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Thanks, Steve! I'll be waiting until this Holiday Season to purchase replacement parts, i.e. compression fittings, norprene tubing, Micro-Res.
Has anyone had experience with FrozenQ's Flex Micro-Res V2? It has an option to attach a D5 pump to the back of it. I'm looking to replace my EK DCP 4.0 X-Res Pump Reservoir as I'm tight on space. I emailed Steve and he provided me with a manual, but pictures can only go so far... I've tried to Google for videos demonstrating installation of the V2 res, but searches are coming up empty. Any help is appreciated
Just use Battlelogium. Works great for BF3, BF4, MOHW, and Battlefield Hardline Beta.
Is this system going to be used for gaming? If so, are you planning on using only a single graphics card or going for future SLI/ CFX?
I recommend GigabyteGA-Z97X-UD3H or AsRock Z97 Extreme 4
MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Ignore that.
I encountered that 2-3 minute processing period. What was troubling was that after I edited the code for preview, the code would have about 200 2000 lines of empty space in the middle.
Yes, for another thread. Unfortunately I couldn't edit the code to prevent a large gap from appearing in the middle of the post.
Trying to quote, but didn't work properly...
It seems as if you don't care about how much money you blow at this build...Since you now have a board with great OC'ing potential, spend some money on a good 240mm AIO cooling system like a Corsair Hydro H100i. In addition, I recommend getting a GTX 780ti with an aftermarket aircooler.As for PSU, if you know for sure you only want a single GTX 780ti graphics card, you will only need a 550W PSU. You can pick one from this list : FAQ: Recommended Power Supplies
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