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1) I would guess its a driver issue with the wifi. You might want to un-install the wifi and reinstall it. 2) DDR stands for Double Data Rate, so 1200 is actually 2400 mhz. (1200x2)
You think this following is bad, try zero Hero 7 thread...LOL
I looked at both the Hero and the Formula. I decided that the built in WB wasn't really worth an extra hundred dollars. Just my opine...
I suppose you can drown anything out with enough noise. I have a couple of Corsair SP 120 fans on a 240 rad and they're anything but quite. The XSPC fans that were on there were more quite. Anyway Good Luck with your system.
yeah right..
What do you think about those meh.. Corsair fans?
I would completely un-install your OB sound drivers and reinstall. You might also DL the latest driver from ASUS and install that.
Of what your CPU. your CPU Cash , or your GPU stuff? LLC might help a little. I don't know, I am new to ASUS MB's myself and have the Hero 7. So I'm learning this stuff but those were the only places I noticed an adaptive setting associated with them. G/L
No I'm Conners. Anyway I don't guess I am following your vague question.
Look under CPU Core Voltage I believe.
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