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dang I had no clue
welp there might actually be some validity to the statement that the koreans are making about the True SE Version being over clockable. I'm currently running at 84 hertz with no frame skipping, verified at 100 Iso with my camera. I'm going to try and push it a little bit further. I was getting some frame skipping at 96
Sorry for the dual post I read some reviews on this monitor on Newegg and alot of people are saying they overclocked their monitor but none of them mention verifying the frame skipping issue, I personally used the website recommended by the forums to check for frame skipping and I took the pictures with a Canon Point & Shoot camera that's a few years old but with a select-able ISO level of 80. I installed the recommended Qnix Driver and patched my display driver with the...
So I contacted the seller about the false advertisement and here's the email chain, they are saying that the True 10 SE Version is a new updated version that supports overclocking without frame skipping, I say negative Ghost Rider:HiSorry for your inconvenience.We have mentioned on the listing that we don't guarantee for overclocking issue.First batch of Multi True10 monitor had frameskipping issue, but QNIX upgraded the firmware of PCB board and resolved the issue.Multi...
I bought a Dual Link DVI-D Cable to Display Port thinking I would use that as my main cable for my Qnix, No go, I could only run 1080P on that cable for whatever reason. Hooked up an old Dual Link DVI-D cable I Had laying around and was able to select 1440P, haven't tried the cable that came with the monitor
I did my research, I just rushed and didn't realize it was the dual input monitor. I bought this along with a 980 at the same exact time, so when I saw the 980 was in stock, I was like OOO CRAP let me hurry up and order the monitor too lol
Darnit!! At least I got a good deal at only $280.
so I think i made a mistake guys, I unknowingly purchased the TRUE10 version of the Qnix QX2710 which if i'm not mistaken, is not overclockable because of the onboard chip to support the extra hdmi input. can anyone clarify this? I've tried to overclock and i'm getting frame skipping on any setting higher than 60 Hertz.
The titan Z was on sale on Amazon yesterday for $1,600, not sure if it's still up, too lazy to go look
Glad I could help : )
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