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My plan is similar, I want to see temperatures with i7-3770K + GTX780Ti on H220X only.Than I will added one more radiator and i7-5820K.I will need 8 compression fittings and 4 x45 angle adapter and GPU block off course.
You can use compression fittings or barbed fittings. On Swiftech site you have one adapter and change that on pump port and that adapter is compatible with G 1/4.Radiator is compatible default with G 1/4, Apogee XL off course. And you can choose size, brand, color of compression fittings or barbed fittings and size or color of tubes or even liquid in some color. have and explanation guide how to replace that.
That's really problem than. Than customer service is huge minus and everything else is on Swiftech side compare to all other units similar type. I don't count 250-300e kits with worse pump and cheapest block for CPU because you need to count and GPU and for 500 I will build own custom with D5 + EK Supremacy and full cover EK GPU. But this H220X with GPU block from EK and compression fittings drop custom loop price on more than half price. Off course not for someone who...
I think Swiftech H220 and H220/H240X deserve own topic, not with CM or CORSAIR because H220X it's specific. We didn't saw famous and proven CPU block, water-cooling pump and radiator connected together in AIO expandable system, compatible with compression fittings and different size of tubes. But now is late for that. I have space and for H240X but I don't expect some huge difference and 120mm fans are better because H220X is more interesting for me.
Swiftech H220X pump is enough for CPU and GPU and maybe one 120mm radiator more? I will replace fittings and tubes 10/13mm.
I wait patience to show up in Europe. I hope we will not wait long because I have buyers for mine H100.
People EVGA GTX780Ti K|NGP|N Classified cost 589$ on Newegg. EVGA GTX780Ti Classified cost 489$ with rebate price is 20-30$ less. EVGA GTX780Ti Classified is little faster than reference GTX980. If you ask me worth for anyone who don't have to pay over 450$ for graphic card nothing better can find at this moment. I only don't understand how they could offer GTX780Ti K|NGP|N Edition with reference clock for 20$ less. That card is 20% weaker than GTX780Ti K|NGP|N...
This is good thread... I will need X99 motherboard for New Year Holidays.
Guys I saw some crazy good price for EVGA GTX780Ti K|NGP|N Classified and special EVGA GTX780Ti Classified on NEWEGG. If someone thought for SLI or need cheaper upgrade GTX780Ti Classified is 450$ with rebate... That's 100$ cheaper than GTX980 and performance are between GTX980 and GTX980 SC. K|NGP|N is faster than GTX980 Superclocked on fabric settings both.
Is it possible someone to try to install and CPU and GPU on Swiftech H220 or H240X? Then we can see temperatures and is it 120mm radiator really necessary or. Maybe we talk about some acceptable temps with 240mm radiator. One 120mm is for both chip on R9-295X.
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