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NO way!! I actually made it to the top 30 Chart!! Awesome!!
Thanks a lot for the props brother. I really appreciate it especially coming from you. Crazy how the sli 680's trash these cards though. But my engine bay looks nice and neat, clean with no clutter. No regrets! Card is amazing.
Did not realize that if I sign in and delete results to run another test it wipes out record completely!!! So I ran another one bench to get results back and actually did a bit better this time!!! But this time i didnt care to log in... dmaffo - Intel 2600K with GTX 690 ScoreP17896 Graphics Score 21750 Physics Score 12341 Combined Score 10823
lil more out of it!! i did this one day too late for the update! dmaffo - Intel Core i7-2600K Processor @5257mhz- with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 ScoreP17828 Graphics Score 21596 Physics Score 12342 Combined Score 10861
dmaffo Intel Core i7-2600K Processor 5208 MHZ with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690(2x) ScoreP17531 Graphics Score 21476 Physics Score 11946 Combined Score 10460 the most important part i forgot!! Heres the proof!!
New score using the cold breeze to cool things down. Hope I make it to top 30 this time around!! when do you update scores???
I dont have a single game yet.... I bought this thing to render videos with as old one took like 6 hours to do an 8gb vid. So now I am with a monster beastly computer to do that with..... either way I am so happy with scores. Thanks guys... looking at the ranking charts and noticed that there are some serious builds out there! kudos to them....
that is awesome news!! So i guess my bottleneck is the CPU then right? how much would 5ghz vs 5.2ghz do?? Or do you think this is about it? lol..This stuff is so addictive. Im glad the support on this site is the way it is. Ppl in general are very well versed and extremely patient and willing to help. Love this new hobby!! Its like racing but at home!!!
Goes to show how much of a noob I am. My set up is as follows 2600k m4ez mb ax 1200 psu OCZ revo 3x2 240gb h70 GTX 690 only one card so far... ok that looks right now.
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