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Darnit!! At least I got a good deal at only $280.
so I think i made a mistake guys, I unknowingly purchased the TRUE10 version of the Qnix QX2710 which if i'm not mistaken, is not overclockable because of the onboard chip to support the extra hdmi input. can anyone clarify this? I've tried to overclock and i'm getting frame skipping on any setting higher than 60 Hertz.
The titan Z was on sale on Amazon yesterday for $1,600, not sure if it's still up, too lazy to go look
Glad I could help : )
I just received my QNIX QX2710 in the mail today. The power adaptor is similar to a laptop power adaptor. The male end that plugs into a wall is a 2 prong design however included in the box was a 2 prong to 120V adaptor for USA in the box. The good news is you have a standard power supply cable lying around, it'll plug into the brick directly so you can bypass the whole 2 prong adapter thing, this is probably the route i'm going to go.
What I'm not understanding is how much to increase each in respect to each other. I'd like to understand how they each affect performance.
Been looking around in the forums but haven't stumbled across anything. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to overclocking GPU's. I've pretty much just been copying everyone else's overclocks to see how they work for me but i'd really like to know how I can push this card further.
it will fit but technically you don't have a 3rd fan mount, alot of people cut out part of the top of the case. Or you can just not worry about it.
GTX 980 came in today : )
Thanks, i'm going to take some better pictures later on of my entire build. It's not insanely crazy with mods, I Just like to keep it looking clean.
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