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Hi Guys, As i was putting my build together, i chanced upon some radiators for free and 1 couple at really cheap price, so i decided to grab them all and watercool my pc. Im having a x99a msi gaming 7 mobo with an overclocked 5820k at 4.5 ghz. voltage is 1.38 core. I am also having a 980 ti oc to 1500mhz and wih the ram oc to 8200mhz. The cpu is cooled by the ek supremacy evo x99 waterblock and the gfx is poseidon 980ti asus watercooled. Although i have not completed...
M reciever is an older model and doesnt have hdmi in.
Hi all planning for a new rig with 3x ek XE360 rads. I am trying to find a suitable pc case to fit all the above so far i only can find cases that fit 1 or at most 2. Please advise. Thankvyou.
My apologies but i dont really like headphones i cant bear having anything on my head even the most comfoetable ones. Id ratjet setup a 5.1 or 7.1 system
I tried with 2 differeny optical cables but the reciever doesnt seem to reproduce any sound. I checked it in eindows to use optic as default playnack device.
Hi my pc is using a asus z97 ac wifi motherboard and i am using the 3.5mm audio jack to connect the sound to the rca connections of a reciever pioneer vsx-d409. The reciever is connected via speaker cables to 2 speakers left and right which were hand built by my friend specialising in speaker building. Its using morel 1 inch soft dome tweeters and scanspeak revelator woofers. With a hand built internal crossover using mundorf gold foil capacitors from europe which were...
Hi i would like to join this club. Here is my 450d.
Hi darksheep, i made the card vertical by making a pcie slot out of sheet metal. I cut with shears and bent it to allow a gfx to fit it and screw down vertically. The bracket i made is connected to the 7 slots pcie screw holes and i use the slot screws to fasten the bracket. The bottom of the pcie bracket i made rests on the psu. To support the gfx i added a small L shape bracket on the end of the gfx and rivetted it to the backcplate of the 450d motherboard tray. To make...
Hi all. I managed to get my hands on a black asus vento 3600 case and want to do a case mod. I would like to hear ideas of what people may want to see or what they think would look nice with the case. Here are some pics of the case. My case is black.
Swag it is:) Gold plating isnt as expensive as u might think.
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