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Sold mine for $65 shipped.
I agree. Those temps are normal idle temps, Make sure temps stay below 90C.
Yes I do! PM with details!
Replied to all PM's!
I still have it! PM me when you get ready/
I have some invites to hand out. The first two people to reply to this thread will receive invites to purchase the One - 64 GB Sandstone Black model. I will PM the lucky winners for their email address. Good luck! EDIT: Congrats to @skyisover and @y2kcamaross! I'll PM you both shortly for information.
Also, make sure your onboard audio setting is turned on in the BIOS settings & that the audio jack is plugged in securely in the I/O.
Update: Power Options - 'Max Performance' BIOS - Updated to most recent BIOS DRAM - XMP setting applied (1600 MHz) GPU - Stress tested, operates at 100%, PCIe 2.0 speed
First, research the materials used in construction. Make sure you are allergic to any of them. Second, make sure the recharging/ battery terminals are not exposed, let alone exposed to any parts of the skin.Those are the two biggest issues with wearable devices. My fiancee used to work in a Verizon Wireless Call Center and had hands on experience with many different wearble products.
Screenshots of CPU-Z, GPU-Z, and Task Manager with the Performance tab open, all while benchmarking/ stress testing. I want to see the data myself. EDIT: PM me if you are comfortable using Teamviewer.
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