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This might be off subject but I like the SKIN/VERSION of this Precision X I am using a GTX 690 and I see this version is for the Titan, if i download this one will it work with my GTX690 or will it just cause problems. I love the green and it would match my theme so much better!Thank you.
They came in and getting ready to install trying to figure out if I want to just do new OS install and new steam on other drive or try using the Samsung Data Migration and just move it all.Thank you
Aww man I was just mili-sec off I was worried about slow work internet! hahahaha ( 3rd post)
In for the Win (2nd post)
I am in "First Post" should be fun!
looking good! Subed for finsished product!
In Thank you!
So that win that ultimate rig contest had me looking at computer parts again and I found Samsung 840 pros on SALE today so just ordered them and added to build log will be putting them in soon, and I think I might follow with another 32 gig of ram (over kill!)
I use the SilverStone filters on my main rig I do like them they do a great job! some can air clean them easy and they look stock on my Case. only way to remove them though is to unscrew them. Not a big deal but annoying if you have to clean a lot, but in your style of Mod that would be with just abuout any style you go with.
Amazing craftsmanship! I recently finished working with acrylic and it not the easiest thing to do. I was looking at ordering another case to mod but after seeing this it makes me want to just try to make a full custom one as well!. Great work will be following this! If I may ask what tools are you using to cut the acrylic? I used a jig saw with slow setting and fined tooth blade it worked but to get things perfect I am sure you have a better method.
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