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Guy from Mechanicalkeyboards answer me positive. Vortex Doubleshot POM+PBT are compatible with Cherry MX Board 6.0.
For Typing + Gaming Red or Brown?
What key profile use Cherry MX Board 6.0 bottom row or some other...
Jesus Christ, 725 euro for keyboard... How much time need to adjust to these keys only for typing, for gaming where you need close keys that's big mistake,200 more and NVIDIA GeForce Pascal GP100 16GB HBM2 1TB Bandwidth.
How much cost this Datamancer Aviator. I like that keyboard.
People can I install Vortex Doubleshoot POM+PBT Keys on Cherry MX Board 6.0. Maybe some of you understand compatibility and shape of keys better to give some advice. Cherry MX Board 6.0 is excellent aluminum keyboard but with ABS printed, that's cheapest keys.
I want to know is it Cherry MX Board 6.0 Compatible with Vortex Backlight Doubleshoot POM+PBT Keys. Off course Black. Cherry MX Board 6.0 is excellent keyboard but with ABS printed keys.
Normal man even without any sign on them will recognize different quality keys.Maybe and plastic is different, maybe even metal. But I hear that Japan last much longer and China fall apart after few years.But all of them are advertised as Omron and steal glory from switches used 80th or 90th...they work and today, absolutely same. I think no more single good and quality thing without China's lower quality replica... Jesus.Looks like ASUS give some original switches with...
I really like Cherry MX Board 6.0 and Deck Hassium Pro and these days should buy one of that two. I would like if someone who is experts for mechanical keyboards, explain is it possible to replace keys with some Vortex POM+PBT double shoot keys. Simply because Cherry MX Board have ABS printed keys and these are better quality but because shape of keys is it possible to fit.
Guys did you saw ASUS Z170 WS... What a motherboard..... MONSTER. With sign WORKSTATION. Best big Z170 board... My favorite is Gene but for bigger she... Two graphic cards, dedicate sound card, 2x Intel 750 SSD, Samsung 950 Pro in same time. I can't wait to see X190 chipset WS, mATX WS, Rampage 6 Extreme and Rampage 6 Gene. From that four boards I expect lot.
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