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Yep. Would be pleased with just the gpu and drivers. Don't care for any other "features" . One would think that spending money to buy a product would be a good enough indication of "loyalty". Who needs a lopsided marketing hook for upsell ... lol
I think we all know exactly what this gentleman is saying. Let's not beat around the bush and be coy, by pretending not to understand.Farewell OCN.
+1Can someone please give this gentleman an award for candor? A quality sorely missed in all the marketing hype.
I generally concur with Metalhead as a quad Titan owner.
Game 7 wasn't thrilling, but not a bad run for first showing in playoffs in 9 years.
I was'nt that far off when I mentioned that Nvidia will create performance based sku differentiation by leveraging the software, instead of hardware in this thread Post #41You gotta think like a business, if you want to anticipate the next move,,.lol
If a problem exists, but does not manifests itself, thus, no symptoms, is it still a problem? I am referring to single gpus here. May be I have better things to do, like enjoy the gpu, than trying to find a cause for a problem that does not manifest itself in real life scenario.
Cool. Let's get back on topic of discussing the op's post. It will be a lot more fun anyway.
Just because I spent this kind money, does not mean I think that others have any lesser rigs, or cards. May be I should just take it out of the rig builder... I have been thinking about seriously
Not yet. Believe it or not, I don't nearly game as much as one might think (or as much as I would like to). Probably an hour a week on average, given my work schedule. So, I end up dropping the ball on signing up for threads that could actually be helpful, such as the Nvidia surround club. Good idea though, and thanks for the reminder.
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