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Wouldn't be too hard to make it look better on PC as it usually looks bad on console.
Just Microsoft chasing the money again.
Trinidad and Tobago, but live in Boston
Oh my so much I hate that thing.
I want to get it but only on next gen console which I probably wouldn't be getting soon.
I'm going to boot you
Not a big deal to be honest.
Wait, when did this happened?
Of course it will
Thanks for the reply Greg.In terms of size, well it depends. My mother prefers a more light weight portable camera, but my dad wants a more serious camera because he is more passionate about photography. The only way to know what works for them is to take them to the store tomorrow.So in terms of a light and portable camera would you say the G15 is a good buy while the T3i is better for more serious shooting? Keep in mind at a price of $700 or less, would these be the best...
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