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I think Caselabs should design case similar to S5, smaller but capble to fit E-ATX motherboards... Motherboard try should be only little bigger than E-ATX Motherboard.
Silicon Lottery is great place if someone want to buy processors and run them 30%+ better than Intel specifications. Special 2011-3 Processors, overclocked are real monsters, 8-10 core models. If I hit once golden sample I will change him for better model with more cores or more PCI-E with little lower class.
That's great to hear, she is best X99 motherboard on market.
I think you should sell ASUS Gene V + i5-2500K + 8GB DDR3 2400 and ASUS Impact + i5-4670K You will leave Maximus VIII Gene + 16GB DDR4 2660 and GTX980 and bought i7-7700K. And you will have computer for next 5 year no matter what you use or not.
Why you sold so nice motherboard. I wish I had that motherboard available when I bought RVE.She is beautifull with great options for enthusiasts, gamers and home workstation owners.People could use such motherboard and for E5 Xeons V3 and V4.Once I hear one idiot who say that it's not good because E7 Xeons are not compatible with so expensive motherboard, but he is not normal.It's enough because support 6-18 two generation of Xeons and two generation of Intel Core...
On beginning I decide to upgrade on Hybrid if price of GTX1080Ti is OK, If not than I will go on GTX1080 Hybrid.Because EVGA GTX1080 Hybrid is very cool card, heat go out of case and it's most elegant GTX1080 on market.With EVGA Power Link GTX1080 Hybrid is beautiful same as interior of case.Than I plan to remove case fans. I will install two CORSAIR 120mm Magnetic Levitation ML on CPU AIO, and one 120mm ML Fan on Hybrid AIO.Ambient and GPU temps will not be high and PC...
You know I had problem on beginning with Rampage V Extreme, with BSOD immediately when I change some settings. Than I flash older BIOS 0603 and barely set as I want... And now before few days I decide to check again what happen and to RMA board if not work. But everything work. I change settings without problem, increase clock from 4.0 to 4.2GHz, 1.200V in Adaptive Mode, Cache is on 3.5 with default voltage and for now no problems. I check stability, everything is OK. Only...
Results of Empty Samsung 850 EVO 1TB, later when I install several games I will try again. I think that OS will not be installed on this SSD because I wait 960 PRO. But look performance of SSDs now are not so important any more, it's better to go on little slower but bigger, example EVO , not Pro or some other premium models.
You are probably impatience as me waiting Samsung 960 PRO. I hope speed of 512GB model witll be same as bigger no 950 PRO where 512GB model is much faster. Now bigger models are still far from most customers and they will buy 512GB version and only small difference is acceptable.
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