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On sale at newegg $104.99 after a $20 rebate, just ordered one today, Looking forward to joining the club, looks like the perfect case for me!
green-sum and BCC both seem to have done well by the crowd here, now that we seem to be past a 'bad batch' last month. Even with them, everyone got sorted out in the end, if not please chime in anyone.On the stand front, people seem to be liking monoprice, not sure how that would work out for you in the frozen north! Once again, people, please remember that opening your case to expose the VESA mount voids your warranty, and sellers are reading this thread reportedly. I am...
Ask your seller for another brick, if it is that far over-voltage something is wrong with it.
green-sum mentioned they read this thread FWIW
You said you checked the voltage right? If it's 24vdc across the top and bottom set of pins without voltage fluctuations, that's probably not the problem. Based on what folks are saying, a cable has probably come loose or disconnected inside, etc. Don't open it though, you will void the warranty! I ordered from green-sum, they gave me a DHL return number so it didn't cost me a thing.You have checked to be certain you're using a Dual-link port on a capable video card, correct?
I know the sting of that disappointment. My Catleap was completely DOA, and when I sent it back it was stuck in customs for 13 days. When they offered me a refund or a new monitor I grudgingly asked for another, I am so glad I persisted and now I am very happy with my purchase. If you've tried everything contact your seller, they will make you whole and this delay will be that much shorter.
If you're getting 30 volts you have a bad power brick unplug it ASAP and get a replacement before you damage your panel! Both top and bottom should read a steady 24vdc.
Congratulations, when you get it set, post a picture and don't forget to fill out the owners club forms on page one!
Color gamut on my Catleap, since they use the same LG panel it should be almost identical to the Apple Cinema Display 27" if you want a comparison.It is a VESA 75mm mount so pretty much any modern stand will work. You will need to open your monitor and that will void your warranty, forewarned is forearmed!
I have been reading about the folks with hot adapters, mine is warm but has not gotten anywhere near that hot. Your seller should get you a replacement or there are some posts with alternatives just down thread (last few days).
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