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Quote: Originally Posted by b.walker36 does everything turn on (ie lights cdrom and stuff) cause if it does i would take a look at your graphics card. Try testing another card to see if it goes away. Once i sent my card in and got it back the problem was gone. So it may be your video card. i had the same problem. All the lights turn on, but it fails every attempt to post... It could be the GPU...But why would the problem go away completely...
Hi guys, havent posted in a while as lifes been busy, but i have a question.... About 2 months ago, my computer was acting strange. If I let it sit off for more than 1 hour, it would have trouble rebooting. It would fail at posting again and again. I would reset, and try again. Sometimes, it would take 50 tries to even get to the bios. However, once started, it ran perfectly stable... Its also good to note, I had taken off my overclock... Anyways, I replace my MB and...
I must say, Intel EE mobos FTW!!!
I had a 320 and just got my new GT... My 3dmark06 went from 11,3xx to 13,5xx... In game sits faster, can play CSS with 16xAA and average 155fps. I can play FEAR maxed out with VSYNC on, 60fps, and avg 59fps at 1680x1050.. Very very very worth it. How ever, beware, its much louder and higher pitched than the 320, so be prepared...repaired to shell out some extra dough for that upcoming hr03 gt.
I love my XBX2 to death... Extremely stable, no gimmicks, no BS. It keeps my e6600 @ 3.5Ghz with 1.350v all day long. I ran it 37h in orthos, it would ahve went forever, but I got bored. One negative, is its on the 975x chipset, its memory OCing is subpar, it strains to hit even 1000mhz. The highest I hit is something like ddr2-1040. The same memory sticks on my prior p5b-d, I hit ddr2-1280
HMMMM, I'm stumped. I'm not sure if its the drivers, but my "slowdowns" are back. I am very very confused. I've tried driver after driver, I just don't know. My 3dmark score is 9,000 now, down from 13,500. I've tired re installing 3dmark which worked before, changing OC, pretty much everything i can think off I now average 5, yes 5 fps in FEAR every now and then. I want to make myself beleive its the drivers giving me trouble and wait it out for something...
It should be able to, I am able to... Theres a little "power" slider that will change from 2D, to 3D up at the top
You mean have it run at a lower OC, if any OC at all when your not playing a game, then have it boost it up to 3D level OC in a game?
I got a hearty 2,1xx point increase from my 8800GT. Heres some comparing scores: I'll compare it with my best GTS score of 11,351. Bear in mind, that was with every process killed, GTS OC'ed to its MAX, and my C2D at 3.7Hhz The actual link itself: 13,498
Now with a more normal ambient temp of 18-19c:
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