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what kind of monitor(s) are you gaming on?
I can't fault you for using this method but it's always a good idea to do a system restore every so often, it just helps clean things up and run a little faster Nice rig though, what's the new specs?Obviously ASRock Z97, did you go with the 4690k or 4790k? You still using your old 770?
This is not making sense to me. DVI-I has 4 extra pins to support a standard analog signal so you can use something like a DVI to VGA adaptor. If you're connecting this GPU to one of these korean monitors, a simple Dual Link DVI - I or D cable will work. The monitors come with this cable.
I have the true 10 version and have my monitor overclocked to 85 hertz with no issues.
Cooler Master has the BEST customer service!
you obviously don't believe in Cable or dust management
i'd say before you think about delidding, try and see if your chip is even stable at any clocks higher than 4.7, because if it isn't, there's not point in delidding, 85 degrees is fine.
don't mess with the inside of the heat sink, if you do you will start messing around with how the heat sink contacts the die.
Just wanted to give a long term update on my delid. It's been about a year and a half now since I delidded. I've swapped my chip into a new Mobo and I'm still running the original CLU with no issues and no noticeable heat dissipation loss.
For all those who were wondering, I bought them here They're out of stock but if you call them, they might be able to get a couple together. I'd also try contacting CMPatrick here on the forums. He's been very helpful with other issues for me in the past. here was my setup with the covers here's my setup now, forgive me for the messy gpu cables
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