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thanks for letting me know where you applied the tint, I was actually thinking about this on my way to work this morning. I have 5% tint on all the windows on my truck and I was pretty sure it would be best to apply it to the outside like you did. I may actually try this one day : )The stryker truck : )
so cool that you did this, i've actually contemplated this time and time again but never went though with it. What % did you use?
3770k at 4.5 & Reference 980 here, rig running like a champ, the chip is delidded though This chip will not bottleneck two 980's
I have the exact same issue with mine, it's practically unnoticeable though
don't get me wrong, the trooper is a great case, but it's not really built for water cooling, especially if you're trying to water cool more than your CPU. It will most likely take some mild to moderate modding on your part to get it up to par with some of the rigs you see in here. What do you have in mind as far as computer components and water cooling parts?
nice rig, love the magpul logo on the PSU Cover. Gun enthusiast I take it?
bumping this thread It seems as though my expensive as hell corsair SP 120's are starting to make some noise. They've been mounted horizontally on my 240 rad for a couple of years now. I'm thinking about getting a couple of GT AP-15's but they're so expensive. I have a couple of XSPC Xin's lying around from when I bought my RASA kit years ago, I might give them a try before dumping a ton of cash on 2 fans. This thread was very helpful!
bump, anyone?
So after installing the latest nvidia driver a couple of days ago, I'm noticing frequent lag type stutter in my game, it happens about every 20 seconds. Every time it happens, I notice a drop in GPU performance on MSI AB where GPU usage goes from 99% to around 80%, anyone having this issue? Edit 1: removed my Monitor overclock and it's working fine now, guess i'll just tinker around with things later. It's funny because before my setup was working great with my monitor...
So i'm putting together a build for a co-worker who uses inventor quite a bit for 2d & 3d drawings & some 3d modeling/rendering. His current workstation laptop is a little slow and we're looking to build something a bit faster: His current specs are as follows: Intel Core I7-3740QM CPU @ 2.70 GHZ 8 Gigs of Ram Nvidia Quadro K1000M The build i'm looking into would contain the following components: Intel Core I7-5930K, will probably OC to 4+GHZ 16 Gigs of Ram (4 x 4 GB),...
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