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Yes EVGA X99 FTW is nicer and no that heat pipe near socket.She have same number of phase only one 8pin CPU connector. I think that's enough for overclocking and 8 core under water in any situation and probably sound card is some Realtek what is not problem for people who use some nice Sound Cards. But when we talk before 6-10 months about X99 all of customers agree that EVGA X99 can't miss nothing what ASUS, GIGABYTE and MSI have from important things. EVGA X99 FTW will...
I have EVGA Z77 FTW and still work even if lot people complain on Z77 FTW. I was courage with X79 Dark, Z87 Classified to build again with EVGA board but I think I will go this time with ASUS ROG or I will delay upgrade for 2 years.
Rampage 4 Black Edition is one of nicer motherboard from ASUS. Special with EKWB Monoblock. But EVGA more listen customers and their suggestions about improvements in future. Such pity this boards will stay actual 2 years before some change. Only EVGA Micro-ATX can pass with 7/10 score, others are 5/10 for my taste. X99 motherboard for my opinion, for first Intel 8 core, DDR4 should shine... When you look ASRock X79 Extreme 11 example, he is build for such processors.
People are not informed well, It's true that people survive horror with X79 and EVGA, but later EVGA allow step-up on X79 Dark for 100$ for guys with X79 Classifieid. Some of them even get X79 Dark as RMA and you could insist on that. I see people made custom waterblocks for X79 Dark and I think that mean they are satisfied and want to keep few years more that configuration. But X79 Dark was good and for people who bought X79 FTW, some of them use their motherboard more...
Yes... but Z97 Classified is excellent too, only flat vertical lines on Z87 Classified are better.Both Z87/Z97 Classified are nicest EVGA motherboards. I'm so sorry because no such motherboards for X99.I will look Rampage 5 Formula and Rampage 5 Extreme and maybe delay little X99 build.
I'm little disappointed with this EVGA series. I expect something in style Z97 Classified, clean, simple, without details as signs, emblems... Now ASUS will launch something bad too... They have except ROG WS boards, their X79 E-WS is motherboard for my taste. I don't know why is problem some brand to make simple sinks, normal flat, as manufacturer make for waterblocks only without holes. Like this example... For 400$ they had even space to make little clean black...
Can you give me link I need to look 10/13mm silver.
I told you, RMA card and for few days you will get new. How long you wait, about 10 days.And build water-cooling, that's best for Classified. You will be able to play games on 1300MHz.I never ask, how much boost GTX780Ti reference model, 876MHz, not what say GPU-Z (928MHz).I mean on real how much card boost under full load 98-99%??? Under 1000MHz or over 1000MHz.
EVGA GTX780Ti Classified is available for 669$, WEEKLY DEAL. For such price is stupid waiting reference Maxwell. If someone have relatives in USA can buy GK110 unlocked and fabric overclocked Classified for 520e 200e cheaper than reference ASUS in Serbia.
It's not problem chip always. Power target is short 115% for some benchmark tests.And for unofficial BIOS you need always better cooling and cold card.110% power target is more for cards with 1050-1100MHz boost not over 1200MHz.
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