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WOW that's nice. I order black cables but I non stop think did I wrong.Maybe I could use red. White are pointless because I don't have white hardware and no plans for white hardware.I think black are nice. They will be visible I saved EVGA velco tracks from NEX1500... like this...I think 4 black and 2 red.I will tight cables with them...EVGA launched new line 850 GS(Gold), 1050 G2(Gold) 1000 PS (Platinum) and prepare1000 T2 and 1200 T2 Titanium standard, that would be...
They should give you earlier than for few weeks, now G2/P2/T2 lines are complete and deserve nice topic and newest information.Now in January my Sleeve Set should arrive. I chose Black color.
Maybe XSPC Photon 170?I saw people use and top fill port as Inlet.
New Power Supply. EVGA 1200 P2. For weekend Installation, cable management and photos. Now only need to buy Black Sleeve Set. EVGA send package from Germany 3rd December, 4th about 16:00h UPS Guys deliver me in Serbia.
I can't wait to hear noise test on you tube. Special 1850RPM and 2200 RPM models.
Did you saw this build with Swiftech H220X Tech Tomorrow This pump push liquid pretty fast. More than enough for CPU/GPU and two radiators.
You are right but than no same Performance as Gentle Typhoon without sound. All inovation fail, Titan, Helix, few of them who tried with similar design and many of them who tried with completely different design. Even best Noiseblocker and Noctua need to work on 300RPM lower speed to and still noise from them are different.It's very possible that they accidentally before 10 years, hit max from that design.Only fan where you don't hear motor sound on 1900RPM. Best other...
Many fans try to replace GT without success. If you ask me any difference will cause more noise or less performance. I think before on more noise because there are few fans with similar performance on same speed but much more noise and different noise. Gentle Typhoon no motor sound under 2000RPM and I think if someone want to make something similar only different, better and finest painted frame is only acceptable maybe and different blade color. Nothing else, same number...
Hey look amazing.Are you satisfied with temps and pump power?In Europe Swiftech H220X will become available after New Year 100%.Swiftech should work with distributors in Europe to offer and adapter G 1/4 for pump in same shops.
Excellent review. That's it. I plan same. This why I will not buy any one similar system if not support compression fittings and if it's not expandable.
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