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thank you for the recommendation. a 240 rad i can do. but which brand what fin density should i get? i want the htpc to be quiet and silent so want to run the fans at low rpm.
went to look at images of the compact splash case, doesnt seem pleasing to the eye.. i am willing to build my own case, or modify a AV receiver shell to accommodate. yes i intend to wc both the titan and the cpu. I believe its possible to squeeze in rads, but i need to know the rad area i should be working with. then i can shop or source for appropriate sized rads to make up the required area. use slim fans. right now, im thinking of using building something like this...
Thank you guys for the help so far, I'm thinking of watercooling the i5-4570 and the Titan in the sfx case. How much radiator area do I need?
Thinking of using those slim form factor powerSupplies maybe daisy chain them together.
Than you everyone for your replies. I was looking around for the cheapest deal for the recommended board and chip and managed to find amazing deal for a used asus z87i-pro and an i5-4570 for 310$. Think this will last me for quite a long time. Allanitomwesh, I also got hold of the Titan Zotac with overclock version. There's about 20 cm below my tv, with a width and depth of about the standard audio amplifier. What did you want to recommend about the setup?
48 views and no replies yet. Did I post this in the wrong part of the forum?
Hi guys, Want some advice for making a htpc or a slim pc to connect to my HDTV 1920x1080p. I intend to surf the net, perhaps do some downloading and some light gaming. not sure whether i want to add discrete gfx just yet. My main factor would be cost. I am contemplating between AMD vs Intel based itx platform I realise that intel has higher priced itx boards and chips. AMDs are generally cheaper. Im considering whether i should get one of the following options: 1. a...
I already pulled the trigger on tri sli Titan and seems to work out for me just fine. The 780s we're not released then and neither were 4k res. given amd lack of memory compared to Titan I believe I will just hold on to titans as they have a 5 year warranty. My next upgrade step is to run the posted res with one card. So I will wait for the 980s or the 980 titans or the amd equivalent at that time. I invite for comments.
can we create a sticky at the front of this thread stating the width of the debezelled frame? maybe in mm? with the monitor brand and model? that would allow would be debezellers compare which monitors to go for for their 3x or 5x setup, as then they can get the thinnest internal frame between the screens.
Looking through the replies it seems that a sealed case is possible but needs cooling on almost all major components. It looks like if I need to reach a compromise between cost and my goal of a transparent see through case with bling lights and no dust/no need for cleaning internally, I may have to use positive pressure. So if I have a sealed case with mobo full waterblock, ram wc, CPU and Gpu wc, with the psu isolated , and maybe two intake fans with double filters and...
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