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Great for gaming.
Couldn't even throw a guy a rep for being nice
Sent it to Sherlock. Happy gaming!
Bought this: and they gave me this: first person that wants the coupon, gets it. No hoops to jump through here.
PhysX is usually pretty worthless unless the game are playing actually utilizes it. I had a GTX 260 as dedicated physx for my 2 560ti's, ended up taking it out because I didn't like the extra noise and noticed zero difference in performance but 100% difference in noise.
I'd pay a premium for made in the USA, I already do. Snap on or harbor freight? Not a difficult choice.
Yes, idle temps in the high teens low 20's and load is never any higher than 45c, even after three hours of bf3. 560ti's
I run a 120 for the video cards and a 360 for the CPU and it is basically silent, temps are very good as well. I'd say your "silence" package is a little over kill, just my .02 though.500 dollars is probably going to be your best estimate, bulk of that being your water blocks and possibly your pump (depending on what you go with).
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