX, and my C2D at 3.7Hhz The actual link itself: 13,498
Now with a more normal ambient temp of 18-19c:
Hmmm, I uninstalled 3dmark, and poof, back to normal....The weird thing is, even other games were cut in performance, I was averaging less in FEAR than i was with my GTS... Uninstalled and reinstalled 3dmark, and everything works fine...who knows?
Hi Guys, I've got a bone to pick with some of you.... So, I installed my 8800GT today, everything went well, I reached 13,500 3dmark 06, and everyhting was great. I tried OCing just a tad more, and it was unstable, so I restarted, and backed them down to what I had before, score dropped to 8k...I tried again and again, 8k-ish every time..I've reinstalled, cleaned, swapped drivers...I just dont know where to go at this point, this blows.... Any ideas?
I'm at 13, 3xx now, I'm positive I can hit 14k tonight, maybe closer to 15k with some fiddling
Idle = 40c Load = 56c Ambient = Got my window cracked and thanks to good ol' NE weather, 12-13c ambient I just got my card an hour ago, working on OC now, I'm so far stable at 750/1820/1000, more pics to follow
725/1836/1000 is stable....trouble is, I dont know how high that is reletive to idk....
Yeah, it scores roughly 12,5xx with stock SC clock speeds, time to OC... I'll post all the screenies in one big post later, maybe much later, tonight. Starting to scan at 725/1836/1000
I have plenty of SC varying from my usual 3.5GHz OC and a mild OC on my 320, to 4.0Ghz and an aggressive 320 clock... For starters.... Before: 4.0Ghz C2D, every process killed, high performance quality on drivers, etc etc, netted my 11,3xx, with the 320 Just installed the 8800GT, C2D at 3.5, stock SC settings, image quality on quality, all processes on, I scored 12,5xx
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