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In for 4/18 answer is 10
In for 4/16 Answer is 10
Does he really need 16GB of RAM? I would think 8GB is plenty and would save you a good chunk of money that you could put somewhere else.
In for 4/15! And the answer to your question is 10
Yes. And it depends on how long you let it be. Plasticizers are tiny particles which leech out of the tubing and float into the fluid and around your loop. If they get caught somewhere (or group up and get caught somewhere), they can start to reduce flow and eventually block it. If you want to use cheaper tubing, then you probably want to be cleaning your loop (which includes cleaning components) a lot more frequently than if you buy more expensive stuff.
no idea if this is a good idea or not, but, you can connect the line out (green port) from PC1 to line in (blue port) in PC2, then configure PC2 to output everything from line in and any source from PC2 to the USB wireless headset. Then you can hear everything from PC1 and PC2. Although, it would make it a bit harder to control volumes of everything.
right click AI Suite III -> ASUS mini bar
Yes to the power connectorsNo to the new drive. In fact, it won't post even if I remove everything and only leave the 24pin and 8pin in. I've even tried booting without the CPU to rule that out, but it won't POST there either.I have a pretty good feeling that the mobo is fried altho I can't find any physical evidence of it =S
So after I install a new hard drive, my computer is taking a long time to POST (like 5-10 seconds at the BIOS screen before the beep). When I get up this morning to boot it, it powers on, then right after that powers off. And now, it won't even power on. I know the PSU works because I swapped in another working one and the same thing happens AND the lights on my ASUS mobo all light up (the logo and the power on/reset buttons). I think that's strange so I start trying to...
Alright thanks! I guess I'll have to keep one of my older 1TB Greens then.
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