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I respect your opinion as well as the time you took.Temperatures are of zero concern to me at this stage. I can't get the thing to go over 55-60 if I triedI rather have the h110 as an exhaust therefore its pumping the heat outside the case. Instead of blowing warm air insideI value silence as I sleep next to my system and generally appreciate a quiet computer. Why I pay extra for the Noctua fans
huh?Did I goof up?I mean its a z97ud5h Black series?
I personally run a H110 with 4x140mm fans. Total cost was $105(H110) +$45(2xAdditional Noctuas) = 150I have seen great temps. With Vcore around 1.18-1.22 and running 4.4GHz I see load temps of around 56-60cI've pushed to 4.9GHz at 1.4v and she holds around 70-72c in 3dmark11I agree. A custom loop is obviously better. Especially for custom setups. But for the price, the H110 is great
I really don't mind it on the top thoughGood flow from front to back and bottom to top
Don't think it will reach.I'm sure I could improve temps 1-3c by running it as an intake. However I thought by running it as an exhaust on the top, it would remove the maximum amount of heat from the case. Therefore keeping other components cool
Its been about 5-6 years since I've started fresh with a build. My hobbies normally change with the seasons. Been working with my 800hp 03 SVT Cobra for a while. Now its time to upgrade the PC I thought I'd post what I came out with 4790k Corsair H110 Gigabyte z97 Black 8GB G.Skill Trident X eVGA 970 FTW eVGA 850G2 Just BARELY git a push/pull on my H110. By maybe 1-2mm Any thoughts?
I think you're being greedy in a wayOur FTW's are supposed to boost to a MAX of 1367 I believe. That is what they are rated forAt no point your speed dropped below that right? You just lost "some exrta" speed on the card. Instead of having 120 free mhz, you only have 105 free mhz at timesThese cards are literally FTW man. Be happy with themBy chance your card is honestly broken and has a stuttering issue. eVGA has the best customer service. BAR none. Call them up
First post in a LONG time. Need to update my sig. Running an 4790k with my 970I just got my FTW as well. ASIC 76%Clocks to around 1490-1520 in 3dmark but will hold 1530 in Skyrim.I'm definitely interested in a way to increase the max power %. Temps are way down and the extra voltage is available. Just pegs the power limit easilyOn the FTW cards we do have a selectable BIOS and I wonder how that plays in here
I just finished my 4790k build... For ease of operation I'd recommend the Corsair H110. I have it with 4*140 fans in a push pull configuration and see temps as low as 20c idle and 65c on a stress test Even if you kept it factory spec, you'd probably be around 75c with prime 95
Here's what I ended up with i7 4790k Gigabyte Ud5h Black 8GB G.Skill Trident Corsair 750D Corsair H110 (crammed a push, pull setup, as I had 2*120 noctuas left from last build) Evga 850 g2 Yeah the PSU is overkill, but who knows I might run a killer sli setup in the future. I wanted to be prepared. Read good reviews on the eVGA and have bought their cards for a long time. Thought I'd try their PSU, even though its made by super flower I think Nothing crazy, but here's a...
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