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For all those who were wondering, I bought them here They're out of stock but if you call them, they might be able to get a couple together. I'd also try contacting CMPatrick here on the forums. He's been very helpful with other issues for me in the past. here was my setup with the covers here's my setup now, forgive me for the messy gpu cables
I put my NZXT Hue controller on the bottom like that
Very nice, I don't know why cooler master just didn't go with a design like thisThey're just not the best cases for watercooling, if I were to go all out i'd like a little more room
I've changed my mind I was thinking about water cooling my video card but I changed my mind. Maybe something i'll get into later. I really do love this case.
I laughed when I saw what he had posted. Thinks Dual Link DVI means 2 inputs lol.Anyway, I'd say just shoot for 96 Hertz, I have the True 10 Model with 2 inputs so i'm only able to OC to 85 hertz and I Must say that my games run SMOOOOOOTH!! I'm loving it.
Whoop Whoop!! Lookin good!
Awesome. Looking forward to it. How do you like gaming on that 4k? I recently bought a 1440p monitor and it's awesome.
yea that's a pretty nice rig you have there. Looks like you're running Z97 with a 4790K or 4690K? and 16 or 32 Gigs of corsair vengance ram?Why don't you post a couple pictures of the front of your rig. I'd like to see the bay reservoir you went with.I also love the fact that two GTX 980's can be ran with no problem off of a 750 watt power supply, pretty awesome.
Your GPU boost is most likely lowering because the power delivery is not there. When you download any type of GPU software like EVGA Precision X or MSI After Burner, one of the options it gives you is to raise the power delivery to the card to 125% from 100%, you should try this, it will most likely let your card stay running at 1340. If your temps are pretty stable, try pushing your boost clock up to around 1400-1450 and your memory clock up to 3800-4000. These are...
ok lol I was looking at the rig in your signature and I was hoping you weren't running a 1080P monitor with two 980's
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