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been having a couple of m4's in raid for over a year now with no issues, just got a good deal on a 3rd and added it in about a month ago. Still running strong!
[[SPOILER]] I think the real question is, where is the pump and why is the reservoir not feeding directly into it? lol Very nice rig though!
[[SPOILER]] Nice Rig. How do you fill your loop being that your reservoir is mounted under your DVD Drive? Do you just pull it out a little being that you're using regular tubing?
I have a considerably smaller amount of fluid in my loop than you do but with that said, i've run my D5 on 2 for the past year, it's silent even when i put my ear close to it. No vibrations either.
Kingpin is pointless unless he's cooling with LN2
not sure what you mean by this
na it's the SGH-I337
Awesome. Now that we have that cleared up? Where's the best place to download the newest firmware?
I'll try to keep this short, bought a Galaxy S4 last May, rooted it not long after then a few weeks later realized it was pointless for what I needed my phone for so I unrooted my phone. Over the coarse of the next 9-10 months (until now) i've tried on multiple occasions to update my phone's firmware to no avail. It would download, tell me it was installing and upon restarting of the phone, would say the install failed. I also realized that everytime I restarted my...
Thanks for the compliment, here's my entire setup
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