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Nice build. Why not grab another 850 pro. Not sure what your intentions with the build are but if you are not worried about the budget a couple more gigs would not kill you .
I have barely enough room with the 140mm 650w strider gold but maybe thats just the msi 290x. So if it helps, if your using the same setup as me do not go over 140mm unless your changing the way the psu routes its cables.and another thing to add is I have no problems with the strider 650w being noisy. It is actually pretty silent in my case. It is a solid PSU. I do not hear much of anything unless I crank my GPU fan. Gaming is fine but 100% fan if I am benchin you can...
I have not run into any problems with my MSI 290x AC GAMING card. Hopefully it stays that way haha.
With my 290x and a 140mm PSU I have about 1" room to work with for cables behind the PSU. 7" From back of case to the PSU. GPU LENGTH IN CASE So I guess the answer is depending how you want to seat the PSU I would reccomend 140mm PSU. You could try seating it with cables going down the middle of the case but I am unsure how well that works. Good luck!
This is what I meant ! also...STRIDER GOLD SERIES states "Excellent combination of power, efficiency and flexibility" . Although I do not think the intended use of flexibility was for bending the connectors.
with what your aiming for id get at least a 600w PSU and probably a modular one as there is not really any room to hide cables. Make sure your power supply is around 160mm. I could not spare a hair between my PSU and the GPU.
Finally put mine together . After many different cable management scenarios tested I stuck with that. Normally use full/ish towers. The PSU is solid but I would prefer full sleeves as the colorful cables are ugly. One thing to note is the outputs from the power suply actually push the 290x forward so I had spent some time flexing them the opposite way before installing them. The 290x idles 35 degrees pretty solidly and max during burn in furmark stays in the high 70's but...
Alright I will look into the Klipsch pro media. The only thing is can you find those speakrers for a max of 100 bucks shipped to Vancouver Canada ? I mean if there are speakers not quite as good but still great for 60-80$ I will take those as I am so tight for cash right now!
Having a crazy time choosing new speakers. I do not want bass that overwhelms even at low volumes. I just want clear sound and am deciding to go with a 2.0 system for under 100$ and add a sub later if I need to. However if there is a really good 2.1 system feel free to mention it as I might grab it anyway. Found these bookshelf speakers but for the love of satan I cannot remember what they were called. maybe MX something and compared to Bose. Either way I just need your...
I think releasing two versions is more of a rumour. If they do so I wonder if the lesser version would have an option to upgrade down the road . Something like basic console with onboard GPU and you could buy a chip later that slides in to become the elite console. Either way I probably will not grab a new console until two years after its release.
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