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They are Razer Green Orange Mechanical Switches. Source 1 Source 2
Ebay / craigslist is probably the only place you could get that price. I wouldn't want to purchase anything priced that low. It might have been used as a miner cranked at 150%...
In 2013, Toyota and Honda made the same amount of recalls. The total number of affected vehicles is based on the number of vehicles manufactured. Toyota simply has more vehicles in the US vs Honda. Source In addition, any car can reach '300k miles' if proper maintaining occurs. EDIT: Like I said earlier, there are many reasons why a consumer purchases one brand versus the other.
Manufacture's warranty, power & heat efficiency, etc? There are many reasons for buying the 780ti vs the R9 290x. Why buy a Honda when you can have a Toyota?
Link to this 'Modem Boost'? Who is your ISP and your appropriate speeds? I doubt this application will work to gain speeds or improve latency issues.EDIT: Are you actually connected via ethernet to your router/ modem?
Go with MSI's GTX 780. I've had great experiences with their Twin Frozr cards and customer service.
Go for it!
Keep stock volts on the card and you should be fine.
Make sure multiplier in BIOS is set to 'Auto.' Or you could just set BIOS settings to 'Default'
Look where it says 'Bus Interface.' It looks like everything is running PCIe 3.0 x16 speeds.
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