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just realized you posted this, I actually learned my lesson with this issue with my Storm Enforcer. I actually never wipe my window with any type of cloth, I just make damn sure never to get any finger prints or dirt on it so I never have to clean it : )
So it looks like Jab-Tech is having a going out of business sale. They're selling a D5 for 60 bucks. Pretty good deal
why not just get 2 or 3 EVGA 6GB Gtx 780's? Or just be patient and wait for 800 series? I wouldn't count on 3GB running 4K, if you're running 4K, 4 GB is the sweet spot, 6 GB is best for future proofing.
So don't laugh but I have a big head. It's true, my head is large and shaped awkwardly. Helmets, headphones, sunglasses & hats hate me. Here's the serious part, i'm currently running a set of Logitech G930's, i'm about fed up with the crappy software bugs that go along with the headphones and i'm thinking about switching back to a wired headset. I really don't want to spend more than $100.00, I want something with good sound and most importantly, something with large and...
i +1 this
Nice lookin rig PC!
the durelene works well though I noticed after around 6 months, mine was starting to show a slight hint of green, no plasticizer though!
bought a new radiator, ran some warm water through it, slapped it in my rig, bam good to go
My Jared My Jared Love ya man, looking forward to some future mods
jkuhn we seem to consistently purchase the same cases at the same time, I love my stryker but i'm thinking about getting something new. any ideas?
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