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Looks like you might have just gotten impatient and rushed the process. I did the razor method with me 3770K, I took my time with it and didn't have any issues at all. It's really easy if you take your time.
Title Says it all. I'm in the market for a new pair of headphones to replace my logitech G930's. I'm tired of the crappy software and constant disconnecting when i'm near my router or when my wife turns the microwave on. I know the price difference is drastic but if I go A40, I'm thinking of going Refurbished making the prices practically the same. Just an FYI, I have a pretty large head. On the Astro's, I love the styling and i'm aware the Mix Amp Pro is boss. It's also...
If you're handy with tools you can take a hack saw and cut off the barbs, go to your local hardware store and pickup a 1/4-19 tap and tap threads for real fittings.If they don't have a 1/4-19 (BSPP) tap you can also get a 1/4-18 (NPT), it's not necessarly the same thread but at 1/4", your BSPP fittings would still screw in just fine. I have personally done this to my pump even though I don't use it with the stock top and I work with NPT/BSPP fittings daily at my job.
I'd have to say the 880 has to be faster than the 780 ti, otherwise why release it? It better have more than 3 gigs of vram too!
I would hope that the 880 out performs or at least equals the 780 ti. Hell if it has 3 or 6 gigs of ram, it would be worth it to me.
the fans on my rad at the top of my case are set as intake. The reasoning behind this is that on my stryker, the top fan grill is filtered so I don't have to worry as much about my radiator fins getting clogged with dust, plus if it were set to exhaust pull instead of intake push, you would see all of the dust building up on the underside of the radiator. I get great temps with this setup on my 3770k delidded, I Have a swiftech apogee hd block and an xspc 240 rad,...
that is awesome of your family. Very nice build!
i'm by no means a graphics card GURU but i'd spend a little more and pickup a couple of 780's or 780 ti's. It's highly unlikely that 1 Kingpin will push 4K at High Settings with decent playable frame rates.
i'd hold off and see what the 800 series cards have to offer, 6 gigs of vram is kind of overkill for a card like the 780 unless you're running them in 3 or 4 way to push 4K. I myself am waiting on the 800 series, if the 880's come with 4 gigs of vram, that's what i'm going with.
I'm kind of in the same boat here and i'm ready to make a move but my decision is as follows: Wait until the 800 Series cards drop, hopefully EVGA will have a GTX 880 Classy with 4 Gigs of VRAM, The same day I get this, I will most likely upgrade from 1080P to 1440P, not sure yet If I want to go cheap Korean or just drop some money and get a legit monitor like the ASUS 1440P 144Hz that's coming out. I guess i'll wait and see what kind of frames the 880 can push, if it's...
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