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I found one on mine a few days ago, pretty bummed about it : (
I couldn't help but notice the name of your rig lol My computer addiction has caused many fights between my wife and I. The money is a pretty big issue but for us it's the time spent on the computer. I try to not stay on it much when she's awake and moving around the house so we can spend more time together.
for those who are wondering, here's how I have my hue setup. I Had to go to the hardware store to get some double sided tape because the led strip wouldn't hold itself up on top of my case. It was kind of weird because the adhesive on the first hue kit I bought a couple of years ago was wonderful. \
gotcha, I was unaware that could happen
Welcome to the club... MFW 8600GT on X79 lol
i too purchased a zotac reference, it's a great card, haven't had any issues
can you please elaborate on your situation?In another note, I found a dead pixel today... UGH now i'm so anal about itLuckily it's down in the bottom right corner, about 1 inch from the bottom and 1.75 from the right side.Could overclocking my monitor have caused this?yes it's possibly that I haven't noticed it until now but I swear I gave this thing a pretty hard look a few times and didn't notice anything. I'm pretty sure the pixel just died a day or two ago. It's...
i play BF4 on a single 980 @ 1440P and my frames pretty much stay over 100 on High Settings. I find using Ultra settings affects performance too much while not really looking any different than ultra. My single 980 would run BF4 at around 70-80 FPS @ 1080P.
how does a brotha get added to this club?? I posted my submission on page 299 but never got officially added.
I'm Sorry Tomcat I completely missed it
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