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I ran the same exact setup for a long time with Two GTX 680's and never had that issue. If it turns out to be your board, hollar at me, my old P67 is just sitting around collecting dust. There's no auto detect for PCIE in the bios because the MOBO doesn't offer onboard graphics.
I purchased two 680's for 1080P SLI, it was a complete waste. I later sold the 2nd 680 and have been running a single 680 since the beginning of the year with no issues. I Play all my games on high or ultra settings, Battlefield 4, DOTA 2, Counter Strike, Mine Craft. I understand these aren't GPU intensive games (with the exception of BF4) but my point is, my single 680 suites my needs perfectly. I am however planning on upgrading to the GTX 980 when it comes out...
it's all preference, there's no reason why it couldn't be done this way. I'd prefer to use the longer screws and just pull everything out at once. I'd be pulling it apart anyway to get all of the dust out.
my goodness
did you even try to test your chip at 4.9-5.0 ghz? It won't hurt it to run in the high 90's for a bit to make sure it's even stable at that high of an OC.
at those temps I wouldn't worry about delidding. That's just me though. I think most people don't worry about delidding unless their chips start running in the high 80's or 90's.
See my original post, I edited and added links to what I think I need to purchase. Can anyone verify this?
No i'm not particularly set on Bitspower, I just like the look of their combos better than anyone else's. The EK looks ok but it looks like they only offer smaller sizes.
I'm looking into upgrading my water loop in my PC. I'm needing help with selecting the reservoir. I already have a D5 pump so i'm needing a pump top & reservoir. I really like the setups where the pump is mounted directly underneath the reservoir but i'm having trouble figuring out exactly what I need just from browsing the internet/frozen cpu. Can anyone just link a few pages from Frozen's website showing what I should get as far as a bitspower d5 pump top, reservoir...
Looks like you might have just gotten impatient and rushed the process. I did the razor method with me 3770K, I took my time with it and didn't have any issues at all. It's really easy if you take your time.
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