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What are the latest chipset drivers for the Z97 Ranger? Upon checking mine are still from 2015.
Thanks for that. Indeed it does do this a lot in Amiens. Might look for a cheap second hand 4790k somewhere.
1) Yeah BF1 is at 100% render, so I guess that's not the issue2) All good, I can live it I suppose3) LOL, I wonder what's causing it
Hi all. So I finally decided to upgrade my 1070 to a Gigabyte 1080 ti Aorus Xtreme. I noticed a couple of issues: 1) Stuttering: This is very annoying. I've had no such stuttering issues when I was using my 1070. I play Battlefield 1, I notice how great the frames are, but every now and then I can see the frames dip significantly, sometimes from 100+ frames down to less than 50, and sometimes less. This is totally frustrating. It's making me regret my purchase. ...
Ok thanks for the info guys. Was just worried that the 4690k was too slow.
Hello everybody. I have a 1070, a 4690k, a 1440p monitor with 144hz and gsync. I'm planning on upgrading to a 1080 ti. Will my setup cause any bottlenecks? I mainly play battlefield 1 and Witcher 3.
Hi guys, Is the Black Ice Xtreme III series any good? Found someone selling a 360 version quite cheap. What is your experience with this radiator? Recommended? Thanks!
ahhh that's good. but i heard multiplayer is where the real game is at, and not the main story. i'm excited to get in the game soon!
ok that's good to know, i heard really terrible things before. like it was a waste of money etc
hi guys, is it good to get the PC version now? or wait longer for patches etc to get rid of bugs, hacking, etc?
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