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Sounds like a question i'd direct towards Primochill directly, my common sense tells me this is not a good idea. it's called system prep for a reason. If it was made to be used as a 24/7 alternative, i'm sure it would be marketed as such.
oo man I hope I don't run into this issue with the brand new 7/16 x 5/8 bitspower fittings I just bought. I already had some white primochill advance lrt tubing I bought a while back, Guess I need to make sure everything is copacetic before my return period runs out on the fittings.
I have to second this, I also bought some 9mm cord for the primochill tubing, worked wayyyy better than what came with the kit. I bought mine from MSC Industrial Supply for $1.36 per ft 31985872 9.0MM CTL MTRIC BUNA O-RING CRD Merchandise Subtotal: $5.44 Shipping, Handling & Surcharge: $10.98 Sales Tax: $.00 P/S Total: $16.42
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what kind of monitor do you have?**edit** nevermind, saw you have a swift in your build log. How'd you pick on up already?
that sounds like a ton of fun. The more to paint, the better
omg looks like a franken GPU with all the wires everywhere lol I'm probably going to be getting a 980 soon, waiting for the classy to come out next month. What program are most of you using to overclock your cards?
The 3770k will work better for your video converting because it has 8 threads where the 4690k might give a very very slight increase in gaming because of it's improvements in core speed.Personally, i'd stick with the I7 3770k because of the extra threads. 4.6 is a great everyday overclock, I'm currently running a delidded 3770k at 4.5 and I love the chip.You also need to ask yourself how many sata 6gb/s ports you need as that might also affect your decision because most...
all this information and still no clue what you actually use your PC for. Technically speaking, no one can provide a valid opinion at this point.
850 Watt PSU should be fine for two 780's.
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