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bump... any takers?
This is my first appraisal submission in awhile, possibly ever . I have a brand new Corsair HX650 that was replaced in an Advanced RMA from Corsair. I've unwrapped the box to test the PSU and its contents. Otherwise, it is unused and brand new. I also have a used EVGA GTX 770 2GB Superclocked. Model number: 02G-P4-2776-KR. Comes with original package contents (stickers, paperwork, etc.). I also have a used HEATKILLER GTX 680 nickel-black . Corrosion free Comes with...
I use Google Chromecast and Bubbleupnp to watch videos and movies in my bedroom. You install Bubbleupnp onto your computer/server, follow the directions to correctly configure the program to play videos from your main computer/server to the Chromecast, and use the Bubbleupnp Android App to remotely start the streaming. As long as you configure the program correctly, you could watch movies on the go as long as you have a data or wifi connection.
Sold mine for $65 shipped.
I agree. Those temps are normal idle temps, Make sure temps stay below 90C.
Yes I do! PM with details!
Replied to all PM's!
I still have it! PM me when you get ready/
I have some invites to hand out. The first two people to reply to this thread will receive invites to purchase the One - 64 GB Sandstone Black model. I will PM the lucky winners for their email address. Good luck! EDIT: Congrats to @skyisover and @y2kcamaross! I'll PM you both shortly for information.
Also, make sure your onboard audio setting is turned on in the BIOS settings & that the audio jack is plugged in securely in the I/O.
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