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How'd you pricematch to Newegg? I'm seeing that it is $200 not $158.
As of right now the invites are 64gb only. I was very fortunate enough to be given an invite by a fellow OCN member and its been 3 days since I ordered it and its still pending shipment. Might respond to give impressions.
Link Also shoprunner eligible for free shipping. $54.99 after MIR.
i've been waiting for this
in for a computer that i will be building. will provide pics if needed if i win
I generally prefer something below $60 but I don't want something that would be unreliable. I will look into these suggestions though. I was also looking into seasonic units which generally retail for a good price also. Specifically I was looking at the SeaSonic S12II 520. But I will also look into Corsair but I found Rosewill to be generally unreliable due to my past experience with their cases and other products. I'm not sure if this also applies to PSUs but I'm not sure...
Hello. So I am recently building a fairly low budget computer for around $500 and I was wondering what would be a good PSU for this: i5 4690k Asrock Extreme4 1tb hard drive 4-8gb ram I will probably not be upgrading this except for adding extra disk space or an SSD so I don't need a high wattage PSU. I will be using onboard video also as this is purely for office work and not gaming. I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks.
blue oyster cult
Beep sequence is a constant beep I could check the UPS.
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