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for those worried about spending their crypto. It's coming.
Gamers Nexus says it caused instability out of the box. That's pretty bad.
I've been using Ubiquity hardware for years. It's been as good or better than much more expensive wireless equipment. I really hope to be able to keep using it lol.
I find this exciting. Why lie unless there's some way to re-enable them?
I saw a review stating the b350's couldn't overclock.
Anyone notice Newegg says no fan and cooler for the 1700x but the 1700 it says "AMD Wraith Spire Cooler Included"
TheyThey should be managing updates with a group policy anyways. Then no updates have to auto install.
I guess that depends on who you ask. Samsung's 2017 QLED monitor still has a backlight and the Quantum dots are Photoluminecent. this article states that QLED is supposed to have electroluminecent quatum dots or as you say "Fully Emissive" Quantum Dots are what make true QLED from what that article says. What samsung is calling their QLED tv's this year at CES aren't really true QLED because they still use electroluminescent quantum dots.I'm loving all the new tech coming to displays recently.
I don't see anything about the processor, or video chip. What are the performance improvements? Sent from my SM-G925V using Tapatalk
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