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I think Samsung will not abandon 950 PRO like that. But now when I saw capability of SM961 I will definitely buy him or 960 PRO if show up soon. It's bad because they didn't say nothing for 960 PRO except that soon will be launched in presentation of SM961 and PM961. I would really like to see performance of SM961 with better support. But anyways SM961 work normal performance are OK.
And I would like to know that.At the moment I wait to SM961 become available in Hungary or if 960 PRO show up earlier.Support should be better for 960 PRO. I think speed will be similar, controller same probably only with new driver.
I just think about new 1TB SSD, I need one these days and now I see Intel 540 vs Samsung 850 EVO 3rd GEN. Hard decision, price is similar, I like Intel more, from other side 850 EVO is proven product.
Guys I need exactly serial number of last, newest version of Samsung 850 EVO 1TB 3D V-NAND 48 layer.
I think AMD have good chance to fight against Intel and NVIDIA if price of 8 Core Zen is good. Many people will build new AMD RIG even if they have Intel only because low performance improvements for last few years. I think that good part of old gamers cross on console in past years only thanks to NVIDIA and Intel domination and highest prices. We wait Maximus 9 board and Crosshair 5 is launched in same time with Maximus 4. Intel give improvements for 5 generations as they...
I asked and on other topic... What you recommend SM961 512GB, 950 PRO 512GB or waiting 960 PRO. I just thought to order 950 PRO when I hear for SM961.
Guys what you think between 950 PRO and SM961? I don't like because SM961 is OEM and I'm not sure is it driver from Samsung site compatible, while 950 PRO work. I will go on 512GB only don't know model at the moment. Some advice... Is it temperature little lower with SM961 or same as 950 PRO?
I saw KLEVV CRASS in Hungary for 190euro 2666MHz 32GB, that kit look best on this board. OK Dominator Platinum and HyperX Predator as well. Maybe and I will upgrade on RV10THE. Than I could easy to melt brain of GIGABYTE, MSI and ASRock owners next 2 years until Skylake EX and Rampage 6 show up. If ASUS decide to go only with bigger Rampage boards I will not go on mATX Form factor in future. mATX only on Rampage Gene maybe. OK Godlike is excellent motherboard, but MSI...
I'm totally in love in Rampage V 10th Edition but not only in board look. I like settings on this motherboard and features. 4 USB 3.0 ports from ASMedia on back panel for External HDD, Exterlan DVD-RW, Web Camera, 4th place for USB Flash for ASUS Flashback without CPU, GPU and Memory. 2x USB 3.1 Type A and 2x USB 3.1 Type C on back panel for new tools. 2x USB 2.0 for keyboard/mouse. On board 4x USB 3.0 Intel controller for easier connection with front panel if you flash...
Registry patch...? For what? I never heard for such thing.
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