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Small update while waiting on parts I made a PSU cover with acrylic and 3M vinyl, hand cut my nausdesign logo. Should be getting a box of goodies today and I'll update you guys!
I see the black in-stock but are you seeing a nickel (EK-FC Titan X Pascal Backplate - Nickel.) in-stock already?
I really like the loop you have designed, good routs may of gave me a few ideas. I am currently building a loop in the same case and I was really thinking about putting the pump in the bottom like you but as of right now I have it planned in the top with res.
Ok That sounds reasonable. I might wait till it comes in and see if that is all it needs. Thank you.
So first time installing a water block on my graphics card, I purchased the EK block for my Titan X. Have we already came to the conclusion that the OEM back plate will not work with the EK block? I need to decide if I want to order the EK back plate and put the build on a hold a little longer till it all comes in.
This case is a very clean and a great looking case, the case is what started this whole rebuild my old system was fine but I like this case so much wanted to try and build a beast in it! I don't think I will be cutting any of the outer aluminum I am hopping since this will be under water my temps will be fine. Not trying to break any records just keep it in a good temp zone to play games and work on projects. Bending the PETG was not to hard, what you see in that picture...
Nice Idea! I was a little worried about loosing some strength in the case but it ended up working out well, I like how you approached this.I was still 50/50 on the tubing and let my wife pick, she likes the fittings so I ordered more and should have them soon to finish the loop. Worst case I don't like it and I end up bending some tube.
Woot! Was not even expecting it till Monday! Now it gets to look pretty till the water block comes in.
Look what came in!
Subbed!!! I can look at these images all day.
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