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I don't know what an "unstable hz issue" would be in terms of experience? But I haven't had any issues with mine. The accuracy is quite amazing. I'm surprised by how much it's improved my accuracy in game. I've been a steady 42% ~ 43% accuracy in CSS over the last couple years. Logitech G400, Storm Spawn and Savu all right in the 42~43% range. My average for the past couple days has been 48%. That's a pretty big difference. It would probably be higher but with mouse I'm a...
I'll check this out. The other suggestions as well if this doesn't work.
Yes. At least in my opinion.... all my other mice turn off any aesthetic lights when the PC turns off.
I use the default fan configuration with 11 HDDs. 8 in the trays and 3 more in a 3 in 2 backplane. 3770K OC'ed to 4.8GHz running with a H80i. It's a media server that also runs 2 VMs. A Media Center server and a VPN server. Temps are fine. Ambient is a controlled 24c. CPU temp max is about 77c with average 37c. Inside case temp averages 29c and maxes around 34c~35c.
I wish it stayed black..... but it gets pretty annoying pulsing at me all day even when my gaming PC is turned off.
Yeah it's different enough to be like "this thing feels weird" but not different enough for me to discard it. The problem for me is that the Savu is my ideal mouse for my hand. It's a perfect fit. I did notice that my hand was less fatigued with the Kone than with the Savu after a couple hours. So maybe it is actually better ergonomically and I should just get used to it.It seriously a difference in grip of maybe a couple mm off axis but it's enough to feel different. I'm...
Definitely top quality. No rattles or weird clicks or sticky scrolls. Talking about Roccat in general. While I love my CM Storm mice you can definitely feel where the lower cost comes from.
It's not the easiest to describe but the Kone has move curves and causes me to hold the mouse at a slight angle. It's not a deal breaker like the awkward ergonomics of the G502. The feel is very similar to the Savu but it'll take a little while to get used to the difference.edit: oh yea... the scroll wheel is very different as well. It's really sensitive. I thought I'd never get used to it at first but after a couple minutes I forgot about it and it worked great.
So after playing CSS for a couple hours I can definitely say I like the performance better than my Savu. First mouse to dethrone my Savu for me. Not too sure about ergonomics though. The Savu is definitely more comfortable. I like the rough texture on the side of the Savu as well. The Kone Military has the same smooth rubbery texture all over. Not too bad on sweat. Much better than the hard plastic on the Logitech mice. I don't install the software so I can't really...
Plus it's adjustable.... according to the feature list anyway.
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