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we're all here. waiting. patiently. =)
From what I understand, smaller nm process will only create more chips IF the number of transistors per die remains constant and they make the chip smaller. But what they are doing is putting more and more transistors on each die (and making each die smaller at the same time). That way, each generation of chips can become faster (or at least maintain the same speed and use less power). The smaller each transistor is, the less power they use (due to a combination of...
Subbed! Especially if you are planning on a case swap. I've been looking to do this for a while too...but I haven't had the time to sit down and do good research into this. Good luck!
Yea...I would go for the Pro, but its closer to $300+tax whereas the regular one is $85+tax. And no one normally stocks the Pro either >
Well...that explains why the connection sucks. I'll go pick up 2 today and see how it goes. Hmm...also, if my neighbors use those channels, should I use the next available one or just force channel 1/6/11 and hope that they use auto channel selection?
Hi all, So my current wireless config at home isn't quite cutting it. 3 floor house (ground level, upstairs, and basement), all wired with gigabit ethernet. I currently have the modem+router in the basement (DIR-825) and a DAP-1522 on the second floor as a wireless repeater. The problem is, is that the signal is pretty much weak everywhere and there are a bunch of dead spots around the house. Now, I was thinking of using Ubiquiti UniFi APs to solve the signal issue. I've...
In for 4/30 10
In for 4/29 =10
In for 4/28 10
Oh missed a good sale. ncix had Club3D 290X on special for $420 about 2 weeks ago or something.290s are about $500 on sale, depending on which brand/model. There is a Gigabyte OC right now for $450290Xs are north of $600 on sale so the difference is a good $100. So not quite 5%...more like 20% or so.About can, but we get everything a lot later and a lot more expensive than our friends south of the border. If I were you, I'd go sale hunting and try...
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