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I had it a bit longer but took a bit out. There is still plenty of play in the hose
Just finished my first custom loop with the help from my friend. Go easy on me Pretty happy the way it all turned out. I just snapped some quick pics. I'll take some better quality pics when I have time to lug the PC into another/better room XSPC Photon 170 kit essentially here Photon 170 AX360 Radiator 3x 120mm Noctua 2000rpm Industrial Raystorm Block Primochill Hosing Installation wasn't terrible hard. However, anytime you need to take a drill to your nice case,...
I should have it all buttoned up by tomorrow. I have a bunch more pics
The Raystorm that bad?I figure I'm getting it for "free"The AX360 and the 170 D5 cost the same as the entire kit.So I'm essentially getting 6 comp fittings and the Raystorm for free
Decided to go with the Photon D5 170 combo, xspc ax360, xpsc block, and a few other pieces Should be building soon
Just purchased the combo from xsoc Photon 170, CPU block, 6 fittings, and the ax360 for 259 or something like that
Where's the beat place to buy the 170? Don't seem to be in stock much
I'm thinking of getting either the 170 or 270 for my 750D Thinking of the AX360 mounted up top and the Koolance CPU block. If I decide to put my 970 under water I would get a 280 radiator up front
Thanks for the info.I'll look into it more tonight after workUpdate:Looks like a great pump.Pretty quiet overall other than when in kill mode?I'd just need to decide how to mount the pump and reservoir
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