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A man walks down the street with a lot of old cans tied to a string. Annoyed by the noise, a police officer goes up to him and asks: "What are you doing?" The man replies: "I am scaring lions away!" The police officer says: "You do know that there are no lions in this country, right?" The man replies: "Of course there aren't, I am scaring them away!" Any of the games would be cool.
This lives up to its name completely! But if I might ask, why 16 GB of RAM in every machine? Is it just for the spirit of EXCESSIVE INSANITY?
My vote goes to cpachris's BBBB. Red and Black super cool, but the BBBB just has so much potential! Not to mention the sweet, sweet hardware...
Free awesome keyboard, and you say it comes with awesome OCN branding too? You can count me in for sure!
The fact that they are projecting it to any surface. Look how the plants and stuff are included, and that it ALIGNS with the picture. Normally corners and such would result in massive distortion.
How about they just made the video like this and then released it as H.264 or whatever at whatever resolution is popular at the time. Then every 5 years or so they could update it to the new resolution. With streaming services becoming more and more widespread it shouldn't cost the consumers extra either.
It is entirely possible theoretically, but I don't think you would be able to run it locally at this point in time. (Unless, of course, you are by coincidence using some kind of server cluster as your home computer ) The only limits I can see would be processing power and the man hours it would take to create 300.000 NPCs with different traits but that problem could be helped by implementing some sort of "person generator" that could generate some personalities randomly....
The ones with -P at the end have a pivoting stand so you can use them in portrait mode.I believe the D Blade ones have built-in speakers, but I am not sure if it is the D or the Blade that denotes that.
In. Thanks for sharing this with the community!
I don't understand most of what you are saying, but I get the idea. I think. This sounds really cool, and seems to be fairly low priced (?) for something like this. If you can you should definitely patent this system, I know that I would be first (or probably more like 100th ) in line! Good luck!
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