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Oops I forgot to say ;_; I have 2500k, gotten it to 5ghz 24/7 at 1.48-1.5v, at benchmarking highest i went was 5.3GHz. Asus is Z68 yes.
Hi guys, I have an MSI Z77a GD65 motherboard on my own use at the moment, before I had an asus mobo, but I recently got the asus mobo from warranty, and it´s brand new. What bothers me about MSI is, every time I boot windows I have to change sound device from "external sound" to headphones to be able to listen to anything, and I´ve heard the Asus is better for OC/has better integrated audio card? Any tips guys? In other hand im bout to reinstall Windows 7 anyways so I...
Someone said before that shouldn´t be running at +1.45V 24/7, why not if temps are fine? My 5GHz is 24/7 stable at 1.464-1.47v, and prime temps goes max 70c, I think those are perfectly fine for 24/7, I mean why not
These temps looks perfectly fine right? Im wanting to get to 5.1-3GHz for benchmarking purposes, These clocks should be fine for 24/7. My rig is: - i5 2500k + Silver arrow - MSI Z77A-GD65 - Asus GTX 680 Ref - Fractal Design R3 Arctic White - Samsung F3 500gb + 1TB + 2x Kingston 128GB SSD - Super Flower Golden Green 550w - 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz -
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