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Got minz in yesterday
my overclock is working with the newest drivers. Everytime I update drivers I use Driver Uninstaller to completely remove the old driver. Then I re-install the new driver, patch it and apply the new resolution/overclock.
someone is late to the party
I have the same monitor overclocked to 60hz and there doesn't seem to be any noticable input lag either way.
I live near lafayette too!
I ran a 3770k on my ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3 for quite a while. All it took was a bios update which I made sure to do with my old 2500k first before putting in the 3770k. If you don't update the bios first, your motherboard won't recognize the 3770k and it won't work.
looks good to me. Are you getting any crashes in GTA with an error like THIS?At first I thought my overclock (which is much more mediocre than yours) was causing the issues, I ended up using Geforce experience to set the game two notches under optimal and it seems to be running fine. Apparently there's some settings like tessellation that I think are causing my game to crash.
My friend Price with LPT just did an unboxing, review should be coming soon
I have a couple of splotches on my screen that look exactly like that. I don't think anything can be done.
what kind of monitor(s) are you gaming on?
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