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Just contact Corsair and tell them the dang thing doesn't work on your MB and why you have to add washers.. Figure out why it doesn't, it helps both parties...
I went with the Hero just cause I though the MOFSET cooling wasn't worth and extra $100 or so... WIFI...Really why when you have Ethernet? Blur tooth.. only a smurf might have that.
It apparently makes a difference which USB slot you put the stick in. I put it in the second time right below the flash back button and it worked.
Should the light go out or stay on after flash? It been on for about 5 minutes.
Ok I think what's happening is the cards throttling back. Try running furmark or something like that then check it out.
Hey what's the easiest way to flah the bios? DO you have to un zip the file and that bios updater file what's the deal?
Let's see seems as though I remember something about that but it escapes me at the moment...I'll have to do some digging.
Yes try GPU-Z from Tech Powerup and look under Bus Interface. You can change which card to look at from a pull down menu at the top.
In short is it worth it as opposed a dedi controller fan... No BS does it work or not?
Honestly I have no idea on PCIe lanes. I would guess if you moved from the top lane to the next it would be 8X and the next either 8x or even maybe 4x. Just my opine. One way to actually find out is to try it out and see what it does.
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