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Thank you everyone for suggesting to tighten the rear fan screws seems that did the trick as I havnt heard the case vibrate since then.
So lately I can hear a buzzing sound coming from my case. I have a Luxe and the sound is coming directly from the rear exhaust fan, sounds like it is the honeycome mesh. Giving the problem area a little tap seems to fix the issue but it does come back occasionally.
O man I so wish I had gone the white and green theme instead of the one white red I did. I went white red because Gigabyte swapped to red on the Z97 chipset on their sniper mobos unfortunately. Loving the way this is looking
In current events today man stuck underneath a crushed desk from setting his pc on top from the desk unable to burden the massive weight. Lol sorry
The pump top and reservoir are from EKWB; the X3 series plus I bought a new top for the res as well that became the bottom. They are just the two separate pieces that I then used this bitspower fitting to connect together. Its not a All in one pump top combo you can buy.
Almost done but I'm liking the results
Still got some final touches to do b ut its getting there
Update Got the loop filled and set up the lighting finally after needing to order a fan extension cable to make the reach around the back of the mobo tray. Still need to finish off the window mod and do the extensions plus cover up the remaining optical drive bay wall. I have some ideas that I will play with for the time being. The iPhone 6 is pretty good at capturing the colors acurately (better than my old phone at least) but still needs improvements. The coolant looks...
That's also is a great way to drain loops too! Just insert it in a fill tube and have a drain hose setup and out goes nearly all of the coolant!
Hopefully I can finish mine off by the end of this month
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