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i have a h90 on my gpu and i want to get h90 for my second gpu. and i want to get a h100 for my cpu. my question is can i mod them all into one big loop
ill be upgrading to 1150 soon hopefully and i will be getting a 2560 x 1440 aswell for gaming
thx for the help
background information the i5 is getting an upgraded video card but when my 6950 2gb died i found that my z68x ud3h b3 had also died so i replaced it with a asrock b75 pro3-M. i will be moving to 1150 as soon as possible. just wondering if the asrock b75 pro3-m will bottle neck a gtx 770 or a gtx 780 current system asrock b75 pro3 M i5 2500k corsair ax1200 corsair 650d G skill 2133 2x4gb 1tb hard drive evo 212 cooler plse help
this is more a dream pc ideas are just flying though my head my ax1200 is the loudest thing in my current system and the hdd's i want to try and make a gaming pc with bit more power than my i5 system and make 0db
open to ideas will try any thing
ok wat db lvl wil the pc produce
i think the psu will be
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i need to start modding my 650d
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