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Alright I will look into the Klipsch pro media. The only thing is can you find those speakrers for a max of 100 bucks shipped to Vancouver Canada ? I mean if there are speakers not quite as good but still great for 60-80$ I will take those as I am so tight for cash right now!
Having a crazy time choosing new speakers. I do not want bass that overwhelms even at low volumes. I just want clear sound and am deciding to go with a 2.0 system for under 100$ and add a sub later if I need to. However if there is a really good 2.1 system feel free to mention it as I might grab it anyway. Found these bookshelf speakers but for the love of satan I cannot remember what they were called. maybe MX something and compared to Bose. Either way I just need your...
I think releasing two versions is more of a rumour. If they do so I wonder if the lesser version would have an option to upgrade down the road . Something like basic console with onboard GPU and you could buy a chip later that slides in to become the elite console. Either way I probably will not grab a new console until two years after its release.
Stuck with the 7970m and switched back to the 3630qm and got them to take out the ram. And in return ordered a sweet keyboard / mouse / 1TB external HDD / 750gb 7200rpm / 240GB SSD / upgraded ram. Pretty stoked on the spending spree when I originally planned to spend 1000$ on a 670m laptop haha ... Thanks guys !
So that being said would you upgrade to the 3740qm when its strictly just for gaming ?
Hmm just started thinking . . . Grabbed the 7970m and 3740QM i7 . . . BUT Should I have grabbed the 680m and stuck with the 36xxQM processors that are 175$ / 75$ cheaper ? 680M + 3630QM or 3610QM Processors that are 3.4GHz or 3.3Ghz and not really overclockable OR 7970m + 3740QM Processor that is 2.7Ghz 3.7Ghz and overclockable So hard to make the decision but the only two factors are Performance in Games and afterwards which is more futureproof, stronger processor...
I am not missing really missing out because I can game on my desktop so I think I am going to wait a week or two for more info then just grab the 7970m it looks decent !
I am grabbing a laptop because I hate carrying my desktop different places so much. What I want is ... - 3+ hours battery to play media and what not will not really be gaming on the go - 15 inch screen for mobility. - 7970m - 1400$ I am aiming at the P150EM with a 7970m / 750GB 7200rpm HDD / 8GB 1600 Ram Will buy the SSD separate and probably switch out the ram later. Just wondering if something better for 1400$ exist? This laptop is 1376.50 w/ free shipping
Should I wait for the 8xxx mobile cards to be released or grab a laptop with the 7970m now ?
With an H60 my card now sits at 26 idle and the highest it has reached gaming is 49, and has not been above 56 after a 1 1/2 hour stress. My card is an MSI GTX 670 with the short PCB and arctic silver 5 sitting at 1316 core for now and will see how much further it will go. Go pickup a bracket now! Definitely recommended. How can I give you trade rating ?
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