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I have a RX360 kit. They are awesome kits. Yes they are all the same except for the series/size of the radiator. Just look at the specs for each kit and you can get specifics on the parts. The EX series uses the EX radiator which is the normal thickness. About 35mm thick. The AX uses a "Premium" radiator. It's a little thicker due to the aesthetic housing at 40mm. The RX uses 56mm thick radiators. Which don't fit in the top mount cases.
I'd suggest building a media server from scratch and playing with a media server like Plex and storage utilities like FlexRAID. You'll find plenty to research and have a lot of fun figuring everything out.
Or..... some people like a more sensitive mouse while gaming. You guys are talking in absolutes like your preferred lower mouse sensitivity is the "right" way. I prefer higher sensitivity. I play on servers with really good players and if you take the time to lift your mouse you're already dead.
The paid version of Plex gives you early access to new releases and access to more sections in the forum. Plex is basically free to use for the final builds.
Plex transcodes to my PS3 without issue.
Yeah the G400 is such a piece of crap compared to the MX 518. I "upgraded" from a MX 518 to a G400 and went back to the MX 518 after a couple weeks. It was a rough couple weeks.
Logitech MX 518
Just twist the 8 ethernet cables together..... or run them through conduit. You're certainly free to make such a purchase but it seems a little ridiculous to spend so much money on something that isn't going to solve your problem. You're still going to have ethernet cables and the infiniband cables are as thick as about 3 or 4 ethernet cables anyway.
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